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Chapter 6 - Shadow

Shadow had his hands shoved in his jeans pockets, as he followed Bull up the stairs. The biker stopped at the end of the hall, at a door that had a prospect standing in front of it. Bull nodded at the prospect, then pushed the door open, and stepped inside. Shadow moved inside as well.

The room was small, and the only furnishings were a wooden chair in the corner, and a single bed that was pushed up against the wall. There was a window, but Shadow knew it was a two story drop down. He took in everything, knowing he’d need it to make it out alive tonight.

Finally, he looked at the girl lying on the bed. His whole body froze as he stared at her. She was absolutely stunning. She looked tiny, lying on the single bed, so Shadow knew she was probably the same size as the women his brothers had. She had long light brown hair, that fell in soft waves around her, and her eyes were so blue, they reminded him of the ocean.

Then he pulled his gaze away, and looked at the rest of her. He was furious when he saw the rope binding her arms and legs together. It was tied so tight, that blood was pooled around it. Her dress was ripped so badly, that it barely covered her, and her arms and legs had some ugly looking bruises on them.

Suddenly, his eyes were drawn to her neck, and it was hard to hide the anger from his expression. The poor girl’s neck was almost black all the way around, it was bruised so badly. And Shadow swore he could make out hand prints in the bruising. He knew without question, that this was the way Bull had almost killed her.

When he looked into the girl’s eyes again, he found her staring at him. She was hurt badly, and obviously terrified, but she held his stare. Wanting to ease her anxiety a bit, he winked at her. She looked back at him stunned, as Bull turned and headed back out the door. Without a backwards glance, Shadow turned as well and followed him, knowing if he looked back, he’d never be able to leave.

The girl lying on the bed was named Tiffany. Shadow had been told that by Preacher. He also had a picture in his wallet that Preached had given him, but it hadn’t done her justice. She was way prettier, even with the state she was in.

But something about her drew him to her. It was almost like his heart had stopped, then started up again, when they locked eyes. It was taking everything he had, to walk away from her. He desperately wanted to pull out his gun, and put a bullet between Bull’s eyes. He knew without a doubt, he would move heaven and earth to save Tiffany tonight.

Bull moved down the stairs, and headed right back to the bar. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey, and filled up a couple glasses, handing him one. Soon they were joined by Hammer.

“What did ya think of my girl Shade”, Bull asked him.

“She’s a bit of a mess”, Shadow answered, hating to answer to the name Shade. The club didn’t want him using his real road name.

“Aww, she’ll heal. I fucked her up a bit when I strangled her. Probably should have decided to keep her, a bit quicker”, he laughed. “My bad.”

Shadow bit back the retaliation he wanted to growl, and nodded at the biker.

“You like the look of things around here”, Bull asked him curiously.

“You’re definitely set up good, I like the guys I’ve met so far, and you certainly know how to have a good time”, Shadow told him.

“Then I think you’d be a great addition to our club”, Bull happily told him. “Let’s get fucked up in celebration”, Bull roared.

Four hours later, most of the bikers were stumbling to their beds drunk. Shadow acted drunk, as he headed to his assigned room, but he’d hardly drank at all. All night, as the bikers had done shot after shot, Shadow had been switching his full drinks with their empty ones.

Shadow pushed open the door, and laid down on the bed. He’d allow himself two hours to rest, and then he was headed for the girl. She had been here too long already, it was time to get her out. He shot off a quick text to the brothers, letting them know he had found her, and would be on the move soon.

He pitied anyone that got in his way.

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