SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 7 - Shadow

Exactly two hours later, Shadows eyes popped open. Being a Navy Seal, and used to waking up to take watch, his body pretty much automatically woke every two hours. He was hoping that after time it would stop, but so far it hadn’t. He climbed out of bed, and grabbed his knapsack off the floor. It took him a minute to switch out his blue jeans, for black ones. He also put on a black hoodie, and a black skull cap. His hair was nearly black anyway, but he wasn’t taking any chances.

He quietly opened the door, and glanced in both directions. He saw two bikers passed out in the hall, but they both looked sound to the world. He stepped out, and headed down to the end, where the stairs were. When he was almost to the top, he stopped, and got out a small gun that had a silencer on it. He wanted to take out every biker he saw, but the risk was too high that he’d end up shot. His priority was Tiffany.

He took the stairs, and hurried to the top. The prospect was still standing outside the door at the end of the hall, dutifully following orders. Shadow moved down the hall silently, staying in the shadows like his training had taught him. When he was close enough, he took aim and fired. The shot hit the biker in the head, and Shadow had to hurry to catch him, as he fell.

Slowly he turned the knob on the door, and dragged the dead biker inside. He sat him in the corner of the room on the floor, then quickly shut the door. So far he had been lucky, but that had been the easy part. He set his pack down, and pulled out a knife he had hidden in his boot.

Finally, he turned to face Tiffany. She was in the exact same position she had been in earlier, which was a huge relief. It meant that none of the bikers had fucked with her. She was staring at his knife, and she was completely terrified. He got as close to the bed as he could, and crouched down, removing the knife from her line of sight. Her eyes instantly locked on his, and he felt that same rush as earlier. He knew he needed to be fast, so he decided to be blunt.

“Preacher sent me.” The instant her brothers name left his lifts, her eyes widened. “I’m getting you out of here, and I’m taking you back to him”, he whispered. “You with me?”

She nodded, but didn’t say a word, as he brought the knife back up. He took hold of her wrists, and easily sliced through the rope, then did the same with her ankles. Blood dripped from the wounds, and he could see she was in obvious pain. He took a white t-shirt from his bag, and quickly ripped it into thin strips, which he then wrapped around each of the cuts. It certainly wouldn’t help to leave a blood trail. Tiffany flinched, but again stayed quiet.

He moved to the window then, and opened it. Peering out, he saw a biker standing below, but no one else was about. He pulled his gun back out, and quickly took the man out. Then he grabbed the rope he had stashed in his pack, and tied one end to the leg of the bed. He lifted Tiffany off the bed, and sat her in the chair, then silently moved the bed, so it was directly under the window. Once he was done, he knelt in front of the girl once more.

“We’re going out the window”, he told her. “There’s too many men in the common room. You’re going to need to climb on my back, and hold on as tight as you can”, he told her. “I need my arms free to climb down, so I won’t be able to hold you.”

She nodded once, so he turned and tied his pack onto the end of the rope. Carefully, he lowered it to the ground, then he turned, so his back was to the girl. He waited patiently, hoping she would trust him, and climb on. After a minute, small hands wrapped around his neck, and he sighed in relief. It was time to get her out of here.

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