SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 8 - Tiffany

Tiffany had no idea what she was doing. The man had told her that her brother had sent him, but there was no proof. For some strange reason, she trusted him though, and right now her options were to go with him, or stay here. She definitely didn’t want to stay here. After a minute, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

She flinched, when he grabbed both her legs, and brought them up, to wrap around his waist. He turned his head slightly, so his mouth was near her cheek. Then he startled her, by placing his lips softly against her cheek, and giving her a gentle kiss.

“Please don’t ever be afraid of me Baby Girl”, he begged. She couldn’t respond even if she wanted to, because the strangling had damaged her throat so bad. The only thing she could do, was to lay her head against his back. He nodded once, and she hoped that meant he understood. Then he rose, heading for the window.

Tiffany didn’t have a whole lot of strength, but she held on with everything she could, as he climbed out the window, and sat on the sill. Then he turned, and grabbed on to the rope. After a quick twist, he pushed away from the sill, and she closed her eyes in fright. She could feel him going hand over hand, as he climbed to the ground.

He let go, and jumped the last little bit, and she finally let out the breath she’d been holding, and opened her eyes. She started to let go, but he stopped her, placing his hand over hers.

“Stay where you are. I can move faster than you probably can, and with you on my back I’ll know exactly where you are”, he whispered. She tightened her grip again, and settled back against him.

He took off then, moving quickly, as he rounded the building. She couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the quiet click, each time he fired his gun. He moved fast, and she held perfectly still, not wanting to distract him.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her off him. She struggled as the man tightened his hold. She couldn’t cry out, but at least she knew it wasn’t Bull who had her. She watched as the man rescuing her fired at two men in front of them, killing them instantly. Slowly, he turned back to face her, and his eyes widened.

“Who the fuck are you”, the man holding her roared. Tiffany looked around, afraid his yelling would bring others, but no one came.

“Put her down Hammer”, he growled, as he raised his weapon and aimed at them.

“Fuck you Shade. I brought you in, you were gonna be one of us. I’d bet my fucking life, you’re one of those god damned Stone Knight’s pussies”, he sneered.

Tears flowed down her face, as she realized the biker wasn’t going to let her go. She knew Shade, as the biker had called him, didn’t have a shot. Hammer was using her as a shield. She twisted and turned, scratching at his arms, with everything she had left.

She watched as Shade lowered his gun, and fired. Hammer suddenly dropped her, and she hit the cement hard. She looked back to see him grab his foot, as he rolled on the ground screaming.

“Eyes on me Baby Girl”, Shade yelled. She quickly looked back at him, to see him fire three quick shots in Hammers’s direction.

He hurried back to her, and in a move of pure strength, picked her up, and twisted her so she was on his back again. She plastered herself against him, and held tight. He ran again, and she prayed they made it out safely. In a few short minutes, Shade was proving to be her saviour, and she needed one right now.

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