SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 9 - Shadow

Shadow only encountered one more person, as he hurried to his bike. He knew most of the bikers were asleep, or passed out, which is why he waited so long before making a move. Finally, he made it to the bike. He crouched down, and whispered to Tiffany.

“Hop down baby girl.” He waited a minute, then her legs dropped from his waist, and her small arms slid from his neck. He turned quickly, to see her trying to cover herself with her torn dress. Unzipping his black hoodie, he shrugged out of it, then held it up as she slipped her arms into it. He hurried to zip it up, then rolled up the sleeves, so her hands were free.

Picking her up, he gently set her down on the seat, then kicked the kickstand with his foot. Grunting, he pushed the beast of a bike, as he made his way as close to the gate house as he could. He stopped near some trees, and put the kickstand down again. Then he turned to look at Tiffany again.

“I need to go take out the guard, and get that gate open,” he told her. “You stay here. I’ll be able to see you, and I’ll only be a minute.”

She nodded, but he could tell she really didn’t want to be left alone. Her eyes were huge, and her gaze was darting everywhere at once. He kissed her cheek again, then took off through the trees. Thankfully, only one guard was waiting at the gate, and he was the same one that was there when he came in.

Shadow rapped on the door, and the idiot came right over and opened it. He grabbed the bikers head, and slammed it into the door jam. The biker fell to the ground. Shadow knew he was running out of time, so he ran straight back to his bike. Tiffany looked terrified, but thankfully she was still perched on his bike waiting.

He knocked up the kickstand, and pushed the bike down the lane, and through the gate. Then once more he stopped, and knocked the kickstand down again. He darted back to the gatehouse, and headed inside. It took only a second to find the switch to open and close the gate. He slammed the palm of his hand down on it, and was satisfied when the gate started to close. Once he was sure it was tight, he crouched down low, and reached under the console, to rip out every wire he could find.

Satisfied, no one was getting the gate open for a while, he moved to the unconscious man, and pulled off his leather vest. He tossed it over his shoulder, the left the gatehouse, and moved to the gate itself. He grabbed a hold of the side, and quickly started to climb. When he reached the top, he threw the vest over the barb wire, and continued climbing. In seconds, he was on the ground beside his bike.

Poor Tiffany was swaying, as she sat there looking up at him. He grabbed her shoulders to steady her, and knew instantly that she probably wouldn’t be able to hold on. He looked down at his hoodie, and got an idea. The first thing he did was place a helmet on her head. Then he pushed the bike down the road for about five minutes. After all the trouble he went to trying to be quiet, he didn’t need the rumble of his bike, waking anyone up.

When he was satisfied he had pushed it a safe distance, he moved back to Tiffany. She looked awful. Her neck was a mess, her dress was flapping in the wind where the hoodie didn’t cover it, and she was covered in cuts and bruises, but she sat there looking up at him expectantly. Shadow admired her strength.

“We have a long way to ride”, he told her, as he unrolled the sleeves, he had rolled up a few minutes ago. “Do you think you can hold on?”

Tiffany looked at him with determination, but then she deflated as she slowly shook her head no. He saw a tear run down her cheek, and knew she really wanted to say yes. It probably hurt her to admit that. He brushed away the tear, then climbed on in front of her.

First, he lifted her legs, and wrapped them around his waist, tucking her cold bare feet under his thighs. Next, he grabbed her arms and pulled them around him, tying the ends of the hoodie together.

“Now you can’t fall off”, he told her, as he started the bike and tore off down the deserted road.

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