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Our Pefect Imperfections

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Alone. That's how Rosaline Amorite prefers to spend her time. She's cold, uncarring and exactly what her name suggests. Beautiful when at first, yet when anyone got close, they were quick to realize she had thorns. People ignore her, and she ignores them. Until he shows up. Malik Dawson is the polar opposite of Rose. He's sweet, funny, kind and everyone wants to be around him. So when he insists on becoming her friend, Rosaline can't help but be amazed. What happens when he starts to become more than just her friend?

Romance / Humor
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Standing alone outside a club, I looked at the flashy colors and listened to the happy laughter of the carefree people having a good time inside.

A part of me want me to go in there. Dared me even, however I had no wish to be inside that hot and sweaty club with tons of drunk people trying to hook up with me.

My head needed to stay out of the clouds. A club was the exact opposite of that, it was farther in the clouds than anything else I could think of off the top of my mind.

Actually, no. I take that back. The most in the clouds thing would be a one night stand. That would be the top of the top.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw pack of about ten girls walking past me and into the club.

Thankfully I didn’t know anyone, or at least I didn’t think I knew anyone.

One girl, a blondie who I faintly remember working on a project with last semester, looked up at me and waved.

“Hey Rosaline, you up to join us tonight?” Her offer seemed pretty sincere to me, but judging by the looks her friends gave her, they didn’t feel like letting me tag along tonight.

Not like this bothered me. I wasn’t dressed to go clubbing anyways.

Giving her a half smile, I shook my head slowly. “No thank you, I already have plans tonight. Maybe another time.” Dang, I let her down easy compared to most people. Usually I denied them hard, but not tonight.

Maybe I was in a good mood for once.

“Alright, that’s too bad. Have fun at whatever else you’re doing.” She grinned, and then she was gone. Whisked away to the club by her friends.

Shaking my head slowly, I turned and started on my way down the street.

I needed something to drink.

With my senior year of college soon approaching, I doubted that I’d have time for much aside from studying.

Sure, I was lonely, but that didn’t mean I was a total recluse. A bar would be good for me tonight. Just drink and forget a little bit.

The first bar I came upon was one of the newer ones they had just built. Although to be honest, it didn’t really matter to me what kind of bar it was.

Hell, I could be at home right now. Enjoying some of the liquor that was sitting up in my cabinet.

Deciding against going home, I walked in and sat in one of the stools.

The music in here was much calmer than any of the music in that dumb club. Had I actually been considering going in there? What had I been thinking? A bar was much more my speed. I hadn’t been to a club since I had first turned twenty-one.

Sighing, I shook my head slowly.

At this time, the bartender finally seemed to notice I was sitting down at his bar, and he came over.

“Anything I can get for you tonight?”

What a stupid question, why else would I be at a bar? To scope out the hot dudes? Hardly the case, even though there were some rather fine looking gentleman in here tonight.

“Just give me a Tequila Sunrise.” I said, listing the first thing off the menu.

Giving me a slightly unamused look, the bartender just nodded. “One Tequila Sunrise coming up.”

Once he had gone to make my drink, I focused my gaze on the couple that was sitting together in one of the booths. Of course this bar served as a restaurant as well, but the two things were mostly kept separate.

The girl gave the guy sitting next to her a shy kiss, and he gave a huge smile, to which she turned red at, yet still smiled along.

If he had embarrassed her, why did she still smile back at him? Relationships were something that I very much did not understand.

What was the point in having one?

“Here ya go miss.”

Turning around, I nodded at the bartender and took a small sip of my drink.

Even I had to admit that it was good. A little too good.

Looking over to the bartender, I raised my eyebrow at him. He just shrugged at me and went back to cleaning an empty glass.

“You seemed like you needed to relax a little. You’re welcome.”

“Thanks.” I said dryly, although deep down I really was a tiny bit grateful at what he had done for me. No matter how little it was.

That stupid bartender had taken up so much of my attention, that I hadn’t noticed the man who sat down next to me.

He was tall. Really tall.

Tall people freaked me out just a little bit, but it was okay, he probably wasn’t even going to notice me. Right?


The moment he finished ordering his drink, he turned to give a grin. One that made my heart speed up, but not in a good way.

This man was pretending to be nice, pretending that all he wanted to do was talk to me. But I knew that the only thing he really wanted to do, was get in my pants.

“May I ask why such a pretty girl is out all by herself on this lovely evening?” He asked quietly.

Deciding to entertain him and myself for a second, I shrugged. “I dunno, I guess I just don’t have anything better to be doing tonight?”

Oh god why did I say that?

To me it had sounded fine, but to the freaky man sitting next to me, it sounded like an invitation.

“Well, I can be your friend tonight sweetheart. No need to worry about a thing. Next drink is on me by the way.”

I studied him for a moment. Not the worst looking man I had ever seen, but not the best looking one either. He had dull brown eyes that didn’t do anything for his facial appeal, but his hair was longer and a dirty blonde color, almost giving him a carefree and wild look.

“What’s your name?”


I just nodded in silence and waited for him to ask me my name. But he never did, and I didn’t push the conversation any farther.

Well to be honest, I shouldn’t have encouraged the conversation in the first place. I must be feeling really desperate tonight, to talk to a man like Parker.

As promised, he paid for my next drink, which bartender man put much less alcohol in this time. I took this as my warning to hurry this up. Especially if it was worrying the bartender as much as it seemed to be.

I was about to stand and leave, when Parker put a firm hand on my inner thigh and shoved me back down onto the stool.

“Sweetheart, where did you plan on going? We weren’t finished yet.” he teased, something about the way his words slurred slightly making me uncomfortable.

What was I talking about, the feeling of his nasty hand on my leg was making me want to punch him in the face. Which I almost did, till he took my hands and pulled me off my chair harshly onto his.

Looking for the bartender, my heart sunk when I realized that he was on break.

No wonder Parker hadn’t made a move before than, he was waiting for the bartender to leave, so no one would be there to save me.

Quickly I started to resist, trying to yank myself out of his grip.

Parker’s height and strength worked in his favor and most certainly not in mine. My efforts to pull away form him proved to be worthless.

I was about to scream, when I realized that he was a guy. Taking my knee, I jerked it upward as strongly as I could. Grinning to myself when it made contact with his balls.

Taking advantage of his momentary weakness, I pulled away and jumped backwards, ready to make a run for it. I would come back and pay my bill tomorrow.

That is until Parker stood up and looked at me with furry in his eyes. “You’re dead you little bitch.” he snarled, about to make a move for me, before freezing.

I felt a hand place itself on my shoulder, causing me to jump slightly, before an unfamiliar voice filled my ear.

“There you are Eliza, I’ve been looking all over for you. Glad to see you waited on me.”

I just nodded and looked at Parker who was still frozen. “My bad honey, I was preoccupied.”

“Oh I know, and Parker will be leaving now.” The man behind me said, a clear warning in his voice.

Parker just nodded and practically ran out that door.

Only once he was gone did I turn to see my rescuer.

He was average height, maybe 6′1 at most. Small enough that I didn’t feel tiny and overpowered. A shock of wild black hair was the first thing that caught my eye.

While the hair was short, it was messy, the kind of messy normal girls would drool over. But his eyes, goddamn his eyes. They were sexy. A cerulean blue color was the base tone while green mixed with it slightly, making him have perfect blue-green eyes.

I wasn’t going to lie, this man could be a model, could have any girl that he ever wanted. So why did he save someone like me?

“You okay, Parker is a real douche at times?”

Even his voice seemed perfectly suited for him.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks by the way, for you know, standing up to him.”

The man waved me off like it was nothing. “Oh yeah, don’t mention it. Any decent person would’ve done the same thing.”

Slowly I nodded, and sat down at the bar again, deciding that it I could survive an encounter like that, than I could reward myself with a few more drinks.

The new man sat down beside me and just smiled at the menu, like something was making him very happy.

I immediately disliked his happiness. What could he possibly be so happy about? So of course I asked him.

“Why are you so happy?”

He turned to me and smiled.

“Better question. Why aren’t you happy?”

“Because I almost got raped.”

“But I saved you.”

“Okay, I still feel gross now.”

“Take a shower.”

“I’m talking to extremly annoying person right now.”

“Than stop talking to that extremly annoying person, who you, by the way, started a conversation with.”

Dammit. He had me stuck here.

I gave a heavy sigh and rolled my eyes. “Fine, you win.”

“Yay for me. Now I’m happy because I won.” He teased, giving me a boyish smile.

Rolling my eyes at him, I looked down at my drink, and then back up to him. “You’re annoying, I hope you know that. And my name isn’t Eliza.”

Mister happy, just grins at me. “That’s too bad, I was so sure that I had guessed correctly.”

We sit in silence for a moment, with him looking at him, and me half glaring at him as felt the alcohol start to kick in.

“Well, what is it then?”

Raising my eyebrow I looked at him in confusion. “What?”

“Your name, what is it? You can’t just tell me that I guessed your name wrong, and then not even tell me what I’m supposed to call you.”

Fully glaring at him this time, I spoke. “My name is Rosaline, but you won’t be calling me anything, because after tonight, you probably won’t see me ever again.”

“Oh yes I will. Congrats you have a friend, aren’t you honored.” He grinned, seeming so proud of himself that I almost punched him like I had been planning to with Parker.

“No, no you won’t I don’t even know your name and-”

Of course he cut me off before I could finsih talking.

“The name is Malik Anthony Dawson, but I just go by Malik. Pleasure to meet you.” He grinned, popping the p in the word pleasure.

I couldn’t think of anything to say back, so I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“I hate you already.”

Malik just laughed softly. “Alright then, we’ll see how long that lasts. But really, you should slow down on the drinks. I don’t think you plan on sleeping in the bar tonight.” He teased.

Out of sheer spite, I called the bartender over, and ordered the strongest drink I could find on the menu, looking Malik in the eyes the entire time I order, and the entire time I drank it.

After that, he didn’t try to stop me from drinking, though he did give me some strong looks as sipped on his beer.

I couldn’t figure out why he didn’t order more, maybe he was a light weight or something.

The night didn’t seem to drag on anymore. No matter how much I didn’t want to admit it, Malik made for interesting company. And no matter how annoying he got, everything he said was still funny or interesting.

At some point he must have dragged me out of my seat and led me out, because the next thing I knew, I was sitting in a car.


I didn’t own a car like this.

This car had fancy leather seats that smelled good, and an engine that seemed to purr.

“Just go back to sleep Rosaline, don’t worry about it.”

The male voice was slightly familiar to me, so I just nodded. Sleep and relax sounded like a great thing right now.

Like the best thing in the entire world.



I’m pretty sure that my brain almost exploded, when I saw her.

Thoughts raced through my mind far too quickly for my liking.

Holy damn, she’s fucking gorgeous. Why is she alone?

And then of course I had seen what Parker had done, and took everything inside me not to lose my shit and kill him.

I think I did a pretty good job, because after he left, she didn’t seem scared of me.

I should’ve left, should’ve walked away after I saved her. But I couldn’t, I couldn’t make myself do it.

And now I was driving to God knows where, trying to find this girls house, who by the way, is passed out in my front seat looking adorable as hell.

I wanted to kiss her.

Woah, slow down there Malik. She kinda hates us already, because you’re an annoying little fucker who never learned how to shut up.

I wanted to slam my head on the steering wheel at this point. We had been driving in circles for hours.

And when I say hours, I mean literal hours. I’ve wasted like ten gallons of gas at this point.

Was this girl even worth it?

One look at her gave me my answer. She was worth it, and when she rolled over and made a little sleep noise I almost had a heart attack.

She was going to get me, whether she wanted me or not.

I was going to be Rosaline’s friend.

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