Our Pefect Imperfections

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Waking up felt like a challenge. My tongue was dry and felt slightly fuzzy, the second I even tried to push myself up into a sitting position my head started to spin, causing me to flop back down onto the pillows. Burying my face in them and taking a deep breath.


My pillows don’t smell like this. Not even close to this. This smell is almost intoxicatingly wonderful, and masculine.


I rolled over quickly and opened my eyes to look around the room. It was a blueish grey color, one that I considered quite ugly. The room wasn’t even fully furnished, with some boxes in the corner. Had someone just moved in?

Sunlight peeked through the curtains causing me to squint my eyes as I looked over at the window. Ever so carefully, I pushed myself out of bed only to find that all of my clothes from last night were still on and completely untouched.

Taking a few deep breathes to ease my spinning head and the slight panic that now started to fill me. I had no idea where I was, how I had even gotten here, or what had happened? For all I knew someone could’ve kidnapped me last night without me knowing.

No part of me felt sore or anything, so why was here, in some random strangers house?

Slowly, I opened the door and crept out of the room. My bare feet hit cool wood floor as I stepped into the hallway. One look around confirmed my guess that someone had just moved into the house. The walls were bare and half painted, like someone just hadn’t had enough time to finish them.

The sudden noise of a sink turning on from farther down the hall made me jump. I wasn’t alone, someone else was with me. What the hell was I supposed to do, just waltz in and demand to know where the hell I was?

Another deep breath later and I started to creep down the hall, trying not to let my feet make that much noise. When I finally reached the end of the hall, I could see the doorway that would most likely lead me to another person.

My heart was racing and I was starting to feel lightheaded. Really I was just scaring myself, surely my situation wasn’t that bad, right?

What the hell have you gotten yourself into this time Rosaline?

Closing my eyes tight, I forced myself to turn the corner. The person who I had heard turn on the sink looked up at me. For the second time, I was blown away by those stunning blue-green eyes and that shock of unruly black hair.

He had a spoon in his mouth and was frozen, looking at me without moving a muscle. We both just stared at each, until as if on cue, he pulled the spoon out of his mouth and swallowed his food, before giving me a crooked grin.

“Did you sleep well? I tried not to wake you when I left this morning.”

A perfectly decent question that had me on the defensive already. Something inside me told me that he couldn’t be trusted, that he would be the one to ruin me if I let him in.

My family had already ruined me enough, I hardly needed this beautiful stranger to come in and ruin me some more. There was no way that I was going to do anything with him or for him. Hell, I wasn’t even going to see him again and I was still overreacting about nothing.

When I looked up again, he was still staring at me, and had out his spoon down while raised one dark eyebrow in question.

“You gonna answer?”

I rolled my eyes at him and took a deep breath to settle the butterflies in my stomach. “What happened last night, and why am I here?”

He sighed and frowned at me. “So serious, my lord. Relax a little bit sweetheart, not everyone in this world wants something from you.” He shrugged, looking down at his phone and then back up to me.

“What do you want from me?” I asked cautiously, watching a small smile start to form on his face.

“Well, I want you to pay me back the twenty dollars worth of gas I wasted while searching for your house last night. I literally went in circles for hours, trust me on this one. I eventually gave up and brought you here.” He grinned, a few locks of dark hair falling in front of his eyes.

Narrowing my eyes, I looked him up a down for good measures. How can I be so sure that he isn’t lying to me? Maybe that’s the cover story he told all girls that he brought home. Wait, no. He’s too good looking, I hardly doubt he needs to take advantage of girls to get them to sleep with him.

“Why thank you, I agree, I am ruggedly handsome in a way that makes everyone want to fuck me. Plus, my mother taught me to never mistreat a lady, so excuse you for assuming.” He chuckled.

Oh. My. God.

Of course I just had to talk to myself and say all that shit out loud. Now I had given this jerk a bigger ego than he already had. My cheeks felt like they were on fire. I must look like a tomato at this point.

The man just smiled at me, his eyes so bright and happy that it made me want to punch him. What was there to be that happy about? Geez.

“What’s your name?” I asked quietly, taking a step back when he stood up.

He frowned slightly at my step back, but quickly dismissed it and put his bowl in the sink. Before leaning against the counter and looking at me again.

“You want a muffin? My grandmother always said that trying to talk on an empty stomach is like a fat man trying to run a marathon. No offense to fat people.”

I bit my cheek in an attempt not to smile, but it only ended in my both smiling and laughing. “That, is extremely rude sir.” I said quickly, trying to cover up what I had just done.

He rolled his eyes and picked up a dish towel, opened the oven, and picked up a tray of muffins. Placing them down on the stove top, he took a tooth pick and poked it into one muffin, before taking it out and looking at it.

Next he grabbed a plate, placed a fresh muffin on it, and slid it down the counter to where I was standing. “Try it, I had to improvise with the recipe this morning because I’ve been too busy to go shopping lately.” He said sheepishly.

I just couldn’t believe this. There was no way that this stranger could bake and be as manly and scary as he was. Maybe this muffin would be disgusting and then I could wake up from this trance he seemed to have me in.

Gently I took a bite of the hot muffin, and glorious flavors exploded in my mouth. What the hell was in this? I couldn’t even tell at this point. All I could do was wolf down the entire thing and lick my fingers when I was finished, my stomach feeling much better.

“You want something to drink with that?”

Of course he to talk and ruin it.

I turned my glare onto the stranger that was looking at me was amusement written all over his face. His head was tilted to the side as he continued to look at me.

“Right, why am I here, what happened, and who the fuck are you?”

The man rolled his eyes. “Not even a thank you I see. But the name’s Malik, I saved you from being raped last night, and you got drunk so I tried to take you home. When I couldn’t find your house I just brought you here. Sorry for all the confusion.” He shrugged, taking a muffin for himself and starting to eat it.

For a moment, I wasn’t even sure what to say. Now that he had explained a little bit, I was starting to remember the night before, the alcohol, the man who saved. The conversations I had with him last night, then his car, the one with the expensive leather seats.

How did I say thank you for that?

Malik seemed to sense my lack of words so he just smiled at me. “Want another muffin, there’s no way I can eat all six by myself.”

I didn’t know how to react to all of his kindness, it was just all so overwhelming. How did married couples do it all the time? How were they so nice to each other? Any boy I had ever been with had either gotten bored with me, or hadn’t liked my personality.

But Malik, he just seemed, so, different. He was so easy to trust, and even easier to like. Damn him and his stupidly handsome face to hell.

“Fine, I’ll take another one of your stupid muffins.” I grumbled, watching him smile at me when I slid my plate back to him and he placed another muffin on it, but he didn’t slide it back. He just grinned at me.

“I’ll give you this muffin if I can call you Rose. Rosaline, is a literal mouth full, and I have dyslexia so we have to be nice to me. Rose is so much easier for me to spell.” Malik smiled, his eyes so bright and hopeful that saying no to him would be like kicking a puppy.

I sighed and frowned at him for a moment. “No, Malik you cannot call me Rose.”

“How about Rosy with a y, those damn ie words always mess me up.” He offered, still keeping my muffin hostage.

I swear that my jaw actually dropped. This man didn’t give a shit that I was being so negative, it seemed like he was just in his own little world all by himself. It seemed like his world was a good place to be.

“No, God please, no Rosy. Just call me Rose if you must.” I sighed, while he smirked in triumph and slid my muffin to me across the counter.

“Most of my friends call me Malika, if it makes you feel any better.” He said bluntly, causing me to almost choke on my muffin.

Dammit, there was that charming smile again.

“You’re to handsome for your own good.” I practically growled at him, watching that face of his light up like the Fourth of July.

“Oh don’t worry I know, the thing is, not many people can deal with me for longer than a day. Apparently, I’m a slight annoyance. So yeah, my looks can get me a one night stand, but not much more than that.” He shrugged, so nonchalantly that I was left to stare at him.

Honest, he was brutally honest, about everything. Was that really the kind of company I wanted to keep?

Then again I always had a knack for being honest as well.

“So, are you okay with being my friend and all that fun jazz. I promise that I’ll make you tons of muffins all the time.” Malik smiled, his ocean green eyes felt like little lasers pointed right at me. Burning holes into me.

“You realize you come off as a slightly crazy sounding? Like, come on, do you really need me to be your friend so badly that you feel the need to bribe me with muffins.” I said sarcastically, watching his smile fade and his eyes start to narrow ever so slightly.

Malik sighed and ran a quick hand through his hair, looking slightly frustrated. “Well, I didn’t want to do it this way but if I must, than I guess I will.” He started. “You look like you need a friend because you refuse to let anyone one in, and eventually this alone stuff is going to drive you crazy. You need someone to be for you not against you.”

I was going to say something, was going to yell at him and ask him who the hell he thought he was after he had finished, but I was stopped when he raised a hand and started talking again. “How about we make a deal? You can be my friend and hang out with my other friends and I for a month or so, and if you like it then you stay, if you hate it, you’ll never have to deal with me ever again.” He said, his eyes going from warm and happy, to cold and calculating within mere seconds.

Narrowing my own eyes at him, I finished my muffin and slid the plate back to him, which of course he caught with ease. “What if I decided to say no, and that I didn’t want to play your silly friend game?” I asked challengingly, loving the way his eyes lit up.

Malik was just like me, and like me, he loved a good challenge.

“Then game on, because you won’t be saying no to this game.” He smirked, standing and walking past me. “Come along, the door is this way.”

I followed behind more slowly, there were a million more questions that I had for him, but they would all have to wait, because I was stubborn, and there was no way that I was going to lose to Malik.

Once we reached the door he opened it for me like a true gentleman and grinned once more. “Tomorrow at the local café in the center of town, 10 o’clock, don’t be late.”

“Ew, I don’t want to go on a date with you.” I cringed, looking at him with utter disgust in my eyes.

“Well than that’s great, because it’s not a date.”

“What else could it be?”

Malik grinned at me. “My friends and I are getting together there tomorrow, and unless I’m dating all my friends which is slightly morbid, than no, it’s not a date sweetheart.” He chuckled.

I couldn’t help but smile at his use of words. “I’ll think about it. Have a good day Malik.”

“Just go to left down the hall and you’ll find the stairs. I’m on the twentieth floor, so have fun walking down. The elevators are down for maintenance this weekend. Have a good day yourself, Rose.”

He gave me one last smile and nodded, before closing the door and vanishing back into his apartment.

Wow Malik, you are a grade A stalker. Not really though, he’s just trying to help her out a little bit. Till the next chapter.

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