Immortal Desires

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Day Nineteen

The next two days found Hunter vacillating between increasing lust towards Travis’ wife and increasing exasperation at how opportunities for the two to “enjoy each other’s company in other ways,” as she put it were scarce. As it turned out, Travis apparently didn’t need to work for the next two days and seemingly focused much of his free time with his wife to Hunter’s annoyance. As if to add insult to injury, even Agatha seemed keen to copy their affections by spending as much time as she could with Hunter. At first, he was glad of the renewed passion, but he still wanted Travis’ wife badly despite imagining Agatha as her during the next two nights.

At last, relief came to Hunter upon the third day in the form of Agatha needing to go to the grocery store to replenish some of their pantry and Travis having to go to work.

“I know today’s the second-to-last day of our camping week, but I thought we could celebrate our last night here with our new neighbors,” Agatha replied with a grin to Hunter’s question when he pointed out it was the second-to-last day of the week. He raised an eyebrow and then nodded, knowing better than to question further given his wife’s look.

As soon as Agatha left, leaving Hunter alone with Travis’ wife, he went towards her immediately around the campfire, as they happened to be sitting across from each other. He had a strong urge to pull back the burqa from her head and French her, as he could barely keep it in his pants the last two days despite Agatha giving it to him. He wanted Travis’ wife badly, he had to have her now.

When he acted upon this urge, reaching over towards her face, she grabbed it quickly before it could touch her face. This surprised Hunter, given her reaction speed and the vise-like grip she had on his hand. But that grip slackened almost immediately to a gentle one as he picked up a wave of amusement coming from her.

“Your desire for me is quite impressive, Hunter. But did I not tell you that I needed time to consider about us?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry…” Hunter replied after a pause, but she shook her head and let go of his hand.

“Pull up a seat next to me, my love. I want us to enjoy each other as much as we can with the chance given to us today,” she murmured and Hunter blinked before hastening to act accordingly. As he went to get a chair, she shifted in her seat and smoothed out her robe along her thighs. When Hunter sat next to her, he took a deep breath, which prompted her to look at him from her bowed head.

“Relax, Hunter. Here, let me help you,” Travis’ wife offered as she reached over their chair arms to stroke along Hunter’s thigh, going at it firmly as if massaging him down there. It produced the desired effect on Hunter, and he sighed softly, spreading his legs out wider and reclining slightly. He closed his eyes at her touch and in a moment picked up on a wave of amusement coming through him.

Two minutes later, he felt her rubbing her fingers against his hard member through the fabric of his jeans. Opening his eyes, he wondered whether to whip it out for her to jerk him off out in the open or not. Then common sense hit him: they were alone, so why not? Hunter unzipped his pants, prompting a brief wave of amusement as soon as his phallus came into view.

“My, getting into it, aren’t we?” Travis’ wife spoke softly, her golden eyes seemingly smiling. She then took him into her hand and began jerking him off slowly and carefully at first. With a bit of encouragement from Hunter, she was now doing it naturally after a minute or two.

After what seemed to be an eternity, which was really ten minutes later, Hunter reached his climax, gripping the arms of his chair as he moaned loudly, closing his eyes tightly. Moments later, he looked down to see Travis’ wife let go of him, seeing her hand covered with cum.

“Mm, looks tasty. If you will excuse me, love,” she got up carefully from her chair and walked off to her tent to get inside. Hunter furrowed his brows at this point until he realized she must be licking his cum from her hand inside. He smirked at that and zipped up his pants, sighing softly as he recounted the experience. She seemed to be a natural at jerking him off past the first minute, seemingly acting whether to go faster or slower, tighter or looser on his whims during that time, becoming more intense towards the end. It was as if she could read his desires without needing him to direct her…

Then a random thought jarred his mind back to reality: she probably does the same thing with her husband all the time. This made him frown in slight disgust, until her coming out of the tent interrupted his musings. She walked towards him and he could notice that her hand was as clean as before jerking him off. There seemed to be no trace of wetness on her hand, indicating she didn’t use any water, nor did she rub it off. He wondered how she did this so cleanly.

“How was it?” Hunter smirked as she sat next down next to him carefully.

“Tasty, just as it looked,” was her reply accompanied with a chuckle. This made him smirk even more, and wondered whether to ask her if she did the same thing with her husband or not.

“Have you… done the same thing with Travis?” he reasoned, as long as they were on the subject.

Her reply was quite immediate, a wave of amusement came from her that seemed to last for thirty seconds. Hunter marveled at this feeling, and then she spoke at last.

“Yes, but only occasionally, as we prefer… full-on contact, as it is.”

“Nothing wrong with changing it up every now and then, I suppose,” Hunter remarked, mainly to keep himself from getting worked up at those words she said.

“No, not at all,” she looked at him, a softer wave of amusement mixed with affection emanating from her, causing Hunter to look into her eyes, becoming enraptured with her more and more. He found himself leaning in to kiss her, but caught himself.

“I suppose you wouldn’t mind me returning the favor?” he said smoothly to cover his temporary lapse of remembering, marveling at himself doing such a feat at the same time.

“Mm, by all means, love,” she purred and sunk in a little lower into her chair, spreading her legs wider as much as her garment would allow for Hunter to do so. He swallowed as he proceeded to stroke along one of her thighs closest to him. He could feel it being warm, firm yet soft through the fabric of her hijab. He’d take his time by massaging her thigh, especially her inner thigh as he worked his way up to between her legs, feeling more warmth along the way. He wished that her garment was out of the way, since it was similar to a dress, only less loose than a normal one.

Travis’ wife suddenly gasped and sat up, grabbing Hunter’s hand a moment later to jerk it off her leg. Perplexed, he made to ask her what was wrong just when he could hear gravel crunching under tires. His eyes widened as he realized Agatha must be coming back from the store, his heart doing a freefall dive at the same time.

He got up and pulled his chair away from Travis’ wife who was straightening up in her seat and restoring her demure posture. They just finished completing their innocent looks when the station wagon crept into view. Hunter whistled in relief and waved to Agatha once she pulled to a stop.

“Hey Aggie! Back so soon?” he got up to walk over to the station wagon to help Agatha with her grocery bags, also doing this to calm his nerves from the very close call. He chanced a glance towards Travis’ wife who was merely watching them from her seat. He then looked into the bags and furrowed his brows in surprise, blinking.

“What is this? Margaritas?” he looked to Agatha, the surprise on his face becoming bemused. She only giggled and took the bags from him to set on the picnic table.

“I only thought we might make the most of our last night here with some of these, see where it takes us to,” she grinned and put the contents out of the bag. Hunter could see two bottles of margarita, a one-pound bag of ice, four plastic cups with wide brims, a tub of margarita salt, and…

“Straws? Who’s going to drink alcohol with straws, Aggie?” Hunter noted her glance to his left and he looked to find Travis’ wife right next to him, surprising him momentarily.

“Oh… right. Er, sorry about that,” he began but she silenced him with a wave of amusement before she shook her head.

“Don’t be sorry, Hunter,” she said dreamily, and then looked to Agatha. “Thank you for your consideration on my behalf. May I test these out in the privacy of my husband’s and mine tent?” she went on, gesturing to the package of straws. Agatha hesitated and then nodded. She took the package in her covered hand and walked off towards her tent.

Several minutes later, Travis’ wife came back out and handed the package of straws to Agatha and shook her head sadly.

“It works, but rather awkwardly. So I must decline this, Agatha. I am truly sorry if this has offended you.” Hunter could not see anything wrong with the straws, because as far as he could tell, she could do it by slipping one underneath her burqa without risking her mouth being seen. Agatha merely blinked a few times as she took the straws from Travis’ wife, as if struggling to explain something, thought better of it and nodded.

“Well, all right, if you say so. And no offense,” she smiled as best as she could, despite the disappointed expression on her face. Travis’ wife placed a hand upon hers carefully and gently at this point.

“Not to worry, Agatha, but there are two bottles, yes? One for you and Hunter and one for Travis and I,” she pointed out and then glanced to Hunter as she continued. “I am certain we will be celebrating our last night here in the company of our… husbands in our own tents thanks to your generosity,” she finished with looking at Agatha now. This seemed to appease Agatha more and Hunter smirked at the suggestion Travis’ wife put out, wondering whether she was teasing him or making him jealous, or both.

Evening came around and Travis was pleasantly surprised at the celebration Agatha had put up together with the help of Hunter and his wife upon his return from work. Fajitas and margaritas were prepared shortly, and as soon as the fajitas were ready to be eaten, Travis and his wife took their plates and glasses into their tent. Travis grinned at them before the tent flap was zipped shut, obscuring the inside view. Hunter and Agatha looked at each other before chuckling and clinked their glasses in a toast.

“To us, Agatha,” he said before taking a sip.

“To us, Hunter,” she replied with a smile and took a sip. They ate their fajitas in silence, looking to the campfire and each other every now and then.

“You know, I was hoping we’d get them drunk and his wife would show us what she looks like underneath that getup and tell us her name,” Agatha broke the silence with a pout on her face. Hunter blinked at this side of his wife he was witnessing just now.

“So that’s the real reason why you decided to break out the margaritas?”

“Of course, how else can we find out?”

“I think that’s pretty simple, take them to the beach,” Hunter snorted and drank some more of his margarita.

“But what if she keeps that thing on no matter what?” her question prompted him to imagine being in bed with Travis’ wife still wearing the hijab. He frowned at that and shook his head.

“I don’t think so, Aggie. Besides, what’s with you? I’ve never seen you this obsessed with our neighbors before.”

“Just Travis and his wife!” she retorted, “the way they keep wearing the same thing every day and especially how they keep her name from being mentioned no matter what!” Her outburst made Hunter grin.

“What’s so funny?” she snapped at him and he put up an innocent look, hands up at the same time.

“Hey, relax. You’re starting to talk like Betty…” this caused her to blink and then shook her head, putting her hand onto her forehead.

“Oh God, what have I become?” she chuckled dryly and Hunter joined in.

Meanwhile, Travis was feeding pieces of his fajita to Guardian in their tent, grinning as she returned the favor. She was naked, her garment off to one side against the wall while Travis was wearing his boxers. They were lying on their sides upon their mattresses of animal skins, their plates and drinks between them as a kerosene-powered lantern shined on a hook above them at the ceiling of the tent.

“That was awfully considerate of Agatha to break out some liquor, eh, Guardian?”

“Quite, and if I’m not mistaken, it turns out she had an ulterior motive,” she replied with her ears swiveling slowly. Travis raised an eyebrow in reply before taking a piece of her proffered fajita from her fingers in his mouth.

“Apparently, she wanted us to get drunk and have me end up revealing myself and my name to them,” she answered his unspoken curiosity, bushy tail thumping against the mattress in amusement. Travis chortled almost immediately before swallowing.

“Getting obsessed with you, babe!” he chuckled now and then continued, “speaking of, what about Hunter?”

“Mm, I managed to relieve some of his sexual tension by jerking him off when Agatha went out to get us drinks. He was about to return the favor when I heard Agatha driving up, so we had to stop there,” she explained as if this was very amusing to her. Travis smirked and shook his shaven head.

“One helluva close call there, babe. Supposing Agatha was still out for five more minutes, he may have found out the truth.”

“That’s true. I should wrap my legs from now on just in case,” she mused before taking her glass and drank through the straw she tested earlier today. Travis took a moment to imagine her legs being wrapped up like a mummy’s and smiled at the mental image.

“Kinky,” he remarked, grinning. This got a playful shove to his shoulder from Guardian. He poked her shoulder in return and Guardian looked at him seriously before putting down her margarita to pounce on him.


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