Immortal Desires

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Day Twenty-Seven

Since then, Agatha and Hunter got into a series of brief arguments about whether to go over to house number 308 to find out what shook him up that badly and every time, he was against it. The last argument, he had to put his foot down to end it for once and for all, claiming that it was rude and that Agatha was only overreacting over nothing. By noon, peace and quiet was restored, if only frosty for the time being with each other.

Hunter soon found himself wondering what it would be like if he had taken Travis’ wife. Ordinarily, he would dismiss that curiosity with revulsion, but the dreams he had been having about her lately changed his perspective, plus the way she was like around him clothed and unclothed since then added to the change. She was rather gentle with a hint of shyness, her boldness which thrilled him and she was surprisingly intuitive with him, it was as if she had known him long enough like Agatha after all these years and then some.

By nightfall, back in bed again, he was on the brink of making a decision. It was something akin to being on a cliff and being asked to take a leap of faith or walk away. When he woke up at the next morning, he had made his choice. Now he would have to wait on his chance to act upon it.

Soon enough, it presented itself in the form of Agatha having to go and help a friend of hers across town for moving. After waiting ten minutes, he made his move. He went over to house number 308 and rang the doorbell, which Travis’ wife answered moments later. He swallowed in anticipation.

“We meet again, my love,” she stepped to the side, clad in her dark blue Muslim garb, to allow Hunter inside.

“Travis out at work again?” he said after stepping in, facing her as she closed the door.

“Yes,” she nodded and then began to take off her burqa, but stopped as her golden eyes looked at his pale blue eyes, wondering. Hunter felt a brief thrill of excitement at seeing her start stripping, but he was slightly disappointed at seeing her stop.

“Have you come to tell me about the other day?” she asked him hopefully. He nodded and swallowed, it was time. He stepped closer to her and slowly reached out to take her burqa off her head, revealing her wolf head in full view. Her ears pricked back up from their folded-back position as she unbowed her head, blinking at him.

“So you still desire me after all,” she murmured, smiling at him. He smiled back slightly as he moved his hands down to her dress robe and slowly undid it to let it fall down around her feet in a heap. He noticed that there was no gauze on her legs as he looked down and up, taking in her appearance. He was glad to see her like this, for he preferred it that way, being able to know what she really looked like instead of having to suffer her wearing the Muslim garment which easily concealed as long as she kept her ears, head, and tail in check.

Hunter noticed something on her left hand, which he took in his and held it up to inspect closely. He saw that there was no wedding band on her ring finger.

“Are you really married?” he spoke gently as he looked to her.

“Not quite,” she spoke after a length of considering silence, a faint feeling of amusement accompanying her reply.

“What do you mean ‘not quite’?” he frowned and let go of her hand, but she held on, fingers grasping his firmly. Another length of silence ensued with the same level of amusement coming from her.

“Yes and no, with a little more emphasis on the no part,” she smiled as the feeling grew more pronounced for a few seconds and then continued, “Let me put this simply. Are you familiar with hand fasting?” This got a puzzled expression from Hunter.

“It is the Wicca equivalent of your Christian marriage, with a much more involved level to it. In Travis’ and my case, it is similar to that, but far deeper.” When she saw the blinks of confusion from Hunter, she merely smiled and shook her head slightly.

“Let us not worry about such things, my love, and be elsewhere in this house,” she offered and Hunter nodded, glad to be back on something a little more normal and familiar. He was taken by the hand to the third floor, back in the animal skin-adorned room full of the cloying incense. Along the way, he watched how she walked, her spine curving slightly as her legs moved up along the stairs, tail swinging from left to right. He smirked as soon as he noted how her tail seemed to be teasing him by covering her butt every now and then.

When she led him to the fur bed, he hesitated and stopped a few steps before it, his hand slipping from hers that made her look back to him. He felt like being back in high school, going all the way for the first time with Agatha. He stared at the bed and then looked to Travis’ wife, trying to work up the courage to say “how do we do this?” and failing as he realized at the same time about their bodies. Would it really work? The dreams he had with her seemed to say so despite his doubts.

“Just relax, Hunter,” she spoke softly as she faced him fully, her eyes searching his as if figuring out whether he would back out of it or keep going with her. When he remained rooted on the spot, she tentatively took his hand in hers and brought it up to her heart, pressing it against her breast so that he could feel her heartbeat. He blinked as he registered her heartbeat through her furry chest, picking it up as a fast beat.

“I’m just as nervous as you are, my love, but out of curiosity what you are truly like and… whether your desire matches mine or not,” she smiled, and let her hand slide off his as he realized that she subtly let him decide for once and for all.

In the space of two seconds as he kept his hand over her heart, he knew that he had made his choice coming over here. He wanted to sate his carnal curiosity with her, to find out whether the increasingly lurid dreams he had with her over the weeks were going to be like this or not, and at this point, she was waiting for him. Perhaps forever, from what he thought he felt from her from time to time whenever he woke up from those dreams. A wild thought came out of nowhere within his mind that spurred him on to act upon his desire towards her, besides, this is way more exotic than having an affair with a Muslim woman.

So act, Hunter did. He clutched at Travis’ wife’s breast, pressing against her chest at the same time. This produced a reaction from her: she closed her eyes and purred at this, arching her chest against his hand and pressed the rest of herself against his body, wrapping her arms around his neck. He let go of her breast to embrace her in return, closing his eyes and nuzzling his head against hers, breathing in her scent of freshly dug-up dirt along with the incense deeply. He could feel the strength of her muscles through her furry and feminine form.

He then kissed along her neck, feeling the short fur against his lips with her warm skin underneath. He felt her cup the back of his head when he did this, and a moment later, the feel of her leg raising up upon his hip which made him reach down to stroke along her butt and thigh with one hand, brushing against the base of her tail towards her knee.

Several moments into stroking each other’s bodies and kisses accompanied by a few licks against Hunter’s neck, Travis’ wife stepped back from him to lay down upon the thick fur bed. He watched her stroke along her breasts down to her hips and thighs for a couple of moments before he hastily undressed himself, wanting to continue this and take it all the way to home base. This got a giggle from her.

Then just when Hunter was halfway through undressing himself, he realized that he had no condoms on him. He looked at her sheepishly, not wanting to look like he was unprepared.

“Uh… sorry, but I don’t have any condoms…” this got a blink from her and she chuckled heartily for several moments which made him feel more embarrassed by the second.

“Don’t worry, my love. I can’t get pregnant at all,” now it was Hunter’s turn to blink, though in surprised silence for several seconds.

“I-I’m sorry…” but she shook her head.

“Don’t be, Hunter.”

“It’s because… of what you are, right?”

“There you go,” she smiled with a nod, the feeling of amusement suffusing Hunter for a couple of seconds. He smirked slightly and finished undressing himself. Once naked, he got down to his knees and crawled onto the bed to lay next to her on his side. He was still a little nervous.

Movement caught his eye and he looked to see Travis’ wife slipping a hand between her legs, moving it up and down there. He could hear her moaning in pleasure from this, seeing her move and thrust her hips against her fingers. Her ears were folded back, mouth slightly open and eyes closed. He saw her grasp one of her breasts with her other hand, burying her fingers into the full furry roundness accentuated by its bare nipple.

Hunter found his nervous anticipation melt away into a sort of awed arousal from watching Travis’ wife pleasure herself, his eyes darting between the movements of her body, her enjoying expression, her moans, her breasts being fondled, and most of all, her fingers rubbing up and down along her vulva, sometimes dipping into herself along the motions. Throughout watching her like this, he could see her watching him in return, her golden eyes having that come-hither look. He was definitely feeling her wanting him to take her, to satisfy her, inviting him to give himself to her as to him she seemed like aching for him.

That was when he decided to take this fast-ripening situation already and got himself on top of her.

“Mm,” Travis’ wife closed her eyes at this, smiling as she held his cheeks in her hands and Hunter could feel her legs spreading around his, feeling her tail wag against his knees slowly. He settled upon her, his lower half brushing against hers, picking up on the warm furry feeling at the same time. She licked upon his cheeks and neck every now and then as she caressed her hands from his cheeks to his shoulders, massaging along his biceps. He grinded against her, feeling his member rub against her furry vulva down there a few times until he penetrated her slowly. To his surprise, she felt like a human inside as she wrapped her legs around his waist, growling in pleasure and arched her body against him. He even felt her nails dig into his arms at that moment.

As Hunter thrusted against her slowly, he was reminded of the more lurid dreams and he blinked the memory away as he kept at it, watching Travis’ wife throw her head back against the pillows, moaning every now and then. He was tempted to nibble upon her exposed neck and acted upon it, nibbling gently along it. He heard and felt her giggle at this and grasp the back of his neck to press his mouth against her neck as if wanting him to nibble harder. He did that and she growled softly in response.

He pulled his head back and thrusted harder against her, making her gasp and then growl louder as she tightened her grip on his arms. She bucked against him every now and then, her eyes having that wanting expression to them as she looked at him, panting. A minute later, she pulled Hunter close to her, against her as she wrapped her arms around him and then rolled over so that she was on top of him. Surprised at this, he grinned up at her as soon as she got herself comfortable on him.

She licked at his neck and chest as she moved up and down along Hunter’s member slowly at first, getting a feel of him in this position. Breathing deeply at this, he stroked along her hips up to her breasts, cupping them in his hands. Travis’ wife went faster now, prompting Hunter to put his hands on her hips to let her know to slow down a bit.

“Easy there, I ain’t what I used to be, you know,” he grinned up at her and she chuckled, licking him on the cheek apologetically. Soon, under the continued humping movements from her, he was panting as he felt his climax coming on slowly. He closed his eyes, feeling it coming on closer and closer in its own slow way, then felt her hands upon his chest with her nails digging into them that made him open his eyes.

He saw her baring her teeth as she went a bit faster now, growling some more. He didn’t mind this as he knew she must be reaching her own climax. Suddenly, he felt her tense up from the inside as she stiffened, quivering which bordered on full-on shaking, feeling her nails dig deeper into his skin. He was certain that she was going to draw blood from his chest at this point when she growled louder. He thought he felt a wetness coming from the inside of her as she apparently relaxed visibly, panting as she sat on him.

“Mm, that was fun… but it’s your turn now, love,” she grinned down at him and began resuming her humping upon his member not one moment after her remark. To his amazement, the feeling was more smooth, perhaps due to her apparent juices from her climax. He relaxed under her, moaning softly at the wondrous feeling. His climax came back with a renewed strength and this time, he thrusted against her as if wanting to experience it with her. Half a minute later, he finally did it, groaning in pleasure as he cummed within her, shuddering slightly from the waves of pleasure rushing through his body. He panted for breath as he looked up at her, who then laid down upon him, nuzzling against him.

Closing his eyes to rest, Hunter stroked along her back gently, almost absentmindedly before falling asleep.

“Don’t fall asleep on me, love,” the dreamy voice of Travis’ wife roused him up to wakefulness, seeing her smile at him.

“Hey, sorry. That took a lot out of me, but it was amazing,” he smiled back and stroked her head, causing one of her ears to flick under his stroking.

“Mm, I’ll bet. I had to restrain myself in case Betty Hayton was listening in,” she giggled and then rolled off him onto her back next to him, stretching out her arms and legs before relaxing. “I also had to go easy on you, you know,” she looked at him and he smiled lopsidedly.

“Yeah, sorry if I’m not as intense as Travis,” he rolled his eyes, grinning. The amusement feeling grew in his heart as he saw her grin, baring her teeth.

“It’s never too late to give it the old college try, you know. I’m always up for another round, if you want…” This made his heart skip a beat at the mere thought of him getting the same wounds as he saw on Travis’ body a few weeks ago.

“I’ll think about it, thanks,” he spoke quickly and silence lapsed in, hanging in the incensed air as they looked into each other’s eyes for several minutes. It was Travis’ wife who broke the silence.

“You should take a shower.”

“Know where it is?” he murmured, getting sleepy again. She nodded and then sat up before taking his hand in hers and gently helped Hunter up onto his feet as she got up at the same time. Together, they walked out of the room down to the second floor at her guiding, and then into a side door that led into a large ornate bathroom that contained a spacious shower with a pearl-translucent curtain.

“Nice bathroom… how much did you guys pay for this house?” Hunter couldn’t help himself.

“The government did, love. Pays for everything except food,” she replied as she drew back the shower curtain, revealing a tiled shower with a shallow basin at the bottom and a large block built into the side of it that acted as a seat. She then turned on the water, testing every now and then until she was satisfied with the temperature. Hunter wondered about her reply, furrowing his brows slightly.

“After you, love,” she gestured to the shower and Hunter raised an eyebrow.

“You’re joining in?”

“If you don’t want my company, that’s fine,” she smiled slightly and made to walk past him towards the door.

“Whoa, all right, I was just curious. Of course I want you to join in,” he smirked and stepped into the shower, feeling the running hot water course down his body that relaxed him greatly. It was almost as the same as a climax, but far gentler. He watched Travis’ wife step in with him and draw the curtain shut behind her as the running water darkened her white fur to a slight grayish color.

“Mm, Travis and I always love that feeling under warm water, what about you?” she murmured with her eyes shut and ears folded back in apparent pleasure as Hunter noted her fur forming small spike formations all over her body that drew the water down her in rivulets.

“Don’t we all?” he smiled slightly and then found the soap on a small platform under the shower head. He took it and rubbed it down his arms. When he started on his shoulders and chest, Travis’ wife gently grasped his hand that held the soap, extracted it out of his hand and began to wash him. He smiled at her as he let her wash him down. When she got to his member, she fondled it gently in such a way that slowly aroused him until he was hard. He returned the favor by rubbing his fingers against her vulva, feeling the tip of his fingers brush against her inner lips.

“Mm,” she purred and set the soap back on its platform as she rinsed her hands free of the suds.

“I think you’re ready for round two, don’t you think?” she smiled and Hunter nodded, finding himself definitely ready for round two. He set her against the wall, facing him as he pressed himself against her, feeling her drenched breasts pressing against his chest as she slipped her arms under his arms and around his back. She seemed to know that he was going to pin her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist and gripped his back along his shoulders, being shielded from the running water due to his body taking the brunt of it for her.

Hunter thrusted himself into her as he wasted little time in taking her, hearing her growl softly and feeling her tense up against him at the same time. He went at it hard, grunting every now and then as his motions caused her to slightly move up and down along the wet wall. He continued to do this, feeling her nails digging into his back as he felt his climax come on again. She looked up to the ceiling, growling loudly in pleasure and Hunter joined in the growling, nibbling upon her neck at the same time, grinning.

He reached his next climax soon after, groaning in unison with her growling as she seemed to fight the urge to bite down on his shoulder by pressing the side of her muzzle against his neck. He barely registered her reaching her climax while he was in the throes of his own, panting hard as he kept her pinned against the wall. Her legs slowly slid down from his waist to the floor as she relaxed against him and he eventually stepped back from her, allowing the water to wash down her.

“Mm, that was good…” she murmured, golden eyes closed as she rubbed along her breasts and stomach. Hunter sat down upon the block seat, leaning against the wall to rest. Several moments later, he heard her leave the shower, leaving him alone under the running hot water.

The feel of cold washing over Hunter woke him up and found him still in the shower. Blinking, he got up from the seat and turned the shower off. He got out and saw a folded towel set out for him on the counter, which he took to dry himself off. Wrapping it around his waist, he got out of the bathroom to look for Travis’ wife. He found her on the couch in the parlor room, watching a crackling fireplace. She was still naked, apparently not bothering to wear the Muslim garments again.

“Hello, Hunter. Have you rested well?” she spoke without looking at him.

“Uh, yeah… how long was I out?” he blinked and then walked towards her, finding his clothes folded neatly in a pile on her lap. He saw that she was dry.

“Thirty minutes, I believe,” she looked at him from the fireplace, smiling slightly as the fire was reflected from her eyes. She picked up his clothes and handed them to him.

“Thanks, it felt like…” he took the clothes from her as he began, but fell silent.

“Like an eternity?” she canted her head slightly.

“Yeah, something like that. Uh, are you okay? You look… sad,” Hunter furrowed his brows as he thought he saw her expression forlorn. Her eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“No. No, I’m all right, thank you, Hunter,” she smiled and gestured to one of the easy chairs behind Hunter so that he could dress up in front of her. Reluctantly, he complied as he didn’t buy her dismissal of his concern, sitting in the easy chair she pointed to. But he decided that it was best to keep his mouth shut on that subject.

When he was dressed, he realized that he had to go and Travis’ wife seemed to know that in advance. She got up from the couch and stood in front of him, taking his hands in hers.

“Thank you, Hunter, for expressing your utmost desire for me with me. I only hope that we can continue to do this,” she spoke softly and he was sure he felt absolute gratitude coming from her. He smiled up at her and stood up from the easy chair to kiss her. But stopped just short of doing so as he noted how different their mouths were. She blinked at this and grinned at the awkwardness of the situation, the feeling of amusement strong enough to make Hunter grin in spite of this.

“Come here, my love,” she suddenly grabbed him into a sailor’s kiss position, pressing her muzzle against his lips and Frenched him on the spot, holding him steady for a minute. Meanwhile, Hunter was caught off-guard by her strength and the apparent forcefulness of the kiss. Furthermore, the feel of her flat and wide tongue rubbing against his gave him an initial shock that topped the one he had upon seeing her nude appearance for the first time.

Before he could do anything about it, he was suddenly back on his feet in front of her, lips parted at the same time. He stood there dazedly and she laughed at his reaction.

“Just like a little boy with his first kiss!” she laughed some more until she stopped, panting to catch her breath. By then, Hunter had recovered and smirked, wiping his mouth. Her laughter was surprisingly human-sounding rather than what he expected it to be. He thought she’d break out in a rapid series of sharp barks.

“Right, until then,” he grinned as he tried not to hide his embarrassment and quickly made his way towards the door. The feeling of her amusement seemed to follow him all the way to his house.

Hunter soon found that Agatha still hadn’t returned from helping her friend move and breathed a sigh of relief. He then went to bed to truly get some rest from all that romping around with Travis’ wife, even if it meant Agatha had to be concerned again.

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