Immortal Desires

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Day Thirty-Nine

“Just a few more steps, Aggie,” Hunter said as he guided her into the pavilion two days later, having her blindfolded. He held onto her shoulders to maneuver her towards the table he had set out in the middle of the dance floor and then when she was but three steps away from it, he took the blindfold off her. She gasped at what she was seeing, smiling almost immediately before hugging him tightly.

The table was covered with a plaid red-white cloth with fine dining utensils and covered plates. A pair of wine glasses stood opposite a champagne bottle with a burning candle in its neck, giving the overall impression it was a candlelit dinner. The dimmed lights of the pavilion added to the effect.

“Oh Hunter! Just the two of us?” she asked him as soon as she let go of hugging him.

“Just the two of us,” he smiled in reply and then gestured for her to sit, which they sat opposite each other. She looked at the domed covers on their plates and smiled slightly, wondering.

“I know that we already ate earlier, but I just couldn’t resist. Bon appétit!” he grinned and removed the covers from their plates, revealing whipped cream-topped strawberry shortcake for Agatha and a blueberry cobbler for Hunter. “Our dessert in where we danced for the first time with each other!” he smiled at her as he began pouring some red wine from a bottle taken from an ice-filled bucket next to the table into their glasses.

“Does this mean we will dance afterwards?” she looked at him hopefully, which he nodded. She smiled and then began to eat her shortcake.

Meanwhile, as night crept upon New Hamlet, Travis and Guardian decided to take an evening stroll, stepping out of their house number 308. Their clothes were back to normal since the dance, Travis wearing his black trench coat and Guardian wearing her navy-blue burqa and hijab. As they reached the sidewalk, Travis looked to house number 306 thoughtfully.

“What are you thinking of, love?” she asked him in her dreamy voice.

“Hm, Betty Hayton has got to be in one of those houses next to ours, babe,” he answered as he glanced to house number 310 and then back. He shrugged and the two made their way down the sidewalk along Prospect Avenue, illuminated by orange arc-sodium streetlights at set intervals. As they came to the intersection of Prospect Avenue and Williston Drive, they could see a group of older kids hanging out at the park smoking. Much of their features were obscured under the cover of darkness.

“Damn kids…” Travis growled under his breath as they crossed the intersection, shaking his shaven head. Guardian put a hand on his to calm him down and when they approached the park, the group eventually noticed them strolling alongside Prospect Avenue. They muttered among themselves for several moments as they watched the couple pass by them.

“Hey you two, join us for a smoke?” one of them called out to them, making them pause in their tracks. Travis smirked and shook his head.

“Sorry, we don’t smoke, and those things aren’t good for you, you know.” This got quiet snickers from a few of the kids, and the tallest one stepped down from his perch on top of the jungle gym to approach the couple. When he stepped into the orange light, they could see that he wore a pair of jeans with a sleeveless shirt, showing off various tattoos on his biceps. He had long blond hair that obscured one half of his face.

“Nice tattoos, kid, where did you get them?” Travis asked with a raised eyebrow, slipping his hands into the pockets of his trench coat. Only Guardian seemed not to make any movement as she stared at them from her bowed head.

“That’s none of your business. See, we were just wondering…” he looked around himself, which Travis and Guardian noted the others were crowding around them, just beyond the edge of the light. The couple happened to be in the middle of it. “What you two really look like underneath those clothes, especially your squeeze,” he finished, pointing at Guardian. Travis grinned as Guardian’s feeling of amusement spread among them.

“Dark Knight reference, eh?” he muttered as he watched the blond-haired kid carefully, his grin slowly fading off. He knew that they were in a tight spot, but he remained confident. “Well, kid, sorry to disappoint you, but what we look like underneath is none of your business.”

“It’s our business, all right. Get them!” the kid directed and four others stepped into the light to grab at the couple from behind, holding their arms behind their backs. Travis grunted and briefly resisted before he was forced down to his knees, watching Guardian get down to her knees without a fight. He smiled at her despite the situation and looked at the kids’ leader with a slightly-raised eyebrow.

“Say kid, what’s your name?”

“Jeff and you are Travis, right? Everybody knows you and your squeeze around here,” Jeff replied as he took out a butterfly knife from his pocket.

“Don’t we all? Besides, put that thing away, you don’t need it,” Travis frowned slightly; also a bit annoyed and Jeff chuckled in reply.

“We’ll see,” he said as he walked towards Guardian, spinning the butterfly knife open to reveal its blade, the light flashing from its motion, reflecting off from the orange arc-sodium streetlights.

“You know, the cops are going to be notified about this anytime soon, so save yourselves the trouble and walk away,” Travis said, trying to stall them and instill some common sense into them at the same time. However, they laughed to his bewilderment.

“Nobody watches the streets or this park in this town when it’s nighttime,” Jeff explained and then caressed the point of his knife downward along Guardian’s face to her chest, stopping along her cleavage that was barely revealed against her garment. Travis could not help but smirk at that action, shaking his head.

“Kinky, isn’t it, babe?” he said to her, grinning.

“Mm, you should do this to me when we are back home afterwards,” she replied dreamily. He made to chuckle but was silenced with a wince as he felt his arms being wrenched upwards.

“Shut it, you two! We don’t need to hear about your sex life!” Jeff barked at them.

“Make us,” Travis smirked defiantly, “so get with stripping my wife and get it over with already. Bunch of amateurs…” he said this last part to Guardian in an all-too audible whisper. This got him a kick to the side of his head from Jeff, sending him to the ground on his side with a grunt.

“You’re gonna get it after we see what she really looks like!” he could see Jeff standing over him in a fit of rage and then grabbed Guardian by the chest of her garment just above her breasts to get her up on her feet. He felt a surprised feeling from her at this moment. Then Jeff grabbed at her burqa to pull it off her head.

There was a collective gasp from the group of kids, including Jeff as they stared at her revealed wolf head, her golden eyes blinking twice. A few moments later, Jeff smirked and laughed uneasily. Travis felt his arms go slack to his sides, the people behind having let go of them out of sheer shock.

“Oh, that’s a good one! You just had to have a wolf mask on you underneath all the time!”

“Christ, babe, show the rest of yourself, this kid’s not getting it until he sees the rest of yourself,” Travis muttered as he took the chance to stand up, flexing his arms to further relieve the pain of being wrenched upwards. She looked at him at his words.

“You sure, love?” she reached up to the seam on her hijab hesitantly.

“Yeah, besides, there’s always that,” he replied with a grin. She blinked and smiled, baring her teeth into a grin and looked back to Jeff. Not one second passed as she ripped the hijab off herself along the seam, fully revealing the rest of her furry and supple body to Jeff and the kids. Several more moments of stunned silence passed as they stared at her. Jeff was the first to make a move.

“What—werewolf!” he yelled as he dropped his knife to the ground, backing away from the couple into the rest of his group. This galvanized them into action: scattering in all directions as they ran away from the couple, yelling. Guardian sighed at this and picked up her garment to put them on.

“If we don’t act fast enough, we may be facing history again, love,” she looked to Travis, having completed her dressing. He had a worried expression as he stared at the knife left behind by Jeff.

“Travis?” this got him to look at her and stared at her for a few moments, thinking of ways to get them out of hot water before it would get hot.

“Yeah, let’s go back home right now,” he grabbed her hand and they hurried back to house number 308.

The Huntingtons had just finished dancing to the tune of “Heartbreak Hotel,” returning to their table.

“Happy 50th anniversary, Aggie,” Hunter smiled at her.

“Happy 50th anniversary, Hunter,” Agatha replied and they hugged, kissing each other. The sounds of yelling soon reached their ears that prompted them to break the kiss and looked at the doors of the pavilion, wondering. They walked outside just in time to see a tall lanky blond-haired boy rush across the parking lot of the pavilion. They recognized him as Jeff, having seen him before.

“Hey Jeff! What’s going on?” Hunter called out and Jeff veered towards them, but only in their general direction long enough to shout at them: “WEREWOLF! RUN, RUN!” before running past them. The Huntingtons looked at each other and shrugged, agreeing that it had to be a prank.

But Hunter had a seed of doubt about the reasoning, wondering if Jeff somehow had seen Travis’ wife’s true form or not.

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