Immortal Desires

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Day Forty-Four

Hunter saw, in the next four days, Agatha visiting the couple at house number 308 to support them in getting over the “ordeal” they went through. When he questioned her about this, she was adamant in saying that neighbors look out for each other on Prospect Avenue. To his reluctance, he found himself being dragged along by her once to help out the couple. Travis’ wife seemed to think it very funny which embarrassed him, but she didn’t overtly show it. Her way of conveying her feelings under guises was somewhat strange to him but as he was more used to it, he wished she wouldn’t make him feel that way to begin with. Travis on the other hand, was a little less subtle which took the edge off of his embarrassment, but just as bad as his wife was.

He couldn’t figure out why they acted as if it was one huge act four days ago with the deputy’s presence and just took the entire event from the mugging to the interview very lightly. He came to realize that they weren’t a normal couple; that much was apparent the moment he noticed the absence of a wedding band on Travis’ wife, her vague explanation that they weren’t a married couple, and then noticing the same thing on Travis’ left ring finger which confirmed everything. How on Earth nobody else, including his own wife, failed to notice this was beyond him.

But in the meantime, he was glad that he managed to sidetrack Agatha from questioning him about his affair with Travis’ wife. No thanks to Betty Hayton, she was dangerously close to the truth and he wanted to do something about it. Try as he might during those four days, he couldn’t be able to get any opportunities or flashes of insight as the news of an upcoming trial made him feel worried about whether the truth about Travis’ wife might come out and in the wildest moments whenever he thought on this, the affair he had with her.

As he lay on the bed with Agatha during the fourth night, he realized the last thing he wanted to deal with was a confrontation the moment the affair was truly exposed.

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