Immortal Desires

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The days that followed Agatha’s discovery marked the most chaotic time the Huntingtons’ marriage experienced. After a series of violent and particularly vociferous arguments, they decided to stay together for the sake of appearances, but nothing more. Agatha agreed to keep quiet about Guardian’s true appearance, but immediately made it known to the rest of the neighborhood they were no longer friends to her and Hunter. Even Hunter grew distant with the couple, which they understood all too well and honored it as much as possible by becoming distant with the Huntingtons in turn.

Due to the loud arguments the neighborhood heard, the children believed that the Huntingtons must have found out about the true nature of the couple being werewolves, but they were puzzled why no action was taken. Eventually, they came to the conclusion that they were too scared of the couple to do anything. Thus the couple’s “reign of terror” continued on uninterrupted.

Regardless of the events, New Hamlet continued to see the couple in most of the celebrations and festivals. Like it or not, the Huntingtons, the Haytons, Jeff and his friends, and the children knew the couple were here to stay for good.


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