Immortal Desires

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Day Four

The next two days were tense for the Huntingtons as they had fought with each other the moment they returned from house number 308. Agatha was put off by Hunter’s strange attitude during their meeting and realized that he may have been giving cow eyes to Travis’ wife. She confronted Hunter about this, and he denied at first before giving into telling her the truth, confessing that he had never seen such a wife like Travis’.

“Maybe I should dress up and act like her, what do you think of that?” she yelled at him, her face livid with anger and eyes tearing up in jealousy.

His next reaction surprised and stung her particularly bad.

Hunter blinked and stared at her as if seeing her for the first time, and then shook his head, “no way can you pull off something like that. The getup part, sure, but the rest…” he trailed off, waving his hand slightly in front of him. Agatha’s mouth opened and closed like a fish a couple of times.

“Well, I can’t help it if I’m not Muslim like her!” she yelled before storming upstairs to their bedroom, ending with a slam of the door, leaving Hunter in the living room with his mixed feelings of guilt and regret for what he said, and particularly what he had done in their meeting with Travis and his wife.

They didn’t speak to each other for two days after that fight, Hunter feebly trying to say something, only to be silenced by Agatha’s frosty glares and pointedly ignoring his every other attempts. On the fourth day, however, Agatha seemed to show signs of relenting rather reluctantly. The phone rang, and Hunter answered it.

“Hello? Oh, hi Betty,” this got Agatha to look at him warily as if he was seeing other women, but this spate of vindictive jealousy passed immediately as Hunter sat down at the table across from her.

“No, I still haven’t called the exterminator about the growling problem at 308. It’s nothing, I’m telling you. Agatha and I went there two days ago, remember?” he asked pointedly, rolling his eyes at Agatha, making her smile slightly.

“Well, I suppose I can tell you why you shouldn’t be worrying about that. They’re… they’re, uh… into each other,” he said somewhat uncomfortably, clearing his throat afterwards. Several seconds of silence passed until Agatha could hear Betty’s familiar indistinct chattering through the earpiece.

“Right, uh-huh. Have your children asked anything? Then just tell them everything’s all right at 308. Yeah, okay. Not a problem, we’ll see you folks later,” Hunter hung up the phone, shaking his head. He looked to Agatha, meeting her eyes and his expression turned meaningful mixed with sorrow. Her expression softened, prompting him to speak up.

“Look, honey, I’m sorry—“

“It’s all right,” Agatha cut in, raising her hand up a bit from the table, closing her eyes for a moment before smiling ruefully and continuing, “we’re old and they’re young. Look at me, Hunter, I’m not getting beautiful by the year and I cannot fault you for ogling other younger ladies, even if they’re covered from head to toe.”

“Oh Agatha, don’t be ridiculous. Even after all these years, I still see you as the day we married—you’re still my girl I fell in love with and always will be,” he reached over to clasp her hands in his.

“You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that…” she said, blinking her eyes rapidly as she pressed her lips into a thin smile.

From that point on, the Huntingtons were back on good terms with each other. Though try as Hunter might, he could not help but find himself fantasizing about Travis’ wife, what she looked like underneath the all-concealing garment, her golden eyes seemingly consuming much of his dreams.

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