Immortal Desires

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Day Five

The neighborhood of Prospect Avenue were now fully informed that the newcomers of house number 308 had a particularly loud and rough sex life by Betty Hayton, the neighborhood gossip. Of course, the families covered up this fact to their children by saying they were werewolves, this was helped by the occasional howls and roaring yells that pierced the nights. In no time, house number 308 of Prospect Avenue was branded as a haunted house by the children of New Hamlet.

“I heard the man in the black trench coat looks for anybody weak to bring into his house and eat them.”

“Nuh-uh! He does not! My daddy told me he hunts for anybody walking during the night!”

“My parents keep telling me and my sister the man in the black trench looks for the tastiest people when he comes out of his house to feed his wife!” The children would say about Travis, the only one who seemed to come out of house number 308 for errands, always wearing his black trench coat no matter how humid or hot the day would be. They often made sure to give him a wide berth whenever they had to pass by him in the supermarket, the video rental store, and the town strip mall.

Even the older people noted the fact Travis was always out without his wife at his side, fueling speculation that was quickly quelled by the Huntingtons pointing out his wife was Muslim. However, the children were more convinced that his wife was more of a werewolf than he, unable to go outside without being seen by others.

Whenever Travis caught wind of these things, he was amused to no end and his wife shared his amusement equally, if not more.

“Amusing mortals! Our moving in is shaping up to be a boon for us all, Travis!” Guardian laughed, snuggling up with Travis in their king-sized bed, licking at his lips afterwards.

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