Immortal Desires

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Day Seven

The doorbell rang, though neither Travis nor Guardian caught it immediately as they were currently enamored with each other. She was riding him upon their bed, growling loudly in passion, gripping upon Travis’ chest. Her claw-like nails dug deeply into his flesh, drawing more blood as he groaned and growled in pleasure, thrusting against her every now and then as she bounced up and down on him. He gripped her hips as she arched her body and let go of his chest to grip at her breasts, her head thrown back as she was nearing climax, ready to howl.

The doorbell rang again and this time they heard it, pausing in their lovemaking.

“Oh come on…” Travis groaned in disappointment and Guardian slowly relaxed upon him.

“Maybe we can keep going…” she murmured, head tilted with a hopeful expression in her eyes.

The doorbell rang for the third time and both of them growled.

“Bloody persistent bastards!” Travis hissed as Guardian got off him to lie upon the bed, sighing softly in mixed amusement and annoyance. He got up and yelled at the top of his lungs.

“I’M COMING! HOLD ON!” This got a titter from Guardian and he looked at her, grinning as he knew what the double-meaning was before dressing up hastily into his lounge pants and then stormed off downstairs.

Hunter smirked slightly at the furious yell in reply to his third ring and could faintly hear feet hammering down the stairs, before the door was yanked open to see Travis in his lounge pants and torso clawed up like the first meeting.

“What? What is it? This better be good, man,” he muttered to Hunter, panting slightly. Hunter cleared his throat and allowed a moment to compose him better before saying anything.

“The town social is coming up tomorrow and I—I mean Agatha and I—were wondering whether you and your wife would like to join us there? It’d be a good chance for you two to better acquaint with the rest of New Hamlet…” he had a hopeful expression by the time he was done asking Travis, noting the trickling blood down his chest and stomach. He dimly wondered how well Travis was managing himself and his clothing, especially the bed sheets. Then he blinked as he thought he saw something white among the red.

“The what?” Travis blinked and then understanding overtook him, “oh yeah, the festival!”

“Yes, the anniversary festival. Sorry for using such an old-fashioned term… ‘Town social’!” Hunter chuckled and shook his head, Travis joined in briefly.

“Yeah, it’s cool, man. Don’t worry about it. Yeah, we’ll be over there tomorrow, all right. Want us to escort you and Agatha? I’d like to at least repay you two for that welcome mat you put out there for us last week, so…”

“Sure, by all means. See you two around noon?”

“Yeah, sure, noon it is. Thanks for the heads-up!” Travis closed the door on Hunter who was now turning around to go down the porch stairs. He couldn’t get his mind off what he thought he saw on Travis’ chest among the blood.

He thought he saw white fur.

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