Immortal Desires

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Day Nine

Hunter stared up at the ceiling from the bed, unable to sleep as Agatha dozed peacefully next to him. He wore a wide-eyed expression as he replayed yesterday’s events from noon to midnight, focusing mostly on Travis’ wife, especially meeting her eyes, taking her hand in his and holding on until the end of the fireworks. He felt a fluttering in his chest which reminded him of his high school days when he was chasing after Agatha and ultimately getting her for himself. He smiled in amusement in retrospect at having to deal with the competition that happened to be between him and Agatha. The days of endless wondering whether she truly reciprocated the feelings he had for her with him and not the other boys, and numerous plans on winning her heart and making the others look bad. In the end, the situation took care of itself when the others took her for granted and he was there for her when she was in need of comfort. It was then she truly realized he was the one for her.

But now, fifty years later, he found himself back in that same situation with Travis’ wife. Except it was no longer high school, but a life of routine and maintained appearances with a certain element of danger. Perhaps it was the danger of being discovered that made it so exciting. He looked over to his left side and read the clock, the red LEDs showed 1:31 A.M. He blinked and looked back up to the ceiling, resuming his introspective thoughts.

Hunter finally came to a reasonable conclusion, the danger of what he was doing with Travis’ wife was indeed exciting, but the truth is he really was attracted to her: her strange but amusing way of making sure every inch of herself but the eyes were concealed at all times, her dreamy voice, the way she made sure not to offend anyone, the apparent desire she shared with him, her air of mystery, and most of all, her eyes.

He fell asleep smiling as the mental image of her golden eyes took over his mind’s eye.

“Wake up, Hunter.”

He stirred slightly in his sleep, shifting his body to a more comfortable position. Then he felt something warm and soothing all over his body which made his sleepy mind wake up a little more, sharpening.

“Wake up, Hunter,” the voice said and this time Hunter thought he could recognize it. It held a dreamy tone with a hint of clarity there. Furrowing his brows, he opened his eyes and blinked a few times before rubbing the sleep out of them.

It was then he saw her.

She was right there, sitting next to Hunter on the edge of the bed with that all-concealing burqa and hijab which left her eyes to general view despite having her head bowed as usual. Hunter was speechless as he stared at her.

“Hello there, my love,” she spoke to him in a whisper and caressed his cheek gently with a concealed hand. He felt warmth and open affection coming from her through that touch which made him close his eyes halfway through and nuzzled against it. Amusement replaced that feeling briefly.

Hunter drew his hand free from under the covers to reach towards her cheek to return the caress. She carefully leaned towards his hand and pressed her cheek against it, her other hand grasping it gently as if to keep it there. He could see her eyes slowly close a moment later, telling that she was savoring his touch as he did with hers.

“What are you doing here?” he mumbled once he fully took stock of his surroundings at last, chancing a glance to his right. Agatha wasn’t there and the curtained windows had an unearthly golden glow shining through them, as if the sunrise was happening right now.

“Shh,” she put a finger onto his lips, pressing against them slightly before placing her whole hand upon his right shoulder. “Let us enjoy each other, my love…” He was speechless, staring at her as if he was in a dream.

He watched her slowly get on top of him in that same careful way, both hands on his shoulders. He felt her grip on them as she finally got herself fully on top of him. His heart beat faster the moment he felt her concealed body press and settle upon his own under the covers. He could not feel anything better than that, picking up on her supple breasts through all the intervening fabric against his chest, her firm stomach against his own, and her hips seemingly pressing against his as if wanting.

The moment she brought her face close to kiss him, he woke up trying to kiss back uncaring of her burqa, feeling that fleeting touch of her body against his and trying to hold onto that feeling as long as possible. He blinked a few times and looked around himself, finding Agatha sleeping to his right. He noted the windows beyond held the same golden glow through its curtains, though they held none of the unearthliness as before. It was really sunrise after all.

However, he felt himself hard down there and he smirked as it was no doubt the result of that dream. It felt so real, as if it had happened for sure. Giving into his primal desire after a moment’s uncertainty, he reached down and stroked himself slowly at first.

Several minutes later, the quickening motions woke up Agatha and when she saw what was going on with Hunter, she smiled.

“Somebody’s horny today,” her remark snapped him out of his reverie, opening his eyes to look at her as a stab of adrenaline coursed through him, briefly thinking he was “caught” and then relaxed at how foolish that sounded.

“Don’t worry, I can finish what you started,” she went on, grinning now.

While she happily serviced him, Hunter was glad he was privy to his own thoughts and increasingly lurid fantasies of her as they whiled away the golden sunrise.

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