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100 stories of the erotic and sensual

By Jennifer E Parks All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance

Chapter 1: Samantha and Iona

Samantha was a very pretty girl with lovely dark brown eyes, lovely shaped eyebrows and a young face; she was quite short for her age as well. Most people would think she was about 15/16 not at all 20 by her height or her appearance. She was currently taking a plane to the Spain for a summer trip. Samantha loved to travel, she had always had a dream to travel the world, to site see all the famous cities and locations that exist in the world. Where no one would know who she was and where she could create new memories and meet new people from different backgrounds and cultures. She was 20 years old, bisexual (she thought) although to be honest she was uncertain about her sexuality. She had never had a boyfriend and was currently still a virgin. She would not lie and say she was not eager for a first experience.

She had found the job on the internet; she was simply going to work as an office assistant at a tourist hotel.

The flight took hours, it was her first time travelling alone and Samantha had to admit she was a bit scared. But after the take off which had petrified her she became settled and the flight became smoother and more relaxing. The plane touched down into scorching heat. Palm trees rocked in the gentle breeze, the blue sea glimmered blindingly from the distance and it was like paradise to Samantha. She immediately made her way to the hotel where she would meet her manager.

After meeting her manager and getting a job description and a quick tour Samantha made her way up to her hotel room, she was looking at the room number on a piece of paper when she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm sorry" said Samantha shocked. Then she looked up at the person she had bumped into. The woman was absolutely gorgeous; she had lovely olive brown skin with lovely bright slanted black eyes, lovely white teeth, a lovely figure with nice luscious breasts that were poking out from the summer dress she was wearing. She was lovely and curvy with jet black hair that was gelled back into a lovely bun on top of her head. samantha tried not to blush but looked away quickly down at the ground where the girl had dropped her bag. She picked it up and trying not to look her in the eye gave the bag back to her.

"It's okay, I should have really been looking" the girl replied. Even her voice was attractive, it was sweet like honey and amused, she giggled and asked "Is this your room then?"

"No, well, I don't know, actually I'm a bit lost, do you know where room 302 is" stuttered samantha.

"It's two rooms up, I'm two rooms up, in 304" the girl said.

"Oh thank you so much" Samantha gushed.

"What's your name?" asked the girl politely, smiling her lovely smile at samantha.

"samantha" samantha replied "Yours?"

"Iona" replied the girl called Iona "Are you here alone?"

"Yes, I'm here for the summer job, I'm a reception assistant" explained samantha.

"Cool, I hope you see you around sometime" Iona said and smiling she walked back towards reception. samantha smiled to herself and immediately began to make her way to her room.

The work was not very stressful and the manager had given her 2 days rest out of the week to explore the holiday resort. samantha spent her free time going to the gym inside the hotel, going to the clubs, going swimming in the pool and site-seeing. Finally she was passing the reception and saw a notice board that was advertising massages. samantha had always wanted to have someone massage her and after a restless night she decided to book an appointment.

She arrived at her appointment early. The room was nice, there was a lovely soft bed with a towel over it, a window that overlooked the hotel swimming pool and in the distance the sea, exotic plants stood on the window sill and there was the smell of lavender in the air. samantha immediately started to undress, but kept her knickers on but took her bra off, she wrapped the clean towel that had been put off for her around her breasts and sat on the bed waiting for the masseur to come in.

She was immediately shocked to see Iona come into the room. Iona was busy on her mobile phone and did not look up immediately because she needed to lock the room and finish off her conversation. Then she finished her conversation completely oblivious that samantha was sweating behind her and turned around. Both girls locked eyes and samantha knew herself to be turning red in embarrassment.

"Well hello there" said Iona smiling seductively at Rebecca "I thought I wouldn't see you again so fast, I passed near reception on Wednesday didn't see you there".

"I had Wednesday off" replied samantha smiling at Iona.

"I guessed so" Iona replied and turned her back on samantha and took out some lotions from a cupboard behind her, she placed them on top of the cabinet and came over to samantha, she placed her hands on her hips and tutted "Well lie down on your stomach then and let's get started".

Feeling nervous but a little excited samantha positioned herself so that her feet were at the top of the bed and she was lying at the end, she placed her arms under her chin and waited for Iona to massage her. She heard the cap come off of a lotion bottle and felt Iona's hands working over her back, the girl's hands were so soft, samantha gasped in shock.

"You okay? I'm sorry the lotion is cold isn't it? That always happens, but soon it will get warmer" Iona whispered soothingly. samantha "uh huh-ed" in understanding and the girl continued, she worked her hands and squeezed samantha's shoulder blades trying to release the tension in them, next she worked on her upper back then slowly worked down her body, samantha closed her eyes and shockingly groaned in pleasure, she hurriedly tried to hide her moan but Iona had heard it, the girl curved her lips in amusement unbeknownst to samantha.

"Your very tense" Iona whispered. samantha had indeed become a bit more tenser when Iona's hands had accidentally touched her breasts. But that was a ticklish point on samantha's body and samantha giggled.

"Sorry there tickles" samantha whispered.

"Oh I see" Iona said.

Finally the session came to an end and samantha sat bolt upright and swung her leg over the side of the bed, she grabbed her bra where it had been put on a chair and looked down to hook it together, her heart immediately stopped beating, her nipples were rock hard and erect, samantha noticed it too late however because Iona came to her to give her a few more clothes that had been on the chair. The two girls stared at samantha's tits then samantha gulped and didn't want to look Iona in the eye. She felt terribly ashamed, she felt the other girl thought she was dirty and weird, she quickly as if she had not seen it put her bra quickly on and got dressed. Iona continued to stare at samantha through slightly glazed eyes, samantha felt confused because no one had ever looked at her like that before.

"That was good, err, here's the money" samantha stuttered and began fishing in her bag.

"It's okay, there's no charge" Iona replied, this made samantha look at her then, the girl was smiling in amusement at samantha's shocked face, samantha felt so confused that she just nodded, said thank you and left the room.

She got back to her hotel room and immediately went for a shower to cool down, she washed over her nipples trying to get them to go down. How could she have worked herself up so much? Iona must think she was a lunatic, maybe was even offended.

samantha didn't see Iona after that, she dare not go for another massage session because Iona would think she had enjoyed it for sexual reasons and would surely refuse to give her another one. She hoped that the girl would not tell the manager or the staff she worked with. She pushed all her thoughts, though, to the back of her mind and paid attention to her work. But on one of these days she saw her again. It was night time at the moment and samantha was working a late shift, that's when Iona came back into her life, she was walking towards reception in a long pink dressing gown looking irriatated.

"My room key has been jammed in the door, I was wondering if you could help me with it" Iona explained. samantha gulped feeling nervous about going into Iona's personal space. But the customer was unhappy and samantha had to oblige her.

"My shift is finished anyhow, I'll come with you" she explained to Iona.

She followed Iona up to her room and Iona explained how she could get into the room but could not lock the door from the inside. samantha immediately thought that sounded weird but she tried to see what she could do. She went into the room and Iona slowly followed her inside, samantha looked at the door and tried to close the door and lock it, it immediately locked them in. samantha turned around to look at Iona trying to ask the non verbal question of "what is going on?" But samantha was shocked by what she saw. Iona was untying the rope at the front of her dressing gown, the gown fell to the ground revealing Iona's perfectly model like physique, her lovely hour glass figure and big light brown perk breasts with dark brown patches around the nipples. samantha's face slacked in desire; she walked backwards until her back hit the door.

"It's okay" Iona whispered coyly walking towards samantha, she reached out and began to unbutton samantha's white blouse.

"I don't know what to do" samantha began.

"Shh" Iona whispered placing a finger on samantha's lips and slowly leading her to the double bed behind them, she made samantha sit on the bed "I'll show you".

"Get undressed" Iona said as she bent down so she was eye level with samantha, she began to kiss the girl on the neck gently, samantha obediently took off her blouse, then her bra and then her trousers, but not her knickers.

"It's cool, I'll like to remove them myself" Iona whispered in samantha's ear, the girl relaxed in desire, sensing it, Iona climbed on the bed beside samantha and turned the girl's face to kiss her gently and passionately on the lips, samantha not quite used to kissing people, especially not a fellow girl made Iona lead the kiss, Iona responded eagerly, she slowly opened samantha's lips and slid her tongue inside her warm hot mouth. samantha made to jump back in surprise but she didn't, she let Iona's tongue dance inside her mouth and suck on her tongue. Iona pushed samantha onto the bed and got on top of her, she squeezed and gently caressed the girl's small breasts, samantha continued to look iona in her eyes amazed by the sensations the other girl was giving her. Iona took one of samantha's nipples in her mouth and sucked. samantha moaned softly in pleasure, Iona's lips curled in delight at the girl's reaction.

"You like that, I guess, what else do you like doing?" asked Iona. That made samantha's eyes (that had been closed) open.

"You are a lesbian?" asked samantha.

"Aren't you?" asked Iona.

"I don't know" said samantha.

"Have you ever been with anyone before?" asked Iona.

"No, no boys or girls, just on dates mostly with boys and girls" explained samantha.

Iona stared at samantha for a few moments, samantha couldn't quite see her eyes clearly, Iona placed her hands down samantha's knickers. samantha bucked her hips up and moaned softly.

"Do you want me to continue?" asked Iona.

"Yes please" samantha whispered, closing her eyes slightly.

"You have tight lips" said Iona complimenting the girl.

Iona smiled hungrily at her and removed her knickers slowly, brought it carefully down her legs and tossed it to one side, she sat back on her knees and began massaging samantha's clit, first she had to slowly open samantha's pussy lips that were protecting her entrance, then she entered one finger inside her and began stroking up and down samantha's clit. samantha closed her eyes and her body relaxed into the bed beneath her. After stroking it for a little while Iona stroked her clit faster until samantha's pussy began to get wet, samantha felt herself getting close to orgasm she reached up to indicate to Iona what was about to happen.

"Do you like using toys?" asked Iona "I want to enter you, I want to make this night the night you never forget who first fucked you".

samantha was slightly shocked at hearing Iona swear, but she had to admit it was a turn on, the way the girl pronounced the word "fuck" was so deliciously sensual that before samantha knew what to think or say she nodded. She knew that Iona could be trusted so she consented.

Iona got off the bed and went to her drawer, she pulled out a long purple dildo that had a harness attached to it, she strapped it on to her slowly, looking knowingly at samantha, samantha looked back at her while caresses her tits to relax herself but really she had butterflies in her stomach, what was she doing? Would it hurt? Was this the right time to do this?

"Have you been penetrated before?" asked Iona as she ripped open what looked like a condom from its packaging.

"Not really" replied samantha

"Mm, okay" Iona answered and then came back to the bed, she crawled onto the bed and wrapped samantha's legs slowly around her waist, she came closer and samantha felt the tip of the dildo brush her entrance.

"I won't insert it, until you tell me to or when I feel like your ready, okay" Iona said and smiled showing her lovely white teeth, she leaned forward and kissed samantha on the lips. Then she kissed slowly down her body until she came to her pussy, she swiped the whole of her tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top and again, then she did it more faster and inserted her tongue occasionally, samantha moaned silently and rubbed her tits faster, her stomach felt funny and her pussy throbbed more and more. Finally samantha whispered.

"Iona… I want it in".

"Say please" teased Iona.

"Please" replied samantha begging slightly.

"Please who?" asked Iona raising her head and looking at samantha's flushed face.

"Please Iona" begged samantha.

"I'm going to have you screaming my name" Iona whispered, she lifted the dildo up and gently inserted it inside samantha, at first she stopped because samantha was not letting her inside.

"Relax baby, relax" she said soothingly and caressed samantha's tits. That did the trick and samantha received the dildo inside her, she could only go in a little though at first, Iona leaned slightly back and moved the dildo in and out of samantha swiftly, the bed started to rock immediately.

"Oh" gasped samantha.

"Come on baby girl!" whispered Iona as she moved the dildo inside samantha faster. The only noises that could be heard was the soft moaning of samantha and Iona's small encouraging whispers.

"Oh, yes that's it baby, I'm inside now" Iona whispered in samantha's ears, she was right inside the girl now and they were shagging like rabbits. Two final thrusts from Iona sent her over the edge after 3 thrusts.

"OH!" cried samantha and she shivered in her final moments of orgasm. Iona held her tightly and kissed her lips, samantha lay in Iona's arms all night. Then in the morning Iona made love to samantha all over again. The girl cried out again in orgasm and they slept until the sun had risen.

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