Fight The Reaper: The Chronicles of the Iron Warriors: Book 1

By Savagewords All Rights Reserved ยฉ

Romance / Drama


Caterina Pandev knows this feeling all too well. Her father was the late president of the Reapers MC and now that he's gone her Hell has begun. The new President, Kane, has declared that since he was her father's heir to the MC, he now owns her as well. When Caterina protested Kane showed her the error of her ways with his fists. She knows now the only way to survive is to escape. After escaping the Reapers and Kane, Caterina makes her way to Arcadia and goes by an alias. She goes to Inkology which is run by the Iron Warriors MC and asks for a job as a tattoo artist. Gunner, the Vice President of the Iron Warriors isn't too sure about her at first. All he knows is that she's beautiful and that someone hurt her. With a sudden urge to protect her, Gunner gives Caterina a job. He vows to find out whoever hurt Caterina and make them pay. Of course first he has to stop the feelings of desire that flood over him every time he sees her. But hey, if he could survive the Army, he could survive anything, right?


This is work of original fiction. All characters, MCs, and descriptions are of my own imagination. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

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