Fight The Reaper: The Chronicles of the Iron Warriors: Book 1

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“Do you think that I give a damn what you think?”

The man towered above her as he screamed at her. His stature in real life and in the motorcycle club, both was intimidating. No one went against him. Not since the old President passed away. Now the new President was the ultimate authority, and everyone knew it. “You need to get with the program. When Daddy passed away not only did he leave me the leadership of this club, he left me you as well!”

She curled up on herself in the corner in fear, as she tried to steel herself from the outburst. It was the second one this week and it was only Monday. Swallowing hard, she glared up at him the best she could. “I don’t belong to you. I don’t belong to anyone.”

Instantly there was a loud smack as her head whipped back. “WRONG!” he screamed at her. “You belong to me and you need to realize that.” he growled at her.

Licking her now split lip, she could taste the coppery tang of blood. It would go well with the black eye he gave her two days ago. Looking up at him, she glared at him defiantly but didn’t say a word.

“Now I’m going on this long run because I have to, not because I want to.” he seethed. “I’m leaving two prospects here to make sure you know your place and stay here. He pointed a finger at her. “You better quickly learn your place.” As he walked to the door of the room, he shoved her aside with his foot. “Get cleaned up will ya?”

The slamming of the door was like the closing of the lid of a coffin. She slumped back against the wall. Wiping the blood from her split lip on the back of her hand, she took a much needed deep breath. She wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. However, she couldn’t continue like this anymore. She needed to get out. With him gone on a run, she knew it was time.

Time to escape….

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