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Guarding Alexandria - Stone Knight’s MC Book 5

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action


Mario is a criminal. He's tough, he's rich, and he's feared. He gave up everything to become the man he is, even the love of his life. Alexandria is desperate. Her dad just died of cancer, and she had to sell everything to pay the bills. With no options left, and no one to turn to, she decides stripping is all she can do. But what happens when the man that owns the strip club can't pay Mario the money the owes him, and Mario becomes his partner. Will seeing the girl he left behind stripping, be enough to decide its time to claim her. But someone else wants her too, and he will do whatever it takes to win. Follow along, as Mario fights off a stalker, with the help from The Stone Knight's MC and a couple of crazy detectives!

Chapter 1 - Alexandria

Alex stared out of the curtains, at the side of the stage. She was utterly and truly terrified. This was the worst idea she had ever come up with. How she was supposed to do this, she had no idea. She tried to get her feet to move forward, but they wouldn’t cooperate. The music was winding down now, and that meant it was almost her turn.

She looked down at her ridiculous outfit. She had outrageously high red heels on, a plaid mini skirt that barely covered her, and a white blouse that only had one button done up, and was tied just under her breasts. Her hair was up in a ponytail, and it was held with a long plaid ribbon.

This was the first night of her new stripping career. The girls had been training her for a week now, and they promised she was ready. Luckily, her boss let the new girls strip down to their underwear for their first week, so she wouldn’t be totally naked up there. At least, not for a bit yet. The red bra and panty set were skimpy, but they covered all her essential parts.

Finally, the music from the last stripper stopped. She smiled, as Candy sauntered past with an arm full of clothes. Candy winked at her, and gave her a huge smile, then headed for the dressing room. She heard the mc announce her, and cringed at her new stripper name.

“And tonight we have a newbie for your enjoyment. She’s a little shy, she’s a little unsure, but she’s exceptionally stunning. Please welcome to the stage, for the first time ever, Sweet Pea”.

The crowd of men roared as Alex slowly walked on stage. She swayed her hips to the Three Days Grace song Pain, as she moved towards the stage. She blocked out the men around her as she concentrated on the song. When she reached the pole, she grabbed on and closed her eyes.

Dancing was second nature to her, she did it all the time, but it was always in private. Her father had built her a small studio in the basement, and she spent hours every day down there. She didn’t have any formal training, but the other strippers had been in awe of her. She even got to show them a few moves.

She moved with the music, completely comfortable on the pole. She slid up and down, then flipped over, so her pony dragged on the ground. With her eyes still closed, she slid to the floor, then removed her top. Grabbing the pole again, she rubbed against it, and removed her hair ribbon. Her long blonde hair flew around her, as she twirled around the pole.

She kicked off her heels, then grabbed the pole and flipped over again. With her bare feet she had better traction, so she moved up the pole, while still upside down. Then she flipped again, and removed her skirt. Now only in her underwear, she climbed high and held on with one hand. Then she threw out her free arm, and spun all the way back to the ground, as her song ended.

Whistles, catcalls and crude comments were thrown her way, but she ignored them. Keeping her eyes down, she grabbed her clothes and hurried from the stage. There was a girl that came out in between the acts, and collected the money, so she didn’t have to worry about that.

She hurried to the change room, and threw on her yoga pants and t-shirt. Her first night she was only expected to do one dance. Tomorrow it would be two, and the night after that three. Three was the norm most girls did in a night, unless they were short staffed.

Her boss was also pushing her to walk the floor in between dances. Apparently, most of the girls did lap dances, and that’s where the money was. Alex didn’t think she would ever be able to do that though. Her boss was understanding, and said it was up to her, but he warned her he’d keep asking.

The girl that collected her money came in, and handed her a stack of bills, then turned without a word and left again. Alex grabbed her things, and headed for the door. Drew was there waiting for her, he was the huge bouncer that walked most of the girls to their cars. She took his arm, and smiled up at him, as he showed her out.

Her first night was over, and she had survived, but a tear rolled down her cheek. Things were bad right now, but she knew tonight she had just made them worse. She had sunk low, and now there was no turning back.

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