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Chapter 11 - Mario

Mario drove his angel straight to his house. That’s where he wanted her from the minute he saw her at the strip club, so that’s where he took her. He was pleased when he drove up to the house, and saw Doc waiting in his car. He nodded to him, and Doc nodded back. He parked close to the door and turned to Alexandria.

She had fallen fast asleep, and was curled up on the seat, wrapped in the quilt. He got out and moved around to her side. Mario opened the door, and gently picked her up, to cradle her against his chest. She stirred slightly and whispered his name, but otherwise stayed still.

He watched as Doc got out of his car with his medical bag, and followed him into the house. Mario headed straight for one of the spare rooms, figuring he could move Alexandria after she was taken care of. He laid her down in the bed, and watched as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking up at him.

“Well hello there darling,” Doc said, as he crouched down beside her. Mario immediately lost her eyes, as she turned to Doc. “I hear you got a bit of a knock on the head,” he said.

She nodded slowly, as she she eyed him. Mario got the impression she wasn’t too sure about the doctor. He moved to sit on the far side of the bed, pushing in close and taking her hand.

“I called Doc,” he told Alexandria. “I’ve known him a while, and trust him completely. Just let him have a look at you angel,” he asked. She nodded finally, and turned back to Doc.

“I need a bowl with some warm water in it, and a washcloth,” he said. “I have to clean some of this blood up so I can see what I’m dealing with.” Mario nodded, and moved to get the items he needed. He was back fairly quickly, and resumed his spot beside her.

He watched carefully, as Doc cleaned the side of her face. Even Mario could see the large bump she had, at the side of her temple. Then, just above that, and right at her hairline was a cut. Doc checked it out, and finally declared she needed four stitches. Unfortunately, with the bump as well, he didn’t want to give her a sedative to put her out, because it was too dangerous.

Mario pulled her tight to his front, and wrapped his arms around her. Then, Doc gave her a needle close to the cut, to numb the area. She whimpered and dug her nails into his forearms, but didn’t move. Doc gave the numbing agent time to take effect, then gently told her to close her eyes as he got to work. By the time he was done, Mario had five little bloody nail marks on each of the arms.

When Doc was done, he asked Alexandria if there was anywhere else she was hurt. His angel looked away, and turned to him. Mario put one of his hands on her face, cupping her cheek gently.

“Where are you hurt my angel.” he asked.

“My chest hurts,” she admitted after a minute. “I think he scratched it pretty good,” she whispered to him.

Mario growled, and asked Doc to turn around for a minute. Gently, he moved the quilt out of the way, and pulled back the torn sweatshirt. Sure enough there were several angry looking, bloody scratches across her chest, ending at her bra. Mario cursed, and told the Doc he could turn around.

After explicit instructions not to touch, Doc took a look. Mario asked him to leave the supplies Mario would need to care for her, and to head out. Doc didn’t argue, just left some ointment and gauze, and told him to make sure to ice the bump on her head. Then Doc left with instructions to call if anything came up.

“Why didn’t you let Doc finish,” Alexandria asked quietly.

“Because you’re mine, and nobody touches you there but me,” Mario growled in answer.

When his angel looked up at him with wide eyes, he chuckled. Maybe they should have that talk sooner, rather than later.

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