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Chapter 13 - Mario

Mario had held his angel, until she had fallen asleep. He was happy to see she was finally realizing that he left her to keep her safe. He had always loved her, and he always would. Being away from her had been a lesson in torture. But his business had grown, which was why he wasn’t concerned with letting his love for her show. His enemies now knew how powerful he was, and he pitied the man that ever tried to get close to her.

He hadn’t been with anyone since he broke up with her. Of course, he had woman, but they were one night stands and had meant nothing to him. Cassie had been the only woman who he had allowed to see the real him. He had enjoyed being around her, but in no way could he see himself with her. The only reason he had taken her, was to protect her, nothing more. She belonged to Steele, and he was fine with that. He provided her safety, while the bikers searched for her ex.

Mario headed for his office, and called Trent. His man answered on the first ring.

“Where are you,” he asked.

“If I tell you, you’ll be an accessory,” Trent told him, while he chuckled. Mario ignored Trent’s attempt at humour.

“I need you to do one more thing for me, before you head back for the night,” he told him.

“What’s up,” Trent asked, serious again.

“I need you to go to the motel out by the strip club. If you head around back, you’ll see a dumpster. Just past that, is a shed that stores the pumps and generators. The asswipe owner let Alexandria sleep in there, in exchange for keeping the rooms cleaned. I need you to gather what I didn’t, and bring it back with you,” he ordered.

“Fuck me,” Trent replied. “I’ve been in a couple of those rooms before, collecting debts for you. They’re absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe your girl worked there,” he said angrily.

“Thats done now,” Mario growled. “The strip club’s history too. My angels gonna be pampered from now on. No more shit jobs for her, I’m shutting that crap down.”

“So you moved her in already,” Trent chuckled.

“Of course I did,” he growled.

“It’s about time you got a woman. I was beginning to worry,” Trent said.

“Fuck off,” Mario told him. Then he promptly hung up on him.

His next call was to Cassie. The call went through, but it was Steele that picked up instead.

“Why the fuck are you calling my woman,” was roared at him.

“The car I had you looking for, belonged to a girl I used to date. She’s in some trouble, and so I brought her to my place. She needs clothes, and I need your woman’s help,” he told Steele. The biker was silent for a minute, then he roared with laughter.

“Fuck me,” he laughed. “It’s about time. Is she pretty”, he asked. “Does she smell good? Short or tall,” he continued. When Mario started growling, Steele stopped.

“You kidnapped my woman,” the biker told him. “You did it to help, but you didn’t tell me at the time. I was out of my mind with worry. I’m gonna fuck with you for a while,” he vowed.

“Fair enough,” Mario agreed. “It was wrong of me, and I apologize. But if your fucking around hurts my woman in any way, I’ll break my promise to Cassie and kill you,” he promised.

“Agreed,” Steele said, then he put Cassie on the phone.

Cassie squealed in his ear, when he explained about Alexandria. She was happy for him, and she wasn’t afraid to let him know. He quickly gave her his angels sizes, and asked that she pick up some essentials. She quickly agreed, promising to drop the stuff off mid morning the next day. They said their goodbyes, and Mario hung up.

Everything that he could do tonight was done, so he headed back to his room. He shrugged out of his suit, leaving only his boxers on, and climbed into bed. He snagged his angel around the waist, and pulled her on top of him, then promptly fell asleep. It was the best sleep he’d had in ages.

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