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Chapter 2 - Mario

Mario stood on the front porch of the tiny cabin. Cassie kissed his cheek, then backed away giggling, as Steele growled and pulled her tight against his chest. Mario shook his head at Steele’s possessiveness.

“You wait brother, until you find your one. You laugh now, but it won’t be so funny when it’s your turn”, he stated in annoyance.

Mario shook his head again. “I found my one a long time ago, but I gave her up. In my line of business, it’s probably not a good idea to get too close to anyone. Besides, who would put up with what I do, it’s not exactly legal. No sweet little thing like Ali or your Cassie would ever be able to handle my lifestyle.”

Steele laughed at him. “And you think we’re squeaky clean. You do know you’re standing on a biker compound.”

Mario considered that for a moment, the biker did raise a valid point. He smiled at Cassie, as she cuddled up to Steele. The thought that maybe one day that could be him, was something he was afraid to hope for.

His phone rang in his pocket but he ignored it, knowing it was time to leave, because in a few minutes it would start ringing again. These days, everything was urgent.

“Thanks for the whiskey, and my girl’s flowers,” Steele said. “Appreciated.”

“Nah, I owed you. I took Cassie to keep her safe, while you hunted down Parker. I just could have gone about that a little better. Maybe explained myself, which I’ve never really had to do before. This working together thing may take me a bit to get used to”, he admitted.

Cassie smiled up at him. “I think you’re doing just fine”, she told him.

He nodded his thanks, then said his goodbyes, as his phone rang once more. He climbed into his black Aston Martin, and hit the accept button on his phone. Trent, his right hand man, immediately got to the point.

“Mario, we got some problems with the owner of the strip club. I’m with him now at his establishment, and he’s claiming he doesn’t have the money he owes us”, Trent explained.

Mario sighed. “I’m on my way, stay there with him and wait for me”, then he hung up. Mario started the car, then drove across the compound and out the front gate. Dagger, who had opened the gate for him, saluted him as he drove out.

Ten minutes later, he was pulling up to the front of the strip club. He parked right beside the entrance and headed in. Trent and Nick, the strip club owner, were sitting at the bar. They looked up as he approached, and he noticed they both had a glass of whiskey in font of them. Nick looked upset, but resigned to his fate.

“So you don’t have my money”, Mario asked as he sat beside the man.

“No, the strip club’s doing well, but it’s gonna take me a while longer to make enough money to pay you back. I have no idea what to tell you, I’m so sorry about this. I really want to keep the club, but if you want me to sell it to pay you back, I will”, he said.

“No”, Mario told him. “I have another idea. You have good business sense, and the club is doing well, so what you’re gonna do is sign half of it over to me. I’m always looking for new ways to make money, and I think this one would be a good one.”

Nick looked up dumbstruck. “You want to be partners”, he asked in surprise.

“I’ll be a full partner”, Mario told him. “You add my name to everything, and we split everything fifty fifty from here on. Deal”, Mario asked him, as he held out his hand.

“Absolutely”, Nick agreed as he shook his hand. “I have some great dancers, and the dough is starting to come in, but there’s this one girl that started last week. She’s absolutely stunning, and she’s completely innocent. She has the men drooling every night. Even the bouncers stop to watch her. She’s on tomorrow, you should stop by and check her out. I’ll even have the paperwork drawn up by then, and ready for you to sign.”

Mario didn’t care about the girl, he wasn’t into strippers. He didn’t want a woman that was willing to drape herself off hundreds of different men for money. He wanted a girl that would only be his.

He agreed with Nick though. He would be here tomorrow night, but only to sign the papers. He relished the idea of making more money, and this could really be a great decision for him. They shook hands to seal the deal, and Mario left, knowing his one would never set foot in a strip club.

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