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Chapter 3 - Alexandria

Alex cringed as her alarm went off. She didn’t want to get up, but it was six am, and the rooms wouldn’t clean themselves. She cracked her eye open and sighed, four hours sleep was going to make this extremely difficult. She reluctantly opened the other eye too, then threw the covers back, and climbed out of bed. She whimpered as her her feet touched the cold ground. Even with socks on, she felt it.

After her dad died, she was forced to sell the house to pay for his medical bills. She had a yard sale, and sold all the furniture and his clothes, but she didn’t make much. She was even forced to sell his car, but realized afterwards how stupid that was.

In a small town, there was no bus service, and there were only a couple cabs. As it was getting colder, and it wasn’t really safe to be walking at night, she gave in and bought another one. For two hundred bucks, she bought a beat up old clunker that was on its last legs. It was all she could afford, but that was fine, because it got her where she needed to go.

She had been extremely lucky to see the sign on the side of the motel, boasting a free room for housekeeping services. She had inquired, and the owner had given her the job on the spot. Little did she know, the room was a cot in the shed in the back that held the back up generator and a huge water heater. But her choices were pretty much the shed, or her car. The shed wasn’t heated though, and she was going to have to figure something out, as it was older getting colder.

She put on her yoga pants and a t-shirt, threw her hair up in a messy bun, grabbed her supplies, and headed to the first room. She wrinkled her nose at the smell, when she pushed open the door. The motel was right on the edge of town and close to the strip club she worked at, and that brought in an interesting clientele.

The room was littered with empty beer bottles, half full pizza boxes, and used up condoms. She put on the huge rubber gloves that she had purchased on her first day, and got to work. Three hours later, she had the twelve rooms clean, and all the used bedding in the giant washing machines. She hurried to get a shower in the last room she cleaned, then headed for the office to turn in the keys, and let the owner know they were all ready to rent again.

The owner was an older man named Chuck. Chuck had a pot belly, and a receding hairline, and he always stared at her in a creepy way. She tossed the keys on the counter, then headed to the breakfast bar. There wasn’t much left, seeing as it was ten in the morning, so she grabbed a granola bar and a bottle of apple juice. Chuck nodded at her as she passed, heading back out to the shed.

She grabbed a newspaper on her way, and pushed open the door to her room. Soon, she thought, she’d have to wear a jacket in here. She sat on her bed and opened up the paper, heading straight to the want ads at the back. The first ad was one for the strip club, she figured the owner had a standing order placed for that one.

She scanned through everything and sighed, her options were limited. If she could drive a truck, or operate a crane she’d be set, but other than that there was nothing. She threw the paper in the growing stack at the end of her bed, and laid down. She needed more sleep before her shift tonight.

She worked seven until one or two, and it was a long night. On the good side, she had a lock box hidden in the floor behind the water heater, and it was starting to get full. Of course, it held a lot of small bills, but they were quickly adding up. She’d have to head to the bank in the next day or two and deposit it, and she prayed the teller didn’t ask any questions. In a small town, everyone was nosey, and she didn’t want people to know where she worked.

She curled up, and pulled the covers back over her, trying to get warm again. Her life sucked, and she missed her dad, but she knew things would probably get worse. That was just the way life worked out sometimes. She sighed as she closed her eyes, and a single tear fell down her cheek.

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