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Chapter 4 - Mario

Mario was having a really bad day. He had two clients that missed their deadlines, and didn’t have the money they owed him. That meant that him, Trent and a couple of the boys had to pay them both a visit. The first visit went well, and the man suddenly remembered he had the money. The second visit didn’t go so well, and the man needed a bit of incentive. After the incentive was delivered, curtesy of his boys, the man signed over the deed to his house.

Lucky for the man, the house was paid off, therefore all Mario needed to do was to contact his real estate agent. It was surprising how many houses in the town he owned. After a bit of fixing up, most made him a decent amount of money. A lot of families were moving to smaller towns, and despite the biker club’s presence, theirs was one of the popular locations.

Mario also had several meetings with the businesses he owned, again thanks to clients that couldn’t pay their debts. He owned a flower shop, a beauty salon, a couple auto repair shops, and he was a partner in the casino that opened up two towns over.

Now, it was eleven at night, and he was sitting at a booth near the back of the strip club. This was what he hated. It was a Friday night, and the club was packed. Most of the clientele were middle class men. They had their pay checks in their hands, and were looking for the booze and girls to spend it on.

Mario hated this scene. The girls were draping themselves over the drunk patrons, hoping to go home with half their pay checks. The girls were pretty enough, and some were really nice, but Mario just wasn’t interested. The few that had tried to get near him, had been sent away by Trent. His man knew he didn’t want them close, and he cut them all off before they could even speak.

Nick joined them soon after they sat down, and slid a stack of paperwork in front of him. It was a simple process of signing the two copies, and keeping one for himself, while sliding the other back over to Nick. Nick was thrilled the deal was done, and signalled a waitress to bring over three whiskeys.

Mario wasn’t in the mood to stay, but it wouldn’t make good business to leave without a celebratory drink. Nick was bouncing in his seat though, and Mario was curious as to why.

“It’s eleven fifteen”, Nick told him. “The new stripper I told you about will be up in a second”, he said.

Mario cringed in annoyance. He didn’t want to watch a stripper, and he said just that. “I’m here for business only”, he told Nick. “I’m not interested in any of the dancers.” Nick smiled slightly, but nodded that he understood. Then the MC came over the speakers, and Nick just started bouncing again.

“And now for your pleasure, the stunning and extremely flexible Sweet Pea. Don’t forget this is the last night of her first week. If you come back tomorrow night, you will get to see all of her sexy little body. Now, give it up for Sweat Pea”, he yelled.

Mario sat there stunned, as the place absolutely erupted. Men shouted and roared, and some even stood up to get a better look. Mario hated to admit it, but his curiosity was piqued. The music started as his whiskey was delivered. He downed the glass and slammed it on the table, then turned his attention to the stage.

The girl came out, and Mario was drawn to her outfit. She was dressed in a teeny tiny denim mini skirt, and really high red cowboy boots. She had a red flannel shirt tied under her breasts, and he didn’t think any of the buttons were done up. She had a black bandana tied around her neck, and a black cowboy hat sat low on her head. It looked as though her blonde hair was tied in a ponytail and it hung down her left shoulder.

Mario couldn’t take his eyes off her, she danced around the stage like she was made for it. She twirled up and down the pole, as she slowly shed each piece of clothing. She was a tiny thing, but her body was a piece of art. She was down to a sexy little black lace bra and panty set. Finally the song was coming to the end. She flipped one more time around the pole, then jumped off, throwing her hat at the same time.

At last, she lifted her head, and Mario got a look at her face. He froze, as she somehow locked her eyes right on his. Then he watched as she paled, and swayed on her feet. He didn’t wait a second more, he pushed out of the booth, and headed straight for the stage.

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