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Chapter 6 - Mario

Mario was pissed at the distraction. Alexandria, the girl he had given up years ago, was standing before him, and both Trent and Nick wanted his attention. When she had whispered his name, his back had shot straight. That soft voice brought back so many memories, that he stared down at her in awe. Not only that, but she was standing there wrapped in his suit jacket, with only her underwear on underneath. He was furious with her at the moment, but he had to turn and deal with his men first.

Trent reached him, and immediately wanted to know what was up.

“Everything,”he said, as Trent stared at him in confusion. Then he turned to Nick. “She’s never going up on that god damned stage ever again. You hear me,” he growled angrily at his new partner. “If I even catch her looking at this place again, I’ll close the fucking thing down,” he promised.

Nick instantly paled. “You know the girl,” he asked.

“I used to,” he said. “But you can bet we’re gonna fucking know each other again by the end of the night,” he swore. Then he turned to face Alexandria again, only to find she wasn’t there. “Fuck,” he roared. Then he strode angrily for the dressing room, and threw open the curtain.

Some of the strippers were back stage, but there was no sign of his girl. “Where the hell’s the door out of here,” he asked in general. All the girls stared at him wide eyed, then pointed to the back corner. As he strode forward, and ripped the door open, it was pushed in from the other side. He found himself face to face with Drew.

“Tell me you didn’t just escort her to her car,” he roared.

“Who, Sweat Pea? Just took her out, she wasn’t feeling well. It’s my job to make sure the dancers get out safely,” he replied.

“Don’t ever call her that god forsaken name again,” he growled, as he slammed the man up against the wall. Trent was instantly there, pulling him off the bouncer.

“Come on boss, let him go. He’s just doing his job,” Trent said. “And, did you just growl at him”, he asked.

“Fuck off,” Mario said, as he pushed the bouncer away. Then he turned to Nick. “I want her address,” he told him.

Nick nodded. “It should be in the employee files in my office,” he said, as he headed back out on the main floor. Both Mario and Trent followed him, as he weaved his way back through the club and opened a door behind the bar. They went down a short hall and came to Nick’s office. He pushed in the door and stepped inside, heading for a file cabinet on the far wall.

“Sweet Pea,” he said as he looked through the files.

“Fucking Alexandria,” Mario bellowed. Both men stopped, and turned to him in shock. He ignored the looks. “The address, now,” he said.

“613 Bakers Circle,” he read. Mario shook his head. After all these years, she still lived in the same house she grew up in. He didn’t say a word, he just turned and headed for his car. When Trent tried to follow, he shook his head.

“I’ll call you later,” he told him. Then he was in his car, and heading to his old neighbourhood.

He pulled up to her house and stepped out, heading for the door. After three quick taps, the door was opened. The older lady that answered, had a baby on her hip. Mario knew instantly Alexandria had given Nick an old address.

“Sorry to bother you,” he said. “Can you tell me how long you’ve lived here,” he asked.

The lady thought a minute before answering. “Bout eight months. The man who lived here died, his daughter sold us the house,” she told him.

“Thank you,” he said. Then he turned and climbed back in his car. “Where the hell are you,” he said to the windshield. Then he pulled out his cell and called Trent.

“I want everything you can find on Alexandria Pierce,” he told him. “And I want it in an hour,” he ordered, as he ended the call.

He’d find her, and then he’d figure out just what happened to his beautiful angel, to make her desperate enough to take her clothes off in front of a bunch of horny men. And when he knew, he’d do whatever the hell it took to fix it.

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