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Chapter 7 - Alexandria

Alex woke up extremely tired and cold. She had fallen asleep in Mario’s suit jacket, and it was now badly wrinkled. She remembered the old ripped jeans and t-shirts he used to wear, he looked extremely good in the suits, but she missed his old look. It appeared he was quite successful now, and she knew from the rumours around town, that he hadn’t given up his old ways. She knew he was a dangerous man, and it had only gotten worse as he got older.

She could remember the sweet, kind boy he used to be. That was the boy she fell in love with. The boy who always held her hand, the boy who protected her from everything and everyone, and the boy who made her feel wanted. But he had thrown that all away, the day he told her he didn’t love her. It still hurt, to this day.

She dragged herself out of bed, and removed the suit jacket. Carefully, she laid it on the bed, then pulled the covers over it. She grabbed some sweats and a hoody, and got dressed. Then she grabbed her supplies and headed out to clean the dirty rooms.

Six hours later she was done and turning the keys over to Chuck. He gave her the same leering look he always did, and it creeped her out. She grabbed her granola bar and apple juice, and hurried back out. It had taken her a lot longer to clean the rooms, but that was because last night had been Friday. Tomorrow would be the same, and she sighed at that thought.

She hurried back to her room, and scarfed down the bar. Then she curled up on the bed, with the jacket over her, and fell back to sleep. Tonight, she had to work again, and last night was the end of her first week. That meant she would be baring it all, and she had no idea how she was going to get through it.

She considered quitting, but that meant she’d be living in a shed and cleaning rooms for the foreseeable future. That idea wasn’t much better. The only option she had was to go into work tonight, and suffer through it. She fell asleep, hoping the clock would somehow slow down and give her more time.

Six hours later, she was pulling into the parking lot of the strip club. She had showered and done her hair, but she had left on her sweats and hoody. She really didn’t care how she looked, only the dancers saw her anyway.

She got out of her car, and headed for the side door. When she opened it Drew was there waiting.

“Boss wants to see you”, he told her. She looked up at him and sighed.

“Why”, she asked, knowing it couldn’t be good. She remembered the look on Mario’s face, and hers fell. “Never mind”, she said “I understand.”

Alex sadly turned and walked right back out the door. She ignored Drew, as he called out to her. Her only option now, was to pack up, and just go somewhere else. Maybe she could find a job in another town. She could wait tables.

She kept her head down, and was almost to her car, when she walked right into someone. She stumbled back and would have fallen but a man grabbed her arms.

“Now where you going darlin”, he said. “I came here tonight to see you strip, and you’re heading in the wrong direction.”

“I’m sorry”, she said as she tried to pull away. “I don’t work here anymore, but I’m sure one of the other dancers will satisfy you”, she tried to tell him.

He sneered at her, then dragged her behind her car. She tried to scream, but he punched her in the side of the head, then again on her cheek. She fell to the cement and cried. The man was immediately on her. He ripped her sweatshirt down the front, and pulled at her pants. She cried out, kicking and clawing at the man.

Suddenly, the man was ripped off her, and she looked up to see Drew slamming him on the ground. Dazed, she shoved to her feet and climbed into her car. She fought off the blackness that was trying to take her, and hit the gas, peeling out of the parking lot.

As she passed the doors, she saw Mario standing there. He was pale and had a horrified expression on his face. She turned away, and drove to the motel. She parked and stumbled to the shed. She barely hit her bed, and grabbed the jacket, before she closed her eyes and passed out.

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