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Chapter 8 - Mario

Mario was sitting at the bar with Trent, waiting for Alexandria to arrive. Nick understood the score, and he promised not to let her get on stage. Mario figured if she needed the money that bad, then she’d be pissed when she found out she’d been let go. But, being pissed was better then being on a stage naked. Mario was livid that men had already seen her in her underwear.

Nick was at the end of the bar doing paperwork. He didn’t look too happy about letting his best stripper go, but he knew better then to argue about it. Mario watched as one of the strippers spotted Nick, and headed over to him. She leaned down and whispered in his ear, then turned and sashayed off.

Nick looked over at him, and he didn’t look happy. He pushed off his stool, and headed towards him. Mario waited patiently, until Nick was at his side.

“What is it,” he asked him.

“Sweat Pea,” he started, but Mario’s glare had the man stammering. “Sorry, Alexandria showed up a minute ago. She only got in the door before Drew asked her to come see me. Apparently, she looked pretty bummed, then just turned and walked back out,” Nick told him.

Mario swore, then pushed off his stool and headed for the door. When he walked out, he saw Alexandria driving away. Their eyes locked for a second, before he lost sight of her, but he saw her long enough to see blood on the side of her face, and tears streaming down her cheeks.

He turned when he heard a commotion, and saw Drew across the parking lot pounding on someone. He knew he’d never catch Alexandria, so he headed for Drew instead. He didn’t have to look back, to know Trent was right behind him.

When he reached Drew, he was still beating the now bloody and unconscious man. Trent stepped forward and pulled Drew back.

“Explain,” Trent ordered the bouncer.

“He must have grabbed Sweat Pea when she was heading to her car. When I got to her, she was already on the ground. He got a couple good hits in, then jumped on her. I got him off her, but she disappeared while I was beating the guy,” he explained.

“Why the hell didn’t you walk her to her car.” Mario roared.

“She took off. I told her Nick wanted to see her. She mumbled something about you, and pretty much fled. I hurried after her, but I was too late,” he said, as he glared at the unconscious man on the ground.

Mario turned to Trent then, as Nick came running up. “What the hell happened,” his new partner asked in shock.

Mario ignored him for a minute. “Get rid of him,” he told Trent, as he pointed to the scumbag. Trent nodded. “And call the boys. I want them searching for an old rusted grey Civic. If they find it, I want a phone call, they aren’t to go near it.”

“Right,” Trent said. Then he picked up the man and threw him over his shoulder. Mario didn’t care where he was taking him, so he turned his attention back to Nick.

“You got cameras in this parking lot,” he asked. Nick pointed to the side of the building.

“That’s the closest, but there’s no way it would have caught anything happening over here,” he said. “You gonna tell me what happened?”

“Alexandria was attacked,” he said, as he turned and walked to his car. As soon as he was inside, he called Steele. The biker answered on the second ring.

“Mario,” he greeted.

“I need help locating a car,” he said. “I wonder if your men would mind taking a drive, and scouting for a late model grey Civic. I’ll owe you one,” he explained.

“No problem. The owner gonna cause us trouble if we find him,” Steele questioned.

“She, and no. Just locate the car and call me.”

“She,” Steele replied curiously. “Well isn’t this interesting.”

Mario ignored him and hung up. He’d heard about the stories of the things the bikers did to each other when they found their girl. And, he’d found his, she just didn’t know it yet. But, no way in hell was he ever waking up to a pink bedroom one morning.

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