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Chapter 9 - Mario

Mario drove all over town, searching for the little car. It was getting dark, but he figured unless it was hidden away in a garage, he should be able to find it. He had all his men looking, and Steele had his brothers looking as well. With all that manpower, they should be able to find it.

Three hours later, there was no sign of the car. Mario was furious. Alexandria was out there somewhere, and she had been hurt. He wanted her safe, and he wanted her checked out. When he talked to Steele earlier, Steele had told him that Doc was now staying at the compound. So Mario had put him on standby, just in case he needed him.

It was now nearing on eleven at night, and Mario was getting frustrated. Every time the phone rang, he hoped it was good news, but it never was. He went back to where Alexandria used to live, and talked to the neighbours, but no one knew where his girl had gone.

Finally, the phone rang and Mario hoped it was the call he’d been waiting for. “Mario,” he answered.

“It’s Shadow. I’ve got eyes on your missing car. It’s behind the motel near the highway,” the biker told him.

Mario sighed in relief. “I’ll be there in ten. Keep your eyes on it, but don’t approach,” he ordered as he hung up.

He pulled a u-turn in the middle of the almost completely deserted street, and headed for the motel. He had already been there once tonight, and he had driven around back, it hadn’t been there when he was there. He pushed down on the gas, and forced the car faster.

He reached the motel and pulled into the lot, bypassing the office, and heading around back. He quickly spotted Shadow’s bike, but he didn’t see the car. He pulled up beside the biker, and climbed out. Shadow dismounted the bike, and walked towards a huge dumpster. Mario was shocked to see Alexandria’s clunker parked behind it.

“You need me, or you want me gone,” Shadow inquired.

“I’ll handle this myself,” he told him. “Appreciate the help. Tell Steele I owe the club, and if you ever need anything, you come see me,” he ordered.

Shadow nodded to indicate he understood, then prowled away. Of all the men looking, including himself, he was surprised the biker had found the car at all. From almost all angles in the parking lot, it was unseen, but somehow Shadow had found it. The biker had skills, that was for sure.

Mario left his car where it was, and headed for the office. When he pushed open the door, he saw an older man behind the desk. The man looked up as Mario stepped in front of the desk.

“I’m looking for a girl,” Mario asked.

“Aren’t we all,” the man laughed.

Mario glared at the man, and he instantly stopped. “Girls tiny, long dark hair,” he told him. “Her names Alexandria”.

“You mean the maid,” he asked.

“Maid,” Mario questioned the man angrily.

The man gulped, and suddenly appeared nervous. “She wanted the job, it was free lodgings and breakfast, if she cleaned all the rooms every day,” he told him.

“Which room”, Mario growled.

The man paled further and took a couple steps back. “She agreed,” he stammered. “I know who you are, and I don’t want any trouble.”

“Which room,” Mario roared.

“She stays in the storage shed out back,” he answered.

Mario was over the counter in seconds, and had the man pushed up against the wall. He pushed his forearm into the man’s throat, and cut off the man’s air supply.

“I’m going to see her, and take her out of here. But I’ll be back to deal with you,” he threatened. Then he pulled the man’s head back, and slammed it off the wall, knocking the man unconscious. When he let go, the man slumped to the floor.

Mario turned and walked out, heading for the back once more. He easily found the shed, not too far from the dumpster, and shielded by the trees. He snarled as he headed for it, and pushed the door open.

Alexandria lay fast asleep in the corner on a tiny cot. The side of her face was covered in dried blood, and her shirt was ripped open. He balled his hands into fists, as his temper flared. Then he noticed his suit jacket was bunched up under her, and her tiny hands were curled around it.

A small smile finally graced his lips. Yeah she was definitely his he thought, and she was going to have to accept that. His jacket had just sealed her fate.

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