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Chapter 10 - May

It didn’t take May long to fall asleep. She was absolutely exhausted, but thankfully her head didn’t hurt thanks to Doc’s pills. It felt like she had only been asleep for a few minutes, when loud thunder woke her, and her poor little house shook. The thunder just kept getting louder and louder, and a brush fell off her nightstand.

May threw her legs over the side of the bed and stood. Groggily, she wandered through the house and noticed the sound was continuous. Thunder had a loud bang, and then it stopped for while before banging again, so maybe it wasn’t thunder. She watched in fascination as the paint can opener she had used last night bounced across her coffee table. When it hit the floor, she blinked, and shook her head.

Finally, May turned to face the front window. Without curtains, she had a good view of the street. Her mouth dropped open when she saw at least a dozen motorcycles parked in front of her house. Still half asleep, she unlocked the front door, and stepped out onto the porch. She couldn’t quite comprehend why they were out there, but all at once the bikers turned in her direction.

“Now there’s a sight I’d like to wake up to every morning,” one of the bikers yelled her way. A couple others actually whistled. May had just woken up, so she couldn’t figure out why they were whistling at her.

“Come over here darling and hop on the back of my bike. I’ll take you for a ride,” the same biker that yelled out before beckoned.

“Fuck off Dagger,” May heard roared from Jude’s driveway. When she looked that way, she saw the handsome ass himself. He was climbing off his bike and heading right for her. Uh oh she thought, as she took in his furious expression.

Jude looked good for an angry man, and that pissed her off. He had on worn jeans with a hole in the knee, biker boots, a black tee and a worn black leather jacket. Black was her new favourite colour she immediately decided.

“What the fuck have you got on?” Jude roared as he marched across the lawn. Unsure of what he was so mad about, she looked down at her brothers shirt, then back at him.

“A tee shirt,” she answered in confusion.

“What else?” he growled from the bottom of her porch.

May looked down again and realized what he meant. She only ever slept in the tee and panties. She always removed the sweats before climbing into bed.

“Well, you and your biker buddies woke me up from a dead sleep,” May furiously told him. “Plus I hit my head and was given medicine not that long ago. Sorry if my state of dress offends you.”

“Oh I like her, she’s feisty,” the one Jude had called Dagger yelled.

Then Sniper yelled out too. “I think your plan backfired.” She remembered him from last night and waved. He chuckled and waved back.

“Fuck me,” Jude cursed. “You’re standing on the porch in a fucking tee and waving at a bunch of bikers.”

“I was just being friendly,” May argued back.

“Well it would be nice if you could be friendly while wearing fucking pants,” he growled. Then she watched as he placed his boot on her broken porch step and fell right through it.

The bikers all laughed, and she cringed when Jude looked up at her like he was about to lose it. His face was pinched, his hands were fisted, and his teeth were clenched tight.

“You need to be careful on those steps, they’re broken,” May helpfully told him.

“Feisty and funny,” Dagger yelled once more, adding fuel to the fire. “My dream woman.”

May opened her mouth to shout something back, but then noticed Jude was trying to pull his foot out of the porch. She immediately understood that when he was free, she was in trouble. She backed up quickly until she was safely in the doorway.

“I’m still extremely exhausted,” May announced. Then added a long, drawn out yawn for effect. “I think I’ll head back to bed.” Then she squealed when he got his foot out.

“Have a nice ride Lucy,” she chuckled, as she slammed the front door shut and locked it.

“Don’t fucking call me Lucy,” she heard growled from the handsome ass.

“Come on Lucy,” someone bellowed. “Get on your fucking bike, or we’re leaving without you.”

May heard Jude growl again as he stomped away. “My fucking name’s Jude,” he declared to a bunch of howling bikers.

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