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Chapter 11 - May

May was in a bad mood. Her head hurt and she was still unbelievably tired. After all the bikers left, she had a terrible time falling back to sleep. She lay there counting the cracks in the ceiling for about two hours, then gave up and dragged herself out of bed. She threw her hair in a messy bun and grabbed her glasses. She had been wearing them on and off since she got here, and she figured she needed to wear them more.

May headed to the kitchen and made herself a quick bowl of cereal, then plopped down lazily on the couch to eat it. Her thoughts moved to all the bikers she had seen earlier this morning. They were huge, muscled and handsome, but none of them held a candle to the handsome ass.

The problem was, May didn’t know what to feel about that. Jude was extremely good looking, but he drove her up the wall. He only had to be in the room for a couple minutes before they’d argue. But when he had held her as Doc put the stitches in, it had felt right, and it had felt like something more.

She’d had a crush on Colin for so long it was hard to think of anyone else. But that crush died when he hadn’t returned her affection. She thought about Jude for a minute. He was definitely better looking, and when he touched her, it felt incredibly amazing. Colin had given her many hugs over the years, but they hadn’t come close to the way she felt when Jude touched her.

May shook her head and stood up. She had things to do, she didn’t have time to dwell on that. The first thing she wanted to do was put up her curtains. She’d had enough of Jude watching her from his house. The curtains she bought were a pretty light blue plaid, and she knew they’d look cute with the yellow walls.

May hooked up her iPod to the stereo and got to work. There was already a curtain rod there, so that made things a lot easier. She opened the package and spread out the curtains across the couch. Then she grabbed her step ladder and dragged it over to the window. Carefully, she unhooked the rod from each side and brought it down. It only took her a minute to thread the curtains through and drag it back over to the window.

May slowly climbed back on the step stool with the curtains in hand and hooked on one end with no trouble. Grinning, she climbed back down in order to move the ladder to the other end. As soon as she got down the curtain on the side she was holding slid off. She huffed as she tried to hold the end and pick up the curtain off the floor. She stretched as far as she could, but she still couldn’t reach while holding the rod. Frustrated now, she let go to grab the curtain on the floor. As soon as she did, the other curtain slid down the rod and slipped off, draping completely over her.

Cursing a blue streak, May tried to shove it off, when she heard the unmistakable sound of laughter. Immediately she froze. She knew that laughter, she’d certainly heard it enough over the last couple days to know who it belonged to.

“I thought you were on a motorcycle ride?” May huffed from under the curtain. She decided staying under the curtain was her best bet, so she sat on the floor and got comfortable.

“I was, but it was only a morning ride. We had an early lunch and headed back. Good timing if you ask me, I’m glad I didn’t miss this,” Jude chuckled.

“How long have you been watching?” she sighed, knowing she wouldn’t like his answer.

“Since you opened the curtains. I had a good view from outside the window, but then you bent down and I lost sight of you. I had to hustle inside to catch the rest,” he admitted.

Of course you did,” May growled in return. Then she screeched as the curtain was ripped away and she was knocked to her back. “You’re an ass,” she told him from her sprawled position on the floor.

“So you’ve repeatedly told me,” Jude smirked. Then he surprised her by offering his hand. She eyed it warily for a minute too long, because he sighed. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

I know,” May acknowledged. “I’m looking for the buzzer.”

“The what?” he questioned in confusion.

“You know, the thing you hold in your hand so when someone takes it they get a shock,” May explained with a serious expression.

“You’re a goof,” he laughed, as he took her hand and hauled her to her feet. He pulled a little too hard though, because her entire body crashed into his. When she found the courage to look up at him, he was staring down at her with a weird expression on his face.

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