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Chapter 13 - Jude

Jude had no idea what to expect as he got ready for dinner. As soon as they ended kiss his pretty little klutz had made dinner plans with another guy, and that pissed him off. He had been completely surprised by the way that kiss had affected him. It had literally knocked him off his feet. He had never felt that much chemistry or attraction before.

The men from The Stone Knight’s had this ridiculous idea about finding The One. They claimed that when you found her, you knew she was meant to be with you. It’s like you stop breathing for a minute the first time you meet her. Jude had repeatedly told the men it was a load of crap, but he had to admit, he definitely felt that way the first time he was close to May.

And what pissed him off was that he hadn’t been ready for it. He was happy with his life the way it was, and he wasn’t ready for any complications. And she was definitely a complication. The girl got in more trouble in one day than he had in years. If he was with her, he’d have to be on his toes twenty-four hours a day. But at the same time, life with her would never be boring.

Jude scowled, already in a bad mood, as he tied his boots and headed out the door. The little klutz better be careful tonight, because it had been a while since he had been in a good fight, and he was due.

He decided he wasn’t going to knock as he headed for the porch. When he looked down and noticed the steps, he did a double take. The hole where his foot had gone through was still there, but May had painted the surrounding area the same yellow she had dumped on his head. Now there was no way he could miss it as he climbed up. He shook his head, deciding that would be the first thing he fixed tomorrow.

When Jude made it successfully to the top, he pushed the door open and strode right in. He glanced around the room, then went straight to the window with the curtains still not up. She had pushed the ladder to the side, the rod was still hanging from the one side that was actually attached, and the curtains were draped over a chair. He sighed knowing May must have given up, and moved the ladder back under the rod. In less than a minute he had slid on the curtains and hooked it back into place.

“Thank you,” Jude heard his klutz say from close behind him. He climbed down, folded up the ladder, and placed it in the corner. “I just couldn’t reach to finish it, and I didn’t want to risk another injury,” May explained.

When Jude turned to face her, he could only stare in absolute fascination. She was wearing a cute little dress with short sleeves. It had elastic under her breasts that made the dress flare out to just above her knees. Her hair was down, her glasses were on, and she wore a bit of makeup.

“You’re fucking beautiful,” Jude couldn’t resist telling her. Then he sucked in a breath when she smiled at him in complete happiness. She looked like a god damned angel. “You should go change,” he told her as his scowled returned. “Maybe put on a pair of jeans, and an old sweatshirt,” he advised.

May blinked as she looked at him in confusion. “But you said I looked beautiful.”

“I said you look fucking beautiful,” Jude corrected. “But the prick coming tonight will see you looking like that too,” he growled.

May was about to say something when the doorbell rang, interrupting him. She squealed and ran to answer it, and he scowled at the obvious excitement she was showing. He hurried after her and caught her before she got to it. Not bothering to explain himself, he grabbed her arm, spun her around, and pulled her into his arms. She looked so pretty staring up at him in surprise.

Then Jude’s lips crashed against hers, and he was kissing her for all he was worth. She soon relaxed against him, threw her arms around his waist, and kissed him back just as enthusiastically. Encouraged, he placed his hand on the back of her head and deepened the kiss, causing her legs to give out. He easily took all her weight, then after a minute pulled back.

May’s hair was messy, her face and chest were flushed, and her lips were swollen. But it was the dazed expression on her face that made him smile the most.

“Now you can answer the door,” Jude smugly declared, after it had rung for the third time.

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