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Chapter 14 - May

May was still reeling from Jude’s kiss when she opened the door. The man certainly knew what he was doing. Colin stood on the porch and stared at her for a minute, obviously studying her, before he engulfed her in a bear hug and spun around.

“Hey squirt,” he greeted happily. “You look flushed. Your not getting sick are you?”

May instantly bristled. “Don’t call me that,” she ordered. But he only laughed at her as he kept spinning her.

“Squirt huh,” she heard echoed from behind her.

With Colin still spinning her, all she could do was yell.

“Shut up Lucy,” she hurled in Jude’s direction.

“Don’t call me that,” Jude growled in return. Then Colin was grabbed by the arm, and thankfully the spinning stopped. It was killing her head and making her dizzy. Suddenly she was plucked out of Colin’s arms, and she found herself hanging from Jude’s instead. Gratefully, she laid her head on his shoulder. As soon as she did that he scooped up her legs and carried her inside, sitting down with her on his lap.

“Who the fuck are you?” Colin bellowed as he followed them inside and slammed the door shut. But Jude ignored him as he placed his warm hand on her chin and titled her face up to look at him.

“You okay?” Jude questioned softly. May looked up at him as the pounding in her head eased slightly.

“No, but it’s getting better,” she admitted. “I just need another minute.” Then she brushed his hand away and put her head back against his chest. His chest shook, and she knew he was laughing at her.

“I think you need more medicine,” Jude stated after giving her another minute.

“Why the fuck do you need medicine?” Colin roared, and as an afterthought added, “and get the fuck off him.”

“She’s got a head injury you ass,” Jude growled in annoyance. “And she can stay where she is for as long as she likes,” he taunted.

“I’m going to ask you one more time who you are, then I’m just going to shoot you,” Colin snarled right back. May finally had enough, she pushed off Jude’s lap, stuck her hands on her hips, and glared at the two.

“Are you both finished?” she asked with a bite to her words. “I’m hungry and my head hurts, and you’re acting like jerks,” she announced.

“I’m Jude,” the handsome ass declared. “And you must be Colin.”

“Yes, I’m Colin,” Colin sneered. Then he turned to her. “I left you here a week ago. Suddenly you have a new friend and you’ve done something stupid to hurt your head. What the fucks going on?”

“I’m not her friend,” Jude smugly interrupted. “I’m her man.”

“What?” both May and Colin said at the same time. “No you’re not,” May added as an afterthought.

“The fuck I’m not,” Jude growled as he stood to his full height and approached her. She raised her hand to stop him, but as usual he ignored it. The ass scooped her up and kissed her again, and she forgot all about what they were arguing about. When he finally let her go, she could only stare up at him.

“Now,” Jude demanded, while he smiled down at her. “Are you mine?”

“Uh huh,” May answered as she blinked up at him. Then she shook her head and slapped his arm.

“What the hell did you do that for?” Jude asked as he rubbed the spot.

“Because you did that on purpose,” she told him.

“Well it’s the easiest way to get you to stop arguing with me,” he told her smugly. “And I like doing it,” The ass added.

“I wasn’t arguing with you,” May yelled as she threw up her arms in agitation.

“You fucking were,” Jude growled back. “You’re doing it now,” he replied as he too threw up his hands.

Frustrated, she turned away from him and faced Colin. But her friend had his head tilted and was staring at her differently.

“You’ve changed honey,” Colin told her in a lower voice. “You’ve got a dress on, you’ve gotten a backbone, and you look really pretty.”

May looked at him in confusion, floored by his declaration. “You think I look pretty?” she asked. Then she squealed when Jude wrapped his arm around her stomach and slammed her back into his chest.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Jude accused as he glared at Colin murderously. “It seems you’ve known her for a long time, and you had your chance. Now she’s mine, so you can fuck off and find your own woman,” Jude snarled. “Or do I have to kiss her again to prove it.”

May immediately titled her head up to look back at Jude. “I think you should kiss her again to prove it,” she answered with a huge grin.

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