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Chapter 16 - Jude

Jude looked over at Colin as the bikers pulled up and grinned when he saw the man looked ready to blow. Dagger’s lewd comments were definitely making things worse. He shook his head as he headed over to them

“Hey guys, what brings you here?” Jude questioned to distract the bikers. Navaho lifted his chin in greeting, then headed to the back of the truck.

“Brought some wood. Thought we’d fix the steps. Don’t want you stuck in them again,” Navaho replied with as little words as possible. Behind him, he heard May snicker. The girl still stood on the porch and looked amused by the scene in front of her.

“May already fixed it,” Jude helpfully told the bikers. “She painted it yellow.”

“That’s temporary,” May defended. But all Jude could do was grin at her.

“Right, I don’t think you and a hammer would get along well together,” Jude chuckled. “We’d need Doc on standby if you tried that one.”

“I can fix a stupid step without hurting myself,” she argued back with a slight frown.

“Yep,” Jude agreed sarcastically. “I’ve seen you with a ladder and a curtain rod. I’ve seen you moving furniture. Oh, but the best was you wrestling with the shower curtain.”

“Shut up Lucy,” May immediately yelled at him. “That was because my water heater broke,” she complained.

“Don’t call me Lucy,” Jude growled in agitation.

“I can look at that for you sweetheart,” Raid interrupted.

“Don’t call her sweetheart,” Jude yelled at Raid as he turned to glare at the biker.

Dagger choice that moment to throw back his head and laugh. “You two are better than the fucking detectives,” he declared. “And the things they come out with always fucking crack me up.”

“Tripp’s a fucking brother now,” Navaho admonished. “Keep him out of this.”

“Righty hoe, Navaho,” Dagger responded. Then he yelped and hid behind Sniper as the biker took a threatening step towards him.

May was giggling as she skipped down the steps, with Colin right on her heels.

“I really don’t like this,” Jude heard Colin complain. “Bikers aren’t good people,” the ass argued.

“Hey,” Jude yelled at him furiously, pissed at the man’s attitude towards his friends. “What the fucks the problem with bikers?”

“Nothing, it’s just May’s a quiet person, and likes to be by herself,” Colin replied.

When Jude looked at May, she was staring at the ground, and looked sad again. He remembered the night he asked her to turn down her music, and she told him she hated the quiet because she was used to having all her brother’s friends around. What Colin said contradicted that.

“Hey, Raid, Sniper, come over here for a second will you,” Jude called. When the bikers were close, he turned back to Colin. “Colin here’s a friend of May’s. He has concerns about the type of people she hangs around. Care to tell him what you did for a living?” he asked.

Sniper turned to Colin and smirked, figuring out immediately what Jude was getting at. “I was a sniper for the marine corp,” Sniper informed the ass. “Raid here was my spotter. Shadow, another biker, was special forces, and Tripp was a detective. You need not worry about May’s safety,” Sniper assured the man.

Colin raised his eyebrows. “Well then, I apologize,” the ass responded sincerely. Both bikers gave him a minute, then nodded in acceptance.

“And I specialize in dynamite,” Dagger added cutting into the conversation. “I like to blow shit up.”

The bikers laughed. “He’s fucking good at that. Blew up a whole house about three months ago,” Sniper informed them, then he turned and headed for the porch steps while Colin gaped at him.

Jude chuckled as he headed to the back of the truck to help Navaho with the wood and tools.

“He really a friend?” Navaho questioned quietly.

“Yep,” Jude replied. “He’s friends with her brother, but he’s got cop written all over him. Be good if Tripp suddenly showed, he’d be able to tell us for sure.”

Navaho nodded, then moved away to make the call. “Brother can be here in five,” he said when he returned a minute later.

“Appreciated,” Jude told him. Then they carried everything back to the porch. May squealed, when Raid and Sniper went back to the truck and pulled out a beautiful blue steel door.

“You got me a new door,” she cried happily as she clapped her hands.

“What happened to your old door?” Colin asked, as he ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Jude ran through it,” May happily supplied. “His muscles came out again.”

Colin raised his brow, but didn’t bother asking, and Jude figured the fucker was finally giving up.

“What can I help with?” Colin sighed, and May sent a smile his way. Jude was happy to see she was losing the sad expression she’d worn for the last couple hours.

Jude decided he would have to do some digging, things were getting real interesting with May. First thing tomorrow he’d give Mario a call. If anyone could find something out, that man could.

**This book has been removed as it is now published on Amazon.

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