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Chapter 2 - May

May stared at the boxes that surrounded her. She hated unpacking, and the thought of all she had to do was daunting. The guys had dumped the furniture wherever it fell, and the positioning was horrible. She’d have to climb over the chesterfield just to reach the kitchen. She bet they did that on purpose, just to see what she’d do. At five foot two, and a hundred and ten pounds, it would take everything she had to push it out of the way.

May eyed the rest of the room curiously. The coffee table was in front of the bathroom, and the armchair was pushed up against the closet. She sighed in agitation, hating how the boys loved to mess with her. She knew she’d have to figure out a way to get them back, it would be awhile before she saw any of them again, but she’d figure something out.

The guys that moved her, along with Colin, who had dropped her off, were all good friends with her brother. The men all worked together and acted more like siblings than coworkers. They had each other’s backs, and they had hers too. The problem was, they all thought of her as their little sister. They teased her, they messed up her hair, and they chased away her dates. She loved them and equally hated them at the same time.

May headed to the bedroom, to see how messed up that was. Surprisingly, the bed was against the far wall, and her lounge chair was pushed into the corner. It was exactly the way she would have arranged it. She sighed in relief, pleased that she wouldn’t have any work to do in here, except for some painting. The house was in extreme disrepair. Paint was peeling, and she could hear taps dripping from somewhere down the hall. She knew she’d have to investigate that soon, or else she feared she’d be waking up floating in bed.

May headed back into the living room, and dragged the boxes with her clothes down the hall, and into the bedroom. That was the bulk of the boxes, thank god. She had only brought the essentials with her, and the men had teased her relentlessly about what she considered essential. Her cloths were essential, her music was essential, and of course her pastels were essential.

As long as she could remember, she had been drawing. She carried a pack of pastels with her everywhere, and her clothing was usually covered with a variety of colours. Pastels were messy, and she loved it. Her pictures were abstract. She focused on the colours and swirled them into creative shapes. She loved her art work, and would be lost without it.

It didn’t take May long to stuff her things in the dresser and closet, and then she sighed as she headed back out into the living room to face the heavy furniture once more. It was growing darker, so she turned on the lights, and stared out the huge windows.

With no curtains, people could see in, just as easily as she could see out. The front of the living room faced the street, and she loved how quiet it was. The other window faced directly into the house next door. The curtains in that house were open, but she was happy to see that no lights were on. At least no one would be watching her move things around.

May started with the coffee table, seeing as it was the smallest piece, and easily pushed it into the middle of the room. The armchair was harder, and it took muscling to get it where she wanted it. She eyed the chesterfield, and knew that no matter how she did this, it would be hard.

She moved to the end and pushed. It moved about two inches. Huffing, she turned around and backed into it. Then she pushed back with everything she had, using her feet for traction. It took her twenty minutes to get it under the window where she wanted it.

May brushed the hair out of her face with her hand and flopped down on the end. She was sweaty and sticky and knew she’d have to take a shower before bed. She glanced up and noticed the lights were now on in the house next door. And sitting in the window with a bottle of beer, was the biggest, most handsome, tattooed man she had ever seen.

It definitely looked like he had been watching her for a while. May was instantly pissed that he had watched her struggle, and hadn’t come over to help. She stuck her tongue out at him, then smiled inwardly at the shock on his face. Standing, she turned to head towards her room, when she promptly tripped over the rug that was still rolled up on the floor.

Crying out, May fell, luckily only hitting her forehead. She cringed at the bruise she knew she’d be sporting tomorrow. Instead of standing, she crawled to her room, not wanting to face the laughter she could hear coming from the handsome assholes house. She cursed her new neighbour the entire way, and all the way through her cold shower. Another thing she’d have to fix.

May decided the first thing she would do, when she woke up the next day, was buy a set of curtains. The handsome asshole could find his amusement somewhere else.

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