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Chapter 3 - Jude

Jude had spent a long day at work, and he was tired and hungry. He had a job at the garage in The Stone Knight’s compound. He loved working with the bikers, and got along with them all well, but he hated working on the shit cars that came in. His passion was muscle cars, but no garages in town specialized in them.

Jude was passing the hardware store, when he decided to pull in. He had broke the nozzle on his hose, and it would only take a minute to stop and buy a new one. He parked his Harley near the front door, shut it down, and climbed off. As soon as he turned to head to the door, he froze. Parked right beside him was the shit box the little klutz from next door drove. He wondered if it wouldn’t be better to climb back on his bike and take off.

Sighing, and just wanting to get the damn nozzle and get out, Jude pushed open the door and headed inside. Keeping his head down, he headed straight to the garden section. When he turned the corner he was hit right in the midsection by a cart. He huffed as it knocked the wind out of him.

“Oh my god,” a female voice shrieked from beside him. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you, and you came around the corner so fast, you should really look before you do that, you could get hurt that way.”

The girl would have continued, but Jude put up his hand, and she instantly quieted.

“Do you always talk this much?” he questioned as he raised his head to look at her. And of course, the girl standing in front of him now was the little klutz from next door.

Jude heard her suck in a breath as she looked up at him. She only came to his mid chest, so she had to lean way back to do it.

“Jesus, you’re tall,” she announced, as her nose scrunched up.

“And you’re really short,” Jude returned in annoyance.

She blinked, then glared at him. “You’re the jerk from next door,” she angrily accused. “You know you could have helped me move the furniture, instead of watching.”

“But it was more entertaining my way,” Jude smirked.

“I’m May,” she informed him. “It’s nice to meet you Lucy.” Then she turned back to her cart, dismissing him.

He stood there in confusion for a minute before he slowly followed. “Why the fuck are you calling me Lucy, my names Jude?” he questioned.

She turned back to him for a minute and grinned big. “I don’t like Jude”, she declared, as she tilted her head to study him. “Lucy suits you better. I decided last night to call you Lucifer, but then I shortened it. Lucy’s more fun.” Then he had to jump out of the way, as the minx pushed past him with the cart, and ran over his foot.

“God damn it,” Jude cursed, as he slammed into the rack behind him. He was fucking lucky he still had his steel-toed boots on from work. He glared at the girls back as she turned the corner. “And don’t fucking call me Lucy,” he growled loudly.

But of course she ignored him as she disappeared down the next isle. Jude shook his head, stomped to the garden section, grabbed his nozzle, and left the store as quickly as possible. The girl was in there somewhere, and he wanted out of the parking lot before she started driving.

Jude stopped at a burger joint on the way home and grabbed something to go. Minutes later he pulled into his driveway and shut off his Harley. He grabbed the nozzle and food from his saddlebag and headed inside. He was starving, so it only took him a minute to grab a beer, and wolf down his burger.

Jude turned to look at the nozzle and sighed, deciding to replace it before his shower. He swiped it off the counter and headed outside. Of course May was pulling into the driveway at the same time. She stopped, and the car made a big banging noise as it backfired. He watched as she got out, slammed the door, then kicked it when it wouldn’t shut tight.

Jude chuckled as he headed to the side of his house where the hose was. In seconds he had the broken nozzle off, and the new one on. He headed back to the front of the house just in time to see her trip on a broken porch step. She dropped the bags and the cans of paint she was carrying, and they rolled down the walk.

Trying to be helpful, he gave her some much needed advice. “You may want to get that board replaced.” She instantly whipped her head around to face him and glared.

“Fuck off Lucy,” she yelled back angrily.

Then she stood, moved down the walk and retrieved her paint, then stomped into the house. Jude could only stare at her in shock, then he shook himself to clear his head and yelled back.

“Don’t fucking call me Lucy,” he shouted.

Then he too turned and stomped angrily into his house. He hated her, he really did hate her, he repeated to himself over and over.

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