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Chapter 4 - May

May finally had all her purchases from the hardware store picked up and stored in the corner of the living room. Even though she was only staying in this house for a short time, she needed to add colour to the walls. They were a dirty beige colour, and her artist’s eye just couldn’t take it. She figured she could paint the living room a bright yellow, then do a huge pastel canvas for the wall. It would make the house feel more like home.

May really missed her real home and her brother. They had always lived together and were closer than most brothers and sisters. She looked around the house sadly, she was lonely here, and the house was too quiet. She was used to her brother’s friends barging in at all hours and bugging her. They treated her like a little sister, and she hated it. Sometimes she wanted them to see her as more.

Colin had been the one to drop her off, and she missed him the most. She had always had a small crush on him, but after years of him treating her like more of a sibling, she had gradually lost it. But she missed the noise her house always had.

That was something May could fix though, as the boys had been nice enough to set up her stereo in the room’s corner. She hurried over and turned it on, hooking up her iPod to it. In minutes Chester Bennington’s voice filled the room as Linkin Park’s Burn It Down played. May smiled happily and ran into her room to put on a pair of cut-off shorts and a white tank.

When she came back into the living room she rolled out plastic, then poured some paint into a tray, and got down to work. May had bought a small roller to make the job easier, along with a step ladder. First though, she painted the corners and around the trim with a brush. This way, once she started rolling she could keep at it, as all the spots the roller couldn’t get would be done.

May was about half way done when the smell of the paint started to get to her. She was on the step ladder, and the tray was on the top. She carefully set the brush in the tray and climbed down. Heading straight for the window in the living room, she pushed it open. Then she did the same with the front and back doors. She opened the storm doors so only the screen door was closed and lifted the screens in each door. Immediately, a gentle breeze blew through the house.

May sighed in relief as she headed to the stereo. The music was good, but Linkin Park was better turned up. She cranked the dial and grinned as the music went louder. Content, she climbed up the latter and got back to work. She sang as she painted to the beat of the song. She slapped the paint on the walls a bit faster and giggled when it splattered her. She knew it would be in her hair, on her clothes, and on her skin.

Laughing, and not caring at all, May continued on. She swayed a bit on the ladder as she moved to the beat of the music. This was the first time in weeks she could enjoy herself. She was completely immersed in what she was doing, so when she felt hands on her hips, she screamed and dropped the paint brush. Of course, the paint brush hit the paint tray and knocked it off the ladder.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” May heard roared from below her. The hands on her hips gripped her tighter, and she was lifted off the ladder and placed on the floor.

May closed her eyes and stared at the floor, knowing immediately from the voice it was the handsome asshole. She raised her head and opened one eye to peek up at him. He was glaring down at her angrily, as yellow paint covered him from head to toe, and dripped onto the floor.

May couldn’t help it, she bent over at the waist and laughed. She laughed so hard, she slipped on the paint and fell. As she lay on the floor, she kept laughing, not caring in the least she was laying in paint and Lucy was glaring down at her.

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