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Chapter 6 - May

May stayed up late into the night and finished painting the living room. She had kept the music on, but left it at the volume Lucy had put it at. She certainly didn’t want him stomping over again and getting in her face. Luckily, the paint that had gotten on the floor washed off easily. Not that it mattered, the wood floors were a disaster. They were scuffed, they had stains on them, and they were a faded out colour. But she knew she wouldn’t be here long enough to make it worthwhile to refinish them.

Sighing, she cleaned up her paint cans, rolled up the drop cloths, and cleaned the brush and roller. The paint colour did make the room look cheerier, so that boosted her spirits somewhat. She pushed the furniture back, but made sure it didn’t touch the still-wet walls.

Collapsing into a chair by the window, May stared at the dark house next door. The handsome ass had gone to bed earlier, and for that she was grateful. She had bought curtains, but had decided to paint before putting them up. Tomorrow she would do that first thing.

When her eyes started to close, May knew it was time for bed. She pushed out of the chair and headed for the bathroom. She knew she needed a quick shower first. When she closed the door and looked in the mirror, she couldn’t help but laugh. There was paint on her nose, paint on her cheek, paint in her eyes brows, and of course paint in her dark hair. She really hoped the shampoo got it out, because any other chemical would most likely take the dark dye out too. If it didn’t come out, she’d have to live with yellow hair for a while.

May undressed, turned on the water, and laid a towel out. After a minute, the water was finally warm enough to step into. She relaxed and let it sooth her sore arms and aching neck. Painting had worked muscles she didn’t even know she had. She dumped shampoo on her palm and lathered up her hair, then rinsed it and did it again. Next came the conditioner, her long hair was a knotted mess if she didn’t use it.

May turned to the soap and was about to wash the rest of her body when the water turned icy cold. Screaming for all she was worth, she tried to jump out from under the spray. Of course the conditioner had made the tub slippery, and she quickly lost her balance. Still screaming, May gripped the shower curtain, but instead of it stopping her fall, it broke from the rod and went down with her. She cried out, as her head slammed against the side of the toilet.

Dazed, May lay there for a minute trying to figure out how that happened. When she glanced up at the shower, it was to see the cold water still shooting out of the shower head. Without the shower curtain up, it was now hitting the floor, and she was still getting wet.

Cursing, May attempted to untangle herself from the curtain, when the door suddenly crashed in and she found herself staring at the handsome ass once more. Knowing she was completely naked and probably putting on quite a show, she tried to reach for the towel, but the damned shower curtain only got tangled more. She had no choice but to give up, and stay where she was, staring at Lucy wearily.

“What the ever loving fuck,” Lucy roared in anger. “I thought someone was killing you.”

“Not yet,” May mumbled, as she pushed the wet hair out of her face. “Did you break down my door with those freaking muscles of yours?” she questioned, as she blinked up at him in an attempt to keep the cold water out of her eyes.

Jude growled, then she watched happily as he climbed over her to shut off the water. “Fuck that’s cold,” he complained.

May tilted her head and frowned up at him. “No shit Sherlock,” she replied in annoyance. “Now can you please fuck off, so I can get myself out of this mess,” she ordered.

Jude looked down at her and smiled. “But I’m enjoying the view,” he teased.

She closed her eyes in exasperation, then quickly opened them again when he bellowed at her.

“You’re fucking bleeding.”

Uh oh, was all she could think before he was heading for her and crouching down.

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