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Chapter 1


‘That letter,’ she said pointing her finger at the letter she had just placed with deliberation on to her husband’s Desk. States the facts and the proceeding will follow for the divorce.

He tossed the letter back carelessly across the desk it slid slowly towards the edge where it balanced precariously.‘I have rented a house in the village and when I pick the children up from school tonight we won’t be returning’ she then turned to walk out of the room but had only taken a couple of steps and he was there grabbing her arm forcing her to turn and face him.

She stared at him coldly prizing his fingers from her arm ‘you’re hurting me!’

‘Hurting you? I will hurt you! The children are mine. You can’t take them!’

‘Oh yes I can Tony, you’ve played around for the last twelve years. I hung on to our marriage hoping you would grow up and get over your women chasing day’s but you haven’t and now, it’s too late! Any love for you I had is gone and now the children are old enough to notice what is going on. I have been a fool long enough!’

Tony stared at her his eyes wide ’all these years you’ve known,’he asked flabbergasted. She graced him with another cold withering stare.

’Of course, do you think I’m blind deaf as well as being a fool,’she said sarcastically.

’But you never said anything,’he said disbelievingly.

‘No maybe not and perhaps I should have, but I never went out of my way to get any proof until the last one, that Kate! Didn’t you ever wonder why you never saw her again?’

’He shrugged his shoulders not committing himself ‘I just assumed she had gone home.’

Celia laughed mirthlessly. ’she went home all right with a flea in her ear and divorce proceedings to follow. Her husband won’t be very pleased when he sees the photographs of you and her.

’Photographs! When? How? Celia laughed at him beginning to enjoy herself now and opened her handbag producing the photos for him to see. ’Not bad Huh! Said Celia the photos were in full colour and showed Tony and Kate having Full sexual intercourse.

’So that’s what you went to college for, he said sagely, nodding his head.

‘I was always good at photography, you know that Tony.’

‘Yes I do you were always good at sex too but you’re a passionless bitch now!’ he retorted angrily.

‘Passion, I repressed all my passion Tony when you started philandering but I can assure you it’s still there.’

Celia marched away from him a large smile encompassing her face. Later her passion would show when she met Sam the teacher she had met at college.


The gate rattled back into the catch as Marty swept through it. Now was the time to do it he thought as he marched purposely forward slinging the leather jacket over his shoulder into the yellow Megane. He climbed in after it his brow-deep in thought his face was weary as he looked in the mirror as he switched on and pulled into the quiet lane. The drive was uneventful it being Sunday morning, eventually he stopped in front of a Tudor style house and grabbing his Jacket from the car he stared up at the windows angrily.

The curtains were still drawn and he knew Vanessa would still be asleep in the large pink draped double bed, his lips twisted sardonically as he remembered the nights they had shared between the satin sheets. He wondered how many others had believed her when she had whispered sweet lies in their ears.

He rang the bell twice, letting it ring the second time until he heard the maids keys rattling in the lock in her haste to open the door. Then turning his back he began whistling nonchalantly until the maid grabbed his arm.

‘Oh, it’s you’ the loud whisper came as he swung round to face her.

‘Yes afraid so Pamela, Vanessa not up yet!’ he grinned impudently and swished past her into the hallway briskly.

’She probably won’t see you, you’d best leave before she gets wind of you. You know what she’s like when she wakes early my life won’t be worth living’ she whispered frantically.

He gave her a sorrowful look, ‘Hmm, well I’m sorry about that Pamela but I have to see her today’

‘But not now surely?’ Her eyebrows lifted as she begged him he was such a nice young man had always been polite to her, give her a chance at someone like him she thought instead of that uppity miss Vanessa it was always the wrong ones got the best looking fella’s. She smiled hopefully into his handsome face ‘can’t you come back in a couple of hours, Please.’

The smile faded from her lips as she heard Vanessa’s bell ring imperiously.

Marty grinned at her ruefully ′ you might as well give her the bad news while you’re there ′ and walked into the kitchen to make himself a coffee, the smile slipping from his face

Pamela opened the door carefully her back straight and no expression on her face, ‘You rang Miss.’

Vanessa her face flushed with anger stared hard at the maid ’Who the bloody hell was that at the front door this time in the morning.′

The maids face remained non-committal as she answered ‘Mr Martin Clark Miss.’

‘Who? OH Him well he can get lost.’

’Shall I tell him that Miss?

Vanessa stared hard at the maids face trying to catch her eye, but Pamela’s eyes never left the window space her chin resolutely in the air.

Vanessa flounced over in the pink satin sheets facing the pale pink velvet drapes and answered with a loud Yes.

Pamela could hardly withhold the laughter as she tiptoed through the open door quietly closing it after her she giggled helplessly into her hand. Glad she had, at last, learnt how to deflect the shouting tantrums that usually greeted her.

In the kitchen Marty was drinking his coffee and smiled encouragingly at Pamela as he and passed into the front room ‘Left a coffee on the side for you Pamela.’ he strolled to the stack of music and slid a couple of CDs into the machine turning it up loud. That will soon get her out of bed and smiled grimly at the thought of the coming battle. He had soon found out what she was like the marriage had cooled just a few weeks after the honeymoon and when he caught her in bed with one of his golfing buddies that had really rocked the boat he had filed for divorce now he was bringing her the final ultimatum. He would soon be fancy-free once again he vowed to himself as he made his way to the stairs.


The sound of the telephone woke her struggling to the surface through deep layers of sleep she pulled on her dressing gown and padded barefoot out of the door. Suddenly becoming clear-headed she realised she was not home there she only had to reach out to the phone on her bedside table but this place, where was she?

It was the long corridor of a ship the passageway confronted her doors on either side which presumably belong to other apartments. The telephone rang again and she jumped startled at the jangling noise. It seems to come from the door on the opposite side to her own. Timorously she turned the door handle and pushed her head through the gap. The room appeared empty, the phone situated on the desk rang imperiously once again. Sue stepped towards it deliberately even as she had misgivings. Abruptly the ship lurched and she was thrown across the room she landed hard on her back and banged her head against the steel wall.

Light, the bright white light of the sun scorched her face forcing itself relentlessly through the thin skin of her eyelids. Slowly she turned away from the light as she heard a worried voice say ′ She’s woken look she moved’ Warily she opened her eye’s a micro-speck then quickly closed them again as the searing heat threatened to burn them A thirst fell on her and unsuccessfully her swollen tongue tried to wet her lips. The sound of voices rumbled in her ears and something hard pressed against her mouth the taste of metal and water she gulped the water swiftly swallowing hard.

Hands grabbed her from both sides and hoisted her into the airwaves of pain rippled through her body and mercifully she passed out.

Sometime later she awoke to pitch blackness, running her hands experimentally over her body she was amazed that nothing hurt, nor were there any bandages to be found yet she distinctly remembered the feeling of pain and heat from the sun burning her eyes.

She had been in the desert with companions fighting travelling in a heavy vehicle, she shook her head was she going mental? What was happening where was she?

She spread her hands about feeling for the edge of what she lay on. The blackness was intense palpable she began to feel afraid yet what she lay on was soft, comforting, suddenly she found the edge and sat up gratefully, her feet touched soft carpeting and she sighed heavily in relief. As her full weight hit the floor a soft light illuminated the room, Where the light originated from she couldn’t tell it was as if the walls themselves glowed appearing to have a sheen like dull aluminium. Strange furniture filled the room soft couches that seemed to float the large bed she had lain on was an oval shape. She sat down on one of the couches and it seemed to mould around her form and It was as she sat thinking and wondering she noticed the window moving across the room was like walking on air taking her with surprise at the swiftness of movement.

She came upon the window abruptly and gasped in surprise and amazement at the incredible sight that greeted her. Thousands of stars greeted her vision she must be on board a starship her mind vaulted at the realization it was just too much on top of everything else. She felt faint and returned to the bed as her feet left the ground the lights faded again and she lay in the dark to think.

It came to her slowly she had worked hard for the last ten years achieving the goal she had reached with honours all her life before this had been a preparation for a journey.

She was now on her way in this the first spaceship to leave the earth and journey to a new world’ they would set up a colony as they did in the pioneering days and people would follow.

She and her crew would be the first and that was what her dream, it had been to remind her she was an adventurer a survivor She smiled hugging the feeling of exultation to herself and straightened her uniform.

It was time to wake the crew.


The bell rang three times and he raised his head to stare with glazed eyes at the clock above the bar, as he stared at it absentmindedly he felt a hand place itself upon his knee where it was bent over the bar stool gently it began to slide up his leg and he gazed in surprise at it.

His eye's wandered up the long red manicured fingers with alacrity tracing the length of her arm until they rested on the soft round orbs of her breast that pushed enticingly against the ruby red dress, resting his eyes there before continuing the perusal of the lush body that leaned into him.

He was totally unprepared for the sight that met him. In front of him stood one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life lips soft and inviting a perfect pink cupids bow that parted and smiled seductively at him. He looked into the unbelievable eyes of deep blue and read the message that boosted his ego. He could not believe his luck as he felt the heat build in his groin.

His hand reached for a deep brown curl that had fallen over her shoulder and he twirled it around his finger with a deep sigh.

He felt a desperate need to kiss her and moved his head closer in an attempt to reach that seductive mouth but she moved slightly away from him her eyes still holding his as she inclined her head towards the doorway. He slipped from his stool and she placed her hand possessively in the crook of his elbow.

His feet hardly touched the ground as they moved toward the door and before he knew it they were outside, the cool night air wafting against his cheek the moonlight shining on her dark hair and lighting the delicate contours of her profile. He caught his breath as excitement filled him and his desire inflamed him.

It was only a small village where Matt lived and he wondered where they would go He smiled at her apologetically. 'Would you like to come to my flat there is nowhere else open perhaps you would like a coffee or a drink before you leave.' he asked hopefully.

She smiled warmly and gave him a gentle push, why didn't she speak he wondered mildly perhaps she was deaf and dumb, but with a face and body like that it didn't matter he thought happilly and set off for the flat.

Again it was as if he were in a dream he couldn't recall the walk and he was putting the key in the lock and opening the door in the twinkling of an eye and welcoming her in.

Crossing the room she opened the door to his bedroom and beckoned him to follow her entering the room behind her he watched in amazement as she began to remove the ruby dress it slid slowly down her body revealing creamy flesh with no undergarments and turning to him she smiled seductively inviting him to the bed.

He slipped hastily from his clothes and joined her on the bed where she immediately mounted him.

He would never forget that night and nothing no other woman could do would ever compare it was all a dream. 'YEAH! right' thought Matt stomping down the road to the pub but could he be sure.

Meanwhile, the seductive lady of nightmares swept off elegantly in the ruby red dress looking for her next victim.

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