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Romance / Mystery


I'm a creature of the night, a vampire who has lived for centuries now. Miranda, my beautiful secretary caught my attention. I tried avoiding her. I'm a horrible monster, she'll never love me. But all my suppression efforts backfired, I couldn't hold it any longer. I visited her apartment at night, and in the darkest corner of her room, I watch her sleep. But it wasn't enough, from that dark corner, I took a further step. I used my powers to manipulate her in her dreams, to make her love me. And she did, she loved me, and the things that we do in her dreams. But one night, she woke up. I need to hide or be something that she won't recognize. Of all the powers that my immortality has given me, I decided to turn myself into a cat.

Chapter 1: dark corner


I’m a creature of the night. A vampire who has lived for centuries now. Today I lived among people, I wanted to be like them, and be lost in their simple world. I wanted to live their life.

Although I have kept in my basement a huge amount of fortune, I chose to work and live among mortals.

Years ago I’ve sent a job application at Evans Corporation, a real estate company. I was hired as their corporate lawyer.

During my first day at work, Miranda Collins, the beautiful secretary of the legal department caught my attention. I wanted her, see her, and be with her, but it’s not possible. She’s human, and I’m nothing but a monster.

To suppress my feelings I tried avoiding her, not talking to her, or even avoid looking at her. But all my suppression effort backfired. I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I visited Miranda’s apartment at night. In the darkest corner of her room, I watched her sleep. It was a peaceful yet a satisfying scene. She’s such a beautiful, yet a wickedly fatal view.

It’s crazy, how seeing her made me feel, she made me feel like I’m human, just like mom. She made me feel sensual sensations that I thought I was no longer capable of feeling. Most of all she made feel what it’s like to love.

Her hourglass figure is perfect. She definitely drives me insane. Her long, brown, and wavy hair intensifies my desire to touch her.

Her serene face is perfect. She looks like an angel, and at the same time, devilishly seductive. No doubt, she’s one of the sweetest scenes I’ve ever witnessed in my centuries of existence.

Seeing her at night has become my addiction. Yeah, every night I silently watch her. Seeing her wrapped in her favorite white blanket made me shiver.

After a while, my desire for her transitioned into a stronger being, it became an obsession. I felt the urge to come closer, feel her soft skin, and share her warmth.

From that dark corner, I took my first further step. I sat on her bed and stretched my hand to touch her lips. I was electrified.

I felt the urge to kiss her. All I ever wanted was Miranda, Miranda, Miranda. I need to use my powers, so she’ll reciprocate my feelings for her.

I need to make her feel the way I feel. She needs to love me.

So I kissed her and she kissed me back but I know she’s still asleep. She’s like an open book, I could read her mind with all clarity.

Clearly, she thought she was dreaming. She’s dreaming of me passionately kissing her.

I know this is unfair for Miranda, I know I shouldn’t have used my powers on her. I know I shouldn’t be manipulating her dreams and her emotions. I know, it’s evil and unkind.

But I’m obsessed. I wanted to be with her and there's no other way.

I know she wouldn’t want a creature like me. I could never confess to her or tell her who I really am. I’m a horrible monster. The idea that she'll love me back is close to impossible.

After I kissed her that night, I got hooked. I’m drowned, I lost myself in a mere mortal’s deadly charm.

I needed to kiss her every night just to keep my sanity. But it came to a point, that I want something more. I want us to go deeper.

So the next night, I sneaked into her room. I touched her forehead and made her fell into deep slumber. I made her dream about me once again. This time I want us to explore what we felt for each other.

I know this is seriously wrong, but I can’t seem to control myself. She looks intensely ravishing.

I intertwined my hand with hers. I want her to at least feel me. I want her to feel that this thing that I have for her is stronger than anyone could ever imagine.

I leaned over, inhaling her sweet female scent as I get close. I started stroking her cheeks, kissed her neck, and the corner of her lips.

She moaned in satisfaction. She liked it. She liked me and the things that we do in her dreams.

The emotions and sensations, as she moaned again seized me. I lost control, these feelings that I have for her devoured me.

The mere contact of her skin against mine made me forget that I was supposed to be manipulating her. She was supposed to think that she was dreaming while I’m doing my thing. I lost it.

Then it hit me, she’s on the verge of waking up. All the sensations fade away in an instant. I panicked.

I need to do something, I need to hide, disappear, or be something she won’t recognize. With all the powers that my immortality has given me, I decided to transform myself into a cat.

Yeah, a pure white cat with long majestic hair. I know she’s a cat person, side glancing at those ten weird cats sleeping in her room.

Miranda opened her eyes, she was shocked and surprised when she saw me in my majestic white fur.

“Oh, my God. Where did you come from? You sweet little thing.”

I was sitting in her bed, staring at her with puppy dog eyes. Yeah, a cat can do that too. She was happy and extremely ecstatic.

In an instant, she picked me up and placed me on her lap, while her hand was stroking my neck.

Then I cursed myself, of all the creatures in the world, why a cat? Her grip and her touch sent several warning signals to my feline brain.

I realized that she won’t let go of me now. She’s a cat lady, she’s literally obsessed with anything that says meow.

“You’re a British Longhair. God must have sent you here to reward me for being such a good fur mom to the cat population. So, I’m going to name you now.” She looked at me, thinking deeply.

I lift my head up and winked at her, discreetly pleading for a respect-worthy name.

“Well sweetie, I was dreaming of Enzo when you woke me up. So, I’ve decided to name you after him. I’m gonna call you Zoe.” She spoke.

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