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He's the best, yet the worst thing that happened in my life. He was my first and the most fatal of all. He broke my heart, so I broke his soul. Yet, nothing has changed, he's still my one great love, He's both the best and the worst thing that happened in my life. He was my first, and the most fatal of all. He broke my heart, so I broke his soul too. Yet, when everything is over and too much has been done, I realized that it's still him. He's still my one great love.

Romance / Humor
gretchen geralde
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Chapter 1. Bitter Sweet


I lay in Harold’s arms like a baby. We’re both young, and wild. The kind who wouldn’t bother playing with fire, because we don’t even know what it’s like if we get burned.

I gasp and my fingers traveled through his pecs. God, this man is just super hot.

The truth is, I couldn’t get enough of him, but I don’t really show my emotions to him. I often act as if I don’t really care. I don’t want him to know that he’s my weakness.

“I’ve got to go, baby. Dad will kill me if I go home late. It’s his birthday.” He spoke softly.

“Ohh, okay.” I nod at him.

“I know you’ll gonna miss me, but we’ll see each other again. I promise.” He kissed my lips, stood up, and head straight to the shower.

His phone was vibrating, so I picked it up. As I unlocked the screen, I saw a message from a woman.

Dina: Where are you, love? I’ve been waiting for hours. I missed you.

Dina? I don’t know her. I have no idea. Tears are threatening to fall. To somehow stop them from falling, I lift my head up and fixed my gaze on the ceiling.

My heart is crushed into a million pieces. I scrolled up the screen and have read his messages for her too.

Harold: I love you, honey. See you later tonight.

Love? Ohh God, I can’t believe it. He’s been fooling me all along. My heart is thumping wildly in my chest.

I wanted to choke him, or even end his life, but he’s not worth it. I’m not gonna spend a lifetime in prison for killing an asshole like him.

Now I understand why he doesn’t seem to care for me, why he doesn’t message or call me as often as he should. We had this relationship since high school, and yet I couldn’t feel that I’m important to him.

We’ve been together for years, yet he never told me that he loved me. Now I know, he’s in love with somebody else. He loved her, and not me.

I stood up, placed his phone on the bed, and joined him in the shower. If he’s playing this game, then I’m gonna play it too.

I’ll play with his emotions and heart until he virtually crawls in pain. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

His eyes grew wide when I got in with all my naked glory. I fished the soap and rubbed it against his skin. The smell of the soap and the bubbles forming in his body is too intoxicating, but lurking behind is the painful truth that he never loved me.

The feel of his skin against mine is sending bittersweet emotions up my spine. The feeling of betrayal mixed with anger and disgust is budding within my chest.

I gulped all the lumps forming in my throat, and immerse myself in the shower to hide the tears, to hide my anguish. Harold is my damn first boyfriend, first love, first kiss, first sex, first in everything.

I was 15, and he’s 20 when we had this relationship. Back then I thought that I was just too young for him and that’s the reason why he isn’t taking me seriously.

Now, I’m 23 and he’s 28, yet nothing has changed. He’s still taking me for granted.

I gave myself to him in total surrender. I thought he felt the same as I do, and he’s just afraid to show that he’s vulnerable too. I’m terribly wrong, I shouldn’t have let him took advantage of my fragile heart.

I’m miserably bleeding and it’s my fault, I didn’t use my brain. I let my heart walk me to hell.

“Make me the happiest woman on earth, Harold. Please?”

I flirted.

“Ohh... Are you sure?”

He asked with an amused smile. I know he’s somewhat puzzled by my sudden change in mood. I bit my lower lip, and let out a delicious moan. “Harold.”

“Seriously? Hailey, are you sick? You don’t sound well.” He asked again with his lips twitching. He looked really nervous.

“We slept together for so many times, why are you nervous?” I asked smirking.

“No, I’m not. I’m just not used to you acting like this. Are you possessed or something?” He chuckled.

He’s right. I’m a new me, and I’m gonna make him pay and regret that he ever played with my heart.

“Give me a good foreplay, sweetie. Make you’re Daddy proud.” I whispered seductively into his ear. I know this is really weird because I don’t act like this towards him.

I am the kind who’ll never touch him unless he touches me. At this moment, for the first time, I’m initiating the first move.

My goal is for him to stay away from his other woman. She can’t win him that easy, and for Harold, he can’t just get away from what he did to me. He’ll pay for what he has done.

Hours have passed and as expected he stayed with me the whole night. Indeed, a good sex will definitely glue a man in bed for eternity.

I woke up early the morning after that, run towards the shower, and put on my office uniform. I thought about preparing food for breakfast, but that would be too much. I don’t want to feed a snake. A cheater like him deserves to starve.

As soon as I’m done, I head straight to the office. I didn’t wake Harold up, I don’t care if he’ll be late at work. He deserves all the hate in the world.

By the way, I also took his clothes and his keys with me. I dumped them all in my car. Yeah, talk about my first sweet revenge.

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