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Chapter 2. Floral


I woke up, as soon as I felt the sun shining on my face. God, that was one crazy night.

After so many years, I never thought that Hailey is capable of performing extraordinarily in bed. What has gotten into her last night? Was she possessed? I hold down a laugh thinking that yeah it’s possible.

I do hope that she’ll be like that forever. I hate it when she ignores me. I just want to feel that she wants me the way I wanted her.

I felt that she doesn’t really love me, and I loved her so much. Yeah, for a number of times, I cheated on her because I want freedom. Freedom from being neglected.

For years Hailey has been my world. She’s like a fragile gem, and I don’t know anymore how I could ever take care of her. I don’t want to hurt her, or cheat, but I need to feel that I’m wanted.

But last night, she changed, and she nailed it. She gave me the thing that I needed from her, her love and affection.

I shifted my gaze to the alarm clock on the right side of the bed, it’s one o’clock in the afternoon. I’m shocked. I hurriedly jumped out of bed. “God, my manager will kill me for being this late.”

I stood up and looked for my clothes. They’re gone, I can’t find them anywhere. I dialed Hailey’s number, but she’s not picking up. I also sent a couple of messages, but she’s not responding.

I furrowed my brows when I noticed Dina’s messages. I don’t need her anymore, my Hailey has changed. I sent her a message to end everything between us.

God, I must get rid of her as soon as I can. I won’t let her spoil everything between me and the woman I loved.

I let out a heavy sigh and checked Hailey’s clothes so I could at least borrow and wear something. My eyes grew wide. I can’t wear any of these.

Her clothes are way too small and girly for me. I hold a breath and grabbed her biggest shirt. It’s a floral t-shirt with lace on its hem.

I shook my head in disbelief that I’m gonna wear it. I will certainly look stupid but, I don’t have a choice.

I put on her shirt and paired it with her leggings. Yeah, leggings, it’s the only somewhat manly thing in her closet.

I faced the mirror and twirled like a good lady. I gulped and felt like I’m about to puke. “Mother of shits! I looked really awful.”

I can’t go to the office like this. This is crazy, I don’t even have a brief for shit’s sake. This will certainly destroy my bad boy image.

I narrowed my eyes in the mirror and noticed several red spots on my neck. Dammit! I have hickies all over me. I rush towards her closet again and pulled a pink floral scarf.

I tied the piece of shit, around my neck. I curled my lips as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Damn, I looked really disgusting. Can I really go out like this?

But then again, do I have a choice? If I don’t go to the office as soon as I can, I’m gonna get fired. I went down the living room and looked for my keys. Freaking unicorn, they’re gone too.

I rush outside, to get myself a cab. Shit, some of her neighbors are looking at me. They’re probably thinking that some screws in my brain have loosened up. “We’re having an advance Halloween party.” I shot at one of them, raising my hands in the air.

“Yeah, you look stupid.” He shot back.

Well, I can’t blame him. As a matter of fact, I do look stupid. I laughed it off, to show that I’m cool. Shit, deep inside I’m more than pissed off. I’m burning with rage.

Thank god, a cab stopped in front of me. I quickly get inside and told the driver to take me to First Security Incorporated. Yeah, I worked at a company that provides maximum security to the rich and the famous.

I could already imagine the faces of my macho colleagues once they see me in this shit. I gasped and cheered myself. I could already imagine the humiliation that I’m about to face. No, stay cool, act cool.

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