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Chapter 5. Party


As my shift ended, I went to the basement to get my car. I was about to open the door when a familiar voice greeted me.

“Hi, Hailey.” It’s Gian. He’s riding a red Ferrari. Such an expensive car. I’m quite puzzled. How could he own such a luxury vehicle?

I know he’s paid higher than the ordinary employees, but he can’t afford a car like this. It’s impossible. I stood still, dumbfounded as I stared at him.

He stepped out of his car and grabbed my wrist. He dragged and pushed me into the passenger seat. “We’ve got to go, Hailey. Mom and Dad are waiting for us.”

“Okay.” I chirped.

He leaned over me and fastened my seatbelt. He stared at me intently as he locked the belt. I blinked.

“We’re gonna make Harold jealous. He’ll be there at the party.” He declared and I'm suddenly in a daze.

My eyes grew wide. “Why would he be there? This isn’t a good joke. Gian, for heaven's sake, please tell me.”

He cleared his throat. “Dina Stinger’s family and mine are good friends. The stingers will be there, and Harold is Dina’s bodyguard.”

“Oh.” I'm surprised. What a small world huh.

“I got you a dress and a shoe. You can dress up later.” He beamed excitedly.

“Thanks.” I was lost for words. I’m totally shocked by all these. We drove for an hour now, and he was bizarrely silent.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“At home.” He responded curtly. “We’re less than five minutes away.” He added.

I nod at him. I’m still not ready to face Harold, especially when Gian is with me. Plus the idea that he’s with Dina is making me sick.

After a while, we entered the gates of a huge Hotel. I’ve never been to this place.

Then everything sank into my system, we’re at a hotel, Gian and me. What is he planning? I folded my arms against my chest to at least have a layer of protection.

He pulled over, went outside and opened my door. He pulled me by the wrist and threw his keys to a man in uniform.

“Welcome home Mr. Bail.” The man uttered, as Gian pats his shoulder.

“You... lived in a hotel?” I asked stuttering.

“I lived here my whole life.” He smiled at me.

I’m really puzzled. Gian and I have been friends for years, yet I don’t really know much about him.

All I knew is he’s an engineer working for Caliper Construction. This is the first time that I’m gonna meet his family.

We took the elevator at the far corner of the hotel. He pressed the 30th-floor button. “My family and I lived on the 30th floor.”

“I see.” I responded shyly.

“My mom and dad work here.” He murmured.

“Wow. You’re mom and dad has a kind boss. Your family is blessed.” I spoke with confidence.

He stared at me for a while, and then he chuckled. I furrowed my brows. What’s so funny? He's acting really weird and I'm about to faint.

As we reach the 30th floor a rose garden surprised me. It’s breathtaking, roses of different colors and sizes are everywhere.

Gian walked ahead of me, I trailed behind him. I watched him silently as he picked a red rose. He gave the rose to me.

My heart fluttered as I sniffed its heavenly scent. I love roses. They remind me of mom and his little flower garden back in Chicago. “Thank you, Gian.”

He smiled and we walked across a pool. Yeah, the pool has a bridge filled with roses too. God, this place is simply paradise.

“You’ve got a nice place.” I spoke and he turned his head towards me. “What’s the name of this Hotel? I’ve never been here.”

He chuckled and shook his head. “Let’s go inside, Hailey. We’ll talk about this place later.”

“Okay.” I chirped.

We walk towards the entrance. Men in uniform greeted us. “Welcome home, Mr. Bail.”

I furrowed my brows, why are they too formal. They even bowed their head as we pass through them.

A man in a white suit approached us. “Sir, Ms. Hailey Blake’s make up artist is here. I have also placed her dress in her room.”

Hailey Blake? That’s me. Oh god, why do I suddenly have a makeup artist?

“Thank you, Simon. Could you take Hailey to her room so she could change.” Gian spoke with authority.

Simon nodded, and I followed him. I glanced at Gian one last time, and he gestured that I should go.

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