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Chapter 7. Whiskey


I’m here, attending a party of someone I hardly knew. As Dina’s bodyguard, I need to accompany her all the time.

“Hardy, take this.” Dina handed me a glass of whiskey to drink. I grabbed it at once, a glass won’t hurt. I’m a heavy drinker, I don’t get drunk easily. I gulped the fluid and placed it back on the table.

“Good evening everyone the Bail Family is here. Mrs. Gertrude Bail has a special message for all of us. Let us all welcome her with a round of applause.” The emcee spoke and a round of applause exploded all throughout the huge convention area.

A woman who looked probably in her sixties stepped in. “Good evening. Welcome to my birthday celebration. My husband George Bail, my only son Gian Bail and his girlfriend, Ms. Hailey Blake would like to thank you all for coming. Enjoy the party.”

Wait a minute? Hailey Blake? The girlfriend of who? I immediately stood up and walk towards the stage.

My heart is split into a thousand pieces as I watch Hailey in the arms of a man that I don’t even recognize. Mother of all freaking unicorns, my Hailey, she can’t do this to me.

Tears prick my eyes. They’re threatening to fall. I lift my head up, hoping that somehow my tears will backflow.

“That’s Gian George Timothy Bail, the sole heir to the great Bail Empire. They exclusively own all the Bail’s Hotel in the world and are also the major stockholders to almost all Hotels in the country." Dina hissed.

I clenched my teeth in anger. “I don’t need your filthy explanation, Dina.”

“Your girlfriend, Hailey is playing with you, Hardy. You don’t deserve a bitch like her.” She spoke while handing me another glass.

“I don’t need your opinion, and don’t call her names.” I gulped the fluid in the glass and instantly grabbed another one from the table beside me. After a series of shots, my vision became quite blurry.

I felt Dina’s arms laced around my neck, and her lips were suddenly next to mine. I pushed her away, but when I looked at her intently her face instantly transformed to that of Hailey’s. Wow, I never thought that magic really did exist in this world.

I instantly wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ears. “Don’t ever leave me, Hailey. I’m gonna die if I lost you.”

I kissed her again and twisted my tongue with hers. My palm is on her back, pushing her against me. Although we were on fire yesterday night, I already missed her.

“Let’s go downstairs, Hardy. Have a little privacy. What do you think?” She murmured.

Hardy? Wait a minute, Hailey never calls me that. I blinked several times and realized that I was actually kissing Dina.

I pulled away and took the phone in my pocket. I dialed Jason’s number. “Hello, Jason. I’m here at the convention area of Bail’s Hotel in New Jersey. I need some backup bro, I'm drunk. Could you come here and take my place? Could you watch over Dina Stinger for me?” I begged.

“Okay, I’m on my way.” Jason responded.

After a few minutes, Jason arrived, and I immediately left Dina to him. To my surprise, she never protested. I guess she knew that I could never watch over her when I’m in this state.

I hailed a cab and told the driver to take me to Hailey’s place. We need to talk and sort this out. I’ve been really stupid for the past few years, but I love her. I love her so much, I can’t seem to stand the pain that she’s causing me.

I arrived at her apartment in New York. I lay in her bed and waited for her. I know she has a good explanation for everything.

My phone buzzed, so I slipped my hand into my pocket to take my phone out. It’s a message from Dina. She sent me several pictures.

As I stared at the pictures on my phone, anger crept through my whole being. Hailey is miserably kissing the asshole heir of the Bail Empire. I stood up, threw my phone on the floor, and stomped on it a gazillion times.

Bitch, bitch, bitch. How could she do this to me? I know I wasn’t a good boyfriend. I betrayed her and slept with other girls a lot of times, but I love her. I was determined to change for her if she’ll only give me the attention that I needed.

I roared in anger, run to the shower, and cried my heart out. What could they be doing at this moment? Could they be making love? I hate her. I hate them.

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