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I have to make love to you, Kim ... "I really want to make love to you, darling, ever since I saw you enter the club." Adam's hands were busy squeezing both dense round breasts of Kim while Kim tilted One night stand !! It is a term for those who want to enjoy sex without a status bound. The name is familiar to the ears of the metropolitan women and men in America. But not for Kimberly Steward, One night stand is the crazy thing she does in her ordinary life as a modern woman. She did so because of the frustration by her lover who married her best friend. But what if she meets a handsome man who became her sleeping companion at one night stand one day? Handsome, hot guy in the gang and one of the brash creatures who started chasing her. Yet Kim's heart is always beating of him.

Romance / Erotica
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New York City.
A luxury club in East Hampton, New York City, near Main Beach, looks crowded by midnight. There were rows of luxury cars parked in the vast parking lot. The lights that are on the main door of the club look bright and colorful. The sound of the music stomping inside the club, the bunny-wearing waiters were pacing up and down delivering orders and the bartenders showed their skill.

The aroma of expensive tobacco and the clink of glasses of whiskey, tequila, vodka and even wine offset the music boom. Visible visitors dance on the dance floor or partly at large tables and talking and making out. Every night, especially on Friday night, the Berkeley Club is always visited by American socialites as well as rich tourists from abroad. They partied overnight or met just for one night stand!

One night stand! That nasty sentence seemed to have been very common to the ears of modern humans. There was a large table filled with beautiful girls in sexy dragons while drinking their tequila. Some of them seem to be used to being in a place like that, but there’s one of them who looks awkward and even moves uncomfortably with the cream-colored mini-sleeved dress she wears.

The girl is beautiful, very beautiful even with the classic and aristocratic impression. The golden blond hair that was fluttering her innocent plain, blue-eyed eye and had an oval-shaped face. Her face is like an angel’s incarnation but her solid body contains and has a seductive curve, considered a devil’s devil creation for the opposite sex. But Kimberly Stewards is not a seductive girl, far from it, Kim-her call-is just an old girl trapped in modern life and believes in true love that makes her heartbroken when her fiancée abandons her by marrying her little friend.

“Come on, Kim !! Do not be embarrassed like that !! You have to look at the men who are here.. find your one night stand partner! “The red-haired girl with her thick Boston accent seemed to tap Kim’s thigh, who immediately looked at her with a hot face. She seemed to be reminded of why she was in the club.

A short brown haired girl was laughing crisply after she straightened her win. Julia said lightly. “Kim will never get up from her seat even with her can stay with that mini dress alone is amazing!” With the same blue eyeball with Kim, Julia looked at Kim sharply. “Do not tell me you’re still thinking about that bastard David!”

Kim’s face heats up. Of course she tells herself that she said would try one night stand with anyone that night to kill the shadow of David with Keira who was married a week even her former friend was pregnant with David’s seed. Given that it feels like Kim wants to cry. During intercourse, David always forced herself to wear safety but not on Keira. And when she asks for an explanation on Keira, why did she trap David by not telling him to use his safety, Keira said something that made Kim shortness of breath.

“He’s comfortable with me. You’re so stiff and monotonous, Kim. He wants occasional women to be in control and I always listen to his complaints at work. To him you’re too tough; you’re a career woman who even has an IQ on top of it. He wants to be controlled on the bed but wants to be a controller in everyday life. He did not find it in you! ”

Shit! Unconsciously Kim cursed inside. And Julia’s loud voice brought back to the club scene.
“You want to prove that you are not a stiff and monotonous player who wants to try this way.”

Kim looked at Julia and three other girls. He sighed and said shortly. “Do not glare at me!” After that she stood up from her seat and half ran away from their table.

The red-haired girl patted Julia’s shoulder, “stop saying that spicy phrase! What if she gives up? ”

But Julia chuckled. She stared at the red-haired Stephie. “Steph, me and Kim have been working in the same company for 3 years and even we share the apartment. She’s a hard-hearted girl. She’ll do that. ”


Kim entered the ladies’ room and headed for the sink. The washroom looked deserted and she opened the tap and washed her face. Among the water droplets, Kim stared into her face in the small mirror above the sink. She bit her little lip and opened her purse, pulled out a piece of tissue and dried her wet face. After that he began to polish her face with a thin makeup and wrinkled her ripe lips with a thick red lipstick. She smoothed her blond hair and stared into the sleeveless mini dress that hung in her beautiful body. She sighed and walked out of the ladies’ room, back at her desk.

Kim is completely unaware that from the very beginning she and her friends entered the club, there were a pair of brown ground eyes staring intently at her from the bar. Even those eyes were not at all on Kim’s face and the girl’s early movements.

A bartender seemed to hand over a glass of wine to the dark-haired man. “This is your wine. Mr. Adam Randall. ”

Without turning around, the handsome man named Adam Randall greeted his slok and stepped down from his curve bar. His body was tall with a wide shoulder pair covered with an expensive suit. With a slow pace he approached the girls’ desks, but his brown eyes were fixed on a pretty golden blond face.

Adam just stood in front of Kim’s desk and her friends. He could see that the five girls were silently staring at his towering self. Especially he could see clearly the dark-blue eyes of the golden blonde’s eyes between the dim light of the club. Something was throbbing in Adam and he bowed slightly in front of the face.

Kim noticed a tall, well-built man standing right in front of their table. The man was wearing a gray shirt suit and his hand was holding a glass of sloki and had now bent his tall body right in front of her face.

“Are you willing to dance with me?”

Kim heard the man’s heavy voice. She could also smell the scent of musk around the man’s body without even being aware of the hairs of Kim’s neck bristling with the warm breath of the man sweeping her ears while whispering.

Adam smiled his mysterious smile that made Kim uninvited into awe. Stephie pushed her shoulders slowly. Kim turned to the red-haired girl and saw the glances of the eyes of all her friends. Kim turned back to Adam who waited patiently. He placed his tequila slate on the table followed by Adam’s slot.

“Can I leave my wine here?” Adam looked at Julia and the others and was instantly answered by an enthusiastic nod.

Kim bit her lip as his hands warmly pulled her toward the dance floor of the club. Incidentally when the music changed in the slow music of Trey Songs, Slow motion. The visitors of the club immediately perform a romantic dance with their respective spouses.

Kim stood right in front of Adam and held her breath as the man she could now see had a pair of warm sharp brown earth eyes wrapping his firm arm around her waist. With his other hand, slightly up, Adam pushed Kim’s back against his hard chest so he could feel two soft breasts against his chest.

Adam felt his crotch tighten as he and the blond girl began to move to the music. Kim looked into the brown eyes so close to her face that she saw a very handsome face in front of her. His arms were curled around her neck. She sensed how sticky her breasts stuck to his chest, wrapped in a fitted body shirt under an open suit.

Adam seemed to gently squeeze both of Kim’s waist and slightly lowered because Kim is high, the tip of his nose almost touching the tip of her nose. “What’s your name?” Adam whispered just above Kim’s chipped lips. A pair of sharp eyes want penetrate Kim’s blue eye beads.

Kim moved her lips, opening with a hoarse voice. “Kim. Kimberly Stewards ... “Kim closed her eyes as she felt a lumpy and warm lips suck her bottom lip in erotic motion. In fact she also felt that now a man’s hand is no longer at her waist but rubbed and squeezed gently her butt in rhythm. Unconsciously, Kim actually put her breasts on the hard chest and moved slowly so that rubbing something hard provokingly pressed her stomach.

Kim’s lips still half open as Adam sucked softly on the bottom lip while whispering softly. “Adam. Adam Randall, “Adam passionately crushed Kim’s lips and greeted as passionately by the girl. Their tongues wrestle in Kim’s warm mouth, Adam plays his tongue stroking her palate and sucking her tongue in erotic motions as his hands squeeze her buttocks, pushing her closer to his tense body so he can feel the triangular area of ​​the girl it is wrapped in a mini dress.

Adam cracked hard and kissed her lips, sipping and biting her gently. While a gentle moan escaped from Kim’s throat. Kim felt her whole body hot and cold, Adam’s kiss made her arousal, kicking her back with all the wild kisses. Her hands on the back of his neck plays the slightly curly tip of his hair.

“Kim ... a beautiful name ..” Adam whispered hoarsely at the corner of Kim’s lips, slowly now Adam’s lips crept down Kim’s jaw, moved toward her little ear, and played his tongue that wet on the lobe that was tingled with small earrings.

Adam plays his tongue on the sensitive spot in the ears making Kim moan delicious and gasping. “Ahh ...”

Adam felt his breath catch and he whispered back in Kim’s ear as he continued kissing her earlobe. “Mind if you come to the hotel with me? I have to make love to you, Kim ... “After that back Adam crushed Kim’s lips that had been waiting.

Gluttonily they kissed again, between the kisses, Kim nodded. She also wants to make love with Adam! She could feel his smile on her swollen lips. She does not know that all her friends are staring at her with open-mouthed. “Shit! Kim got a great man! “Julia said.

The hotel Adam selected is a super-luxury hotel right on Main Beach. The sound of the waves became the backdrop in the super-luxurious room. Kim was standing in the middle of the room in doubt. She saw how Adam was becoming more and more handsome in the bright lights. The man’s hair was cut neatly, though slightly random, because the curls were dark brown and the pair of men’s eyes were sharp with their brown color. His body was very athletic and proportionate to the tall size, as Adam unfolded his jacket and tossed it at random, his broad, muscular chest looming behind his fitted shirt. For a moment Kim wanted to run away, she did not think she could make love to a man like Adam.

Adam looked at Kim, who stood stiffly in the middle of the room. His heart was pounding with excitement. Kim has a facial beauty like an angel but her dense and curvy body is like a devil’s creation to seduce a man. The cream-colored mini dress attached to the seductive body, even with his eyes, Adam was fascinated by a pair of unsuccessful breasts beneath the shirt-shaped dress. He was determined to taste the round and firm breasts, stroked them with his fingertips, sucked them with his mouth and Adam felt his manhood stiffen. Adam unbuttoned his shirt without taking his eyes off Kim.

Kim also did not turn her face away and her blood rustled as it hit Adam’s body that was perfectly imprinted by the flat chest and stomach muscles. The muscular body is so tough and solid, narrowed at the bottom of the navel. Instantly Kim’s legs felt shaky as he approached her and stood behind her.

“Are you frightened of me?” Kim heard Adam’s whisper just behind her, she felt how his hand brushed her hair and stroked the back of her neck. Kim closed her eyes as she could feel a small kiss on the nape of her neck followed by other hot kisses along her back neck. Adam’s lips were just behind Kim’s ear, his tongue playing erotic in Kim’s lobe and his lips down on the naked shoulder curl of the girl. Both hands moved forward and cupped her breasts.

“I really want to make love to you, darling, ever since I saw you enter the club.” Adam’s hands were busy squeezing both dense round breasts of Kim while Kim tilted her head so that Adam freely fondle along the side of her neck. Adam bit her erotic earlobe and his hands slowly pulled down the dress that covered the two rubbery mountains. His thumb found a lace bra with a low cup and he played his thumb on the hardened nipples of Kim behind the bra.

Kim grabbed both of Adam’s hands that squeezed both breasts. A hoarse sigh erupted from her lips and she unknowingly moved her solid buttocks into Adam’s very hard crotch. He grunted as he sucked a sensitive spot on Kim’s neck. With a quick movement he turned Kim’s half-naked body because the chest of her dress had fallen below her waist. Adam pushed Kim’s body gently on a long, feather-covered couch. Wildly Adam crushed Kim’s open lips. His hands were busy pulling off the mini dress Kim had worn. While Kim’s hands are also busy opening Adam’s belt so that in an instant both are already in a state of innocence. Adam’s eyeball glinted at the beautiful body that plastered before his eyes. It was the most beautiful body he had ever seen. He leans over and caresses her lips with his thumbs while his other hand caresses his neck and touches the skin over Kim’s chest.

“You’re teasing me, Mr. Randall, ” Kim sighed as Adam’s rigid virility pressed against her slender stomach.

He smiled. His tongue wrestled her tongue while his hands were now squeezing her breasts sticking out with passion. Adam’s hands expertly massaged and made a circular motion on Kim’s plump breasts. Adam felt his breath pounding and he sighed over Kim’s lips. “You’re the one who’s teasing me, Miss Stewards!”

Kim looked surprised by Adam’s sentence but the man did not give her any chance to think other than the fog of excitement that ruled them. Adam’s lips had gone down the neck of Kim’s throat and now the lips had been churning her breasts alternately.

The team chewed deliciously over where her stiffened nipples were drowning in Adam’s warm mouth. The man was very good at using his lips and tongue so that Kim’s heart cursed. As Adam suspected, Kim had a size of 34B which made him want to keep touching and tasting. Meanwhile his hands down moving stroked her stomach, groin until his hands slowly open Kim’s thighs wider.

Kim hold her breath when she felt the palms of Adam’s hands caressing the center of her body. Adam removed his lips from her breasts, and resumed his lips licking along her belly and playing his tongue at her navel made her stronger to grasp the sheets.

Quickly, he reached for the condom bag he had prepared on the side table. Adam rushed in it. Seeing Adam ready for her, Kim grabbed Adam’s body and sighed happily as she felt Adam’s hard possession fill her hot body.

Kim welcomed Adam’s lips that crushed her lips as he moved quickly inside her. Kim crushed Adam’s lips as wildly and sexually as he did to her. Their tongues twisted together and Kim bit his lower lip as he cursed hoarsely.

“Damn Kim !!” and Kim can sense that they both reached the peak of the same orgasm and Adam put his face in the curve of Kim’s neck. The torso was full of sweat and Kim could hear the hiss of the man in her ear.

“You’re wonderful.”


The phone ringing woke Kim the next morning. She wakes up instantly and grabs her cell phone. “Hello ...” Kim said as her eyes looked around and she still saw the luxury hotel room. She also saw her naked body wrapped in blankets beside herself visible empty leaving only tangled sheets and a seductive musk scent.

“Kim! Where are you now ?! ” came Julia’s voice across the room.

Kim wiped her blond hair as she climbed out of bed with a blanket wrapped around her. She tried to identify the hotel where she spent the night with a strange man who only she remembered had Adam’s name.

“I ... I do not know ...” Kim said giddily. She winced as she heard Julia’s shout. She rounded her eyes and pounded on a piece of paper under the vase. She headed toward it and saw a line on the hotel paper that read Vanchover Hotel, Main Beach. Besides, she read a neatly written sentence.

“Honey I can not be with you all day. You are very exciting. Adam Randall. ”

Kim bits her lip reading the seductive tone and she snorted softly. She again heard Julia’s increasingly hysterical voice. “Vanchover Hotel, Main Beach!”

After closing the conversation by ensuring that her companions would pick her up, Kim reached for the paper of Adam wrote and stuffed it idly in her bag. She also found that Adam was a lovemaking companion. Besides the man is very exciting and make her orgasm many times, the man is also very generous with paying hotels and provide a luxury breakfast room service. Kim chewed on her omelette and smiled to herself and soon she heard a knock on her hotel door.

She stood up and opened the door. The four friends gawked at her tidy self and were in a luxurious room at the beachfront luxury hotel. They know that the overnight tariff in the room is as fancy as it costs them to eat for a week.

Stephie shook Kim’s shoulders fiercely. “Damn girl! What man that you make love hah? Who can make love to you with this exorbitant hotel ?? !! ” she urged the heat.

Grabbing her purse and gently pushing Stephie’s hand, Kim responds with a laugh. “I have no idea. I think he’s a very rich man. “And Kim precedes her friends from the room with a smile.

Julia sighed and shook her head. She could see a pair of Kim’s white cheeks reddish marks that the girl had experienced a loving romance. For God’s sake! What kind of man who made love with Kim ???

Meanwhile, Adam was sitting quietly in his luxury car to Manhattan with his assistant Peter Parker. Adam seemed to be reading a report carried by Peter but somehow his mind wandered elsewhere. Had she gone out of the hotel? What is her name? Kim? Kimberly? Kimberly Stewards? Suddenly he gasped for something and he laughed softly. Shit! I was just thinking about a strange girl who just had sex with me all night! Adam stared at the towering buildings in Manhattan. A smile still swelled at the corner of his lips.

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