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Chapter 11 - Nancy

You could hear a pin drop when Syl happily exclaimed that Taylor Thompson was his older brother. Nobody knew how to react; they were all frozen stiff in their shock. My friends who had stayed the night looked at me in question. I nodded my head in agreement; Taylor Thompson is Syl’s older brother. I found it weird that none of them made the connection through their last name. Then again, Thompson is quite a common name around here. Before anyone could make another move, our back door was thrown open with some flourish and in walked Rafael and Taylor. “Tesoro!! You’re okay!” With even more Italian flourish Rafael hugged me tight to his chest mumbling in Italian under his breath. Shocked and dazed I sat there stiff in his embrace until Taylor managed to pry him off me muttering curses under his breath about certain idiots.

We all winched in sympathy as Taylor hit Rafael on the head. He pouted at Taylor, “What was that for? I just wanted to check if she was alright.” He mumbled rubbing the sore spot on the top of his head. I looked at Greg, wondering what to do now and he motioned with his head to the freezer. Nodding once I left my seat at the table and opened the freezer and took out a packet of frozen peas and pressed it against Rafael’s head. He looked up at me in question, since I needed to stand on my tippy toes to reach his head. “It will help against the pain and the bump.” He smiled beautifully at me as his own hand moved up to the packet as I slowly removed my own. My friends gaped at me as I returned back to my seat and finished my breakfast.

“I really am sorry about this Greg. This idiot,” Here Taylor glared hatefully in Rafael’s direction who just smiled sheepishly “wouldn’t think about other people’s businesses or the time of the day.” Again Taylor glared at Rafael. Everybody who were not used to having Taylor around were shocked once again by the mere fact that he actually apologised. After breakfast was done and we were dressed I heard several of the girls whisper among themselves. “I know right?” A giggle was heard. “I never thought that Bad Boy Taylor Thompson would ever apologise for anything. He’s so not cool anymore! He is just another loser!” Another chorus of giggles was heard in agreement. That’s when I made my presence known. “He is not a loser for actually thinking of other people’s feelings before acting Chantal.” She turned around in distain at me, sniffing her nose at me. “It makes him a great person, a better person than you or your friends will ever be!” I took a deep breath “Now please remove yourself from my property.” She just looked at me blankly “Right... I really forgot why I was here in this dump in the first place.” She turned around on her stiletto heels “Come along girls; let’s leave this dump once and for all.” They all looked from me to her before following her silently like a gaggle of young geese following their mother.

“Yes, please don’t let the door hit on the way out Chantal.” Startled she nearly missed the step as mom’s morning voice rumbled from behind me. All the girls eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as they most likely took in mom’s I-just-had-awesome-morning-sex look. Meaning mom was wearing nothing but boxers, showing off his hickey covered body, hickeys that dad put there last night with the utter most care. The girls all squealed before turning beet red and ducking their head as they left through the front door. “She was one of those who ruined the stuff in your locker wasn’t she?” I didn’t even try to hide the fact that everybody was involved, mom misses nothing. My shoulders slumped as the fact sunk in that once again they just used me for their own gain. It seems that I am just that to everybody; a means to gain something. “That’s not true Nance.” Mom cupped my cheeks as he brought his face level with mine. “I love you, T loves you, Greg loves you, Logan loves you, and grandma and grandpa love you.” His eyes searched mine before continuing “Your family loves you Nancy, that’s all that matters. That’s all the love you need.” He gave another tender look before kissing my forehead and making his way over to the kitchen. I was sure with a 99 % certainty that he was in search of dad’s awesome breakfast.

A hesitant knock sounded on my door, making me look up from my homework. I still needed to finish my maths and then I would be done for the rest of the weekend. “Nance?” I didn’t say anything as Rafael walked in and nearly closed the door. It was the first time he had called out my name and not some pet name like he always did. I turned around on my swivel chair to face him as he carefully took a seat on the edge of my bed. “What is it that I can help you with Rafael?” I was silent as he bit his lip and wriggled his hands a little; he seemed to be thinking very hard about something. He seemed to have made up his mind as he lifted him head to look at me. “I know you are in love with me.” He stated, making me blink in confusion as where he was going with this. “I know that and so did everybody else apparently cause according to others it was quite obvious that I am in love with you.” I countered making him frown at me in turn. “But it doesn’t matter Rafael, it’s a one-sided love. And I am pretty sure that’s how it’s going to end. It is going to end as a one-sided love; not more and nothing less.” I straightened my spine as I made that decision on my own. Rafael looked a little surprised but said nothing. He just nodded his head before making his way over to my partly closed door. “I will see you again Nancy, and when I do I will get to keep you.”

I was a little disturbed by what he had said but never really paid any mind to it. Rafael was known to ramble about the oddest things at the oddest times. Yet, in his words was a promise, a promise I wasn’t sure I wanted to know anything about. As time moved forward, the whole thing with Rafael was moved to the back of my brain. I had forgotten all about it until Rafael decided to put end to it all and confront me about it. The only down side was that it just happened to be in school halls at the busiest times of the day, and Veronica was looking quite smug. She must have put him up to this. There would be no way he would come and talk to my of his own free will about something that had happened weeks ago. If she hadn’t then he would have forgotten all about it and just let it go.

“You know, I just remembered what I wanted to talk you about when I was at your house the other day?” I frowned before remembering him coming in my room and leaving it before he managed to say his piece. Slowly I nodded, it was best to let Rafael say his piece while whatever it was still held his attention. I spied Veronica’s confused look for a minute before she managed to hide it. Apparently this wasn’t what he was supposed to tell me. Rafael beamed as he pulled me into a tight hug. “I accept!” Those words threw me, Veronica and everybody else who were loitering in the hall for a loop. “You accept what?” I managed to wheeze as I slowly untangled myself from his warm embrace. He pouted at me before that gorgeous smile of his returned. “I accept your love!” He grinned squeezing me tight once more “You’re my girlfriend now.” He kissed me, he actually kissed me before letting me go and leave a gaping Veronica and stunned crowded hall behind. The rest of the day I was spaced out while the rumour mills about me started.

His girlfriend.

I am Rafael DiNozzo’s girlfriend!

I blush vigorously as I squeal loudly into my pillow, hoping to smother the uncommon sound. I don’t squeal. I blush yes, but squealing no. Whenever I did, I made such an inhuman sound that I swore to myself to never make that sound ever again. I looked up as my bed dipped and saw Greg sitting beside me with an arched brow. “What is this I hear? You became Rafael’s girlfriend today? And why do I need to find this out from Taylor and not from you?” He looked a little hurt when he said it. I turned on my side to look at him as he settled beside me. “I was dazed and waiting for him to talk to me again and say it was a mistake or a joke. But as the day wore on and he didn’t show up, I dared to have some hope that what he said is true.” I squeezed the pillow tighter to my chest. “Then you should hurry up and give him your number so that he will stop blowing up my and Taylor’s phone about you.” He grumbled under his breath as he checked out his phone before shoving it in my face with the nth text from Rafael about me. Smiling very carefully I took his phone and texted him my number before handing it back to Greg. Who stood up and stretched. “Is it time for your work already?”

“Yeah, Penelope texted a few minutes ago if I wanted to come in and check on her new patient.” He smiled a little as he spoke about the current owner of the vet clinic in town. Ever since Greg had seen a vet save a young puppy from being run over he had always wanted to be a vet. Chuckling he shook his head lightly as my phone buzzed like mad before stepping over the threshold. “I will leave you two lovebirds to it.” He winked as he closed the door. I waited as his footsteps moved down the hall towards the stairs. I was a little fearful as I picked up my phone from where it lay on my nightstand. Fearful for the type of text was sent to me, since only a few selected amount of people had my number. I felt heat bloom on my cheeks as I opened the first text an unknown number had sent to me.

Hey beautiful! Thank you for getting Greg to finally give me your number! I had been nagging him for sharing it with me. But he wouldn’t until he had talked to you. So I am super happy you shared it with me!

As soon as I read that last line I knew it wasn’t really Rafael who had texted me back. Not only was the word use wrong, for I know for a fact that Rafael never used the words super and happy in one sentence. The number that had texted me was quite a little different form the one that had texted Greg, of that I was sure, the number that texted Greg ended with 569, while the one that I received ended with 578. For what I could have seen in the few seconds I had seen the numbers. The only question now is why would someone go to such lengths to try and trick me? Could it have been Veronica? I know she wasn’t happy with what Rafael told me but to do this? That was low, even for her. I always had taken her for a person to tell it to my face that she didn’t like this situation. But I could be wrong.

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