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Chapter 14 - Gregory


After I finally manage to tell Taylor the three most difficult words in world, our perfect moment is ruined by the cops rushing in and pulling me away from Taylor before they roughly force him on the ground, cuff him and drag him off to God knows where. “What the hell are you doing?! Where are you taking Taylor? He’s done nothing wrong!”

The cop stopped pushing Taylor forward as they turn back to look at me, Taylor still firmly in his grasp. He wasn’t moving or squirming to get away, he just stood there waiting. As if he had been through these motions before.

“This guy here is being brought in for questioning about the death of Julian Campari Junior.” The cop who held Taylor by his neck shook him, obviously making his point clear that he didn’t like Taylor. Taylor winched slightly at the rough shaking.

Taylor is a witness to a murder?!

“Even if that’s so, why are you handcuffing him and treating him roughly if you are only going to ask him some questions?” I fold my arms across my chest, clearly not impressed by the actions of these cops. Not only that but the murmurs of fellow students who came to see what all the ruckus was about now see Taylor bruised and cuffed. They will probably start another rumour about him and his mob ties.

“You do know this is the grandson of Giuseppe Cuneos right? Grandson to the Cuneos mafia empire and its perfect timing that his old man and his grandfather died at the same time now isn’t brat?” The police officer looked smug as Taylor’s body tensed with rage.

“In case you forgot officer I was there when they were blown to bits! I was there covered in blood and intestines of most of the people who died! Me and Gordo were the ones who pieced everybody back together! Don’t you dare tell me it was my fault!” Taylor snapped back at the officer with an anger I have never seen in him before. An anger that resembled the anger my father had when I did something he wasn’t pleased with. An anger that scared the crap out of me, I was shaking slightly as Taylor continued to shout at the officer; who shouted right back at him to keep his mouth shut until they got to the station. There he could talk all he wanted.

I had my slightly shaking arms wrapped protectively around myself as I fought hard not to fall into that dark pit that is my memory of my father and his treatment of me. As the officer kept ushering Taylor forward, I could hear the buzz of the rumour taking shape about why Taylor was handcuffed, bare chested and walking away from the nurses’ office.

“Greg?! Are you okay? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost. Where are they taking Taylor?” Rafael’s worried voice snapped me out of my head. I looked in his genuine worried blue eyes as his hands closed around my shoulders as he shook me slightly.

“They are taking him down town because they say he was involved in Julian junior something’s death. They also spoke about his father’s and grandfathers untimely deaths.”

Rafael surprised me with his quick cursing in Italian and was calling someone on his phone in the same second. “Hi, yeah I just heard. What are we going to do?.... uhuh.... Yeah I will make sure he gets there.” He clicked his phone shut as he turned to me. “I need you to come with me to the station, Gordo, Meredith and Sylvester are already there, I think he’d want to see you after this whole thing is over.”

I nodded my head, hoisted my bag further up and walked in the direction of the front double doors. More than ready to leave this dump and find out how Taylor is doing. I couldn’t get far before my phone rang, mom’s name flashing across the screen. Probably calling about Taylor as Sylvester was at our house this afternoon. “Yes mom, I know Taylor has been cuffed and dragged off to the station, I am on my way there now and nothing you say will stop me.” I snap. The first thing I heard was mom’s sigh and a rustle as he probably runs a hand through his hair. “I know that; I know you longer than today and know how stubborn you can be. I just wanted to know do you want dad to pick up your car? I suppose that Rafael or some other friend will drop you off at the station.” My anger dispatched as mom said so, most likely trying to keep from outing everything he wanted. “Thank you for your concern mom, I appreciate it.” I murmur softly as I hang up and glide into the passenger seat of Rafael’s car as Nancy and Ronnie got in the backseat.

The ride to the police station was a tense quiet one; nobody wanted to fill the silence or were too lost in their own thoughts. I just hoped everything will be okay, hoping that Taylor will be released soon. As we got there, Gordo and Meredith were already there. Meredith was cluttering Syl to her desperately as Syl was crying silently. They both looked a little scared as Gordo was arguing with a police officer. They both stopped as they noticed out group. “Gregory Chambers?” Another officer asked as he just walked in, looking at our group.

“Yes?” I asked, shaking slightly in fright. “Could you come with me? Taylor demands to see you.” Biting my lip, I made my way down slowly, dreading the long walk to the interrogation room. To my pleasant surprise, Gordo followed us. Gordo’s warm hands squeezed my shoulders reassuringly as we came to a stop in front of an interrogation room where I could hear a male voice demanding answers. The cop with us knocked once and opened the door “Gregory Chambers is here.”

“Send him in.” The gruff voice demanded, and the cop motioned for me to move forward. I did slowly and cautiously, not too clear on what was going on in the other room. Taylor looked worse for wear when I saw him; his hair was a greasy disarray, he was still bare chested, and now he was cuffed to the chair and table. His lips were chapped, as if he was continuously biting or nibbling on them. He swallowed and I noticed he didn’t have a cup of water or anything. “I am sorry I scared you back there Greg. I know you don’t like shouting since it reminds you of your dad, and I didn’t mean to upset you.” He mumbled as he kept his gaze on me. “I know,” I croaked, licking my dry lips. “I know you didn’t mean to, it’s just that I have never seen you that angry and it shocked met.” He smiled lightly as a light pink dusted his cheek “I like to blame my Italian blood for that.” We forgot all about the cop who was with us in the room until he spoke up.

“You two one of those despicable gays?” He growled out his disgust, glaring from Taylor to me and back again. “And what if I am?” Taylor demanded, “You gonna make my stay here any worse?” Taylor taunted, succeeding in riling up the older cop. I don’t know why he said that, probably because I looked like I wouldn’t be able to handle the cop losing it. We were saved from the cop’s wrath as the other cop came in saying my dad was here and that he wanted to see me. With one last look at Taylor I made my way out of the room, ignoring the curious look from the other cop.

“Mi niño.” {My baby boy} Dad murmured softly, opening his arms and I gladly fell into them, pressing my face to his chest. He gently rocked me from side to side as he tightly hugged me. “Are you okay mi niño? Do you want to go home? It’s been a very intense day.” I looked at Gordo who followed me back out and he nodded lightly, agreeing that we should go home. Not that I could do anything about the current situation besides making it worse. “Go on home Greg, I will call and let you know if anything changes.” I think I nodded once before I blacked out, which I sometimes do when I am emotionally stressed out. So I wasn’t surprised to open my eyes and see the familiar contours and things in my on room.

“Hey buddy,” I peek through my lashes as I feel mom’s hand push my hair out of my eyes. “Gordo called a while ago, they released Taylor since they had no real evidence that he had anything to do that Julian boy’s death. They swabbed his hands for gunpowder residue and the results came back negative, meaning Taylor wasn’t the one who shot him.” My heart skipped a beat; Taylor was present when someone was shot dead! He must be close to losing his mind since he was present when most of his family was blown up a few months earlier. “Is he okay? Can I talk to him?” Mom’s gaze softened a little, still petting my head. “I don’t know, Gordo said he hadn’t spoken a word since he was free to leave the station. The only thing he did do was pick up Syl and curl protectively around him and the both of them fell asleep. Maybe you should give him some time to work through this Greg. It’s not every day you get to witness a murder by the mob and survive. Even if you have blood ties with the mob, that doesn’t mean you get away scot free.” I looked at my phone, silently wishing for the device to ring or buzz with a text from Taylor.

Minutes turned into hours and hours into days and still no word from Taylor. I relied on Rafael for information, but even he couldn’t tell me anything new; he was still not talking and was kept overnight at the hospital for his broken and bruised ribs. The doctors claimed his refusal to speak was because the shock was settling in. I knew it was more than just shock settling in from watching Julian getting shot. I think it had to do with the death violent of his father and grandfather. And the negative attitude of the police officers doesn’t help.

It took another week and a half for Taylor to show his face at school. By then the school was abuzz with the most extreme rumours. Taylor seemed to have toned down a bit as he was quiet and not teasing me or anybody else in the group, like he usually does. And worst thing of all is that he seems not to want to talk to me or be around me. His evasive behaviour made me insecure and my dark thoughts to take hold of me, reminding me once again that I am highly undesirable with my background.

Taylor also seemed obvious to the whispers that followed him around or the disapproving glares of the teachers whenever he enters the class room on time with the tardy bell. I on the other hand, was having a hard time fighting my old demons and dark thoughts and I needed Taylor’s comforting touch to banish them. A touch he has been denying me; even a casual touch of Taylor’s would banish them. Yet he seemed to be very cautious as not to touch me, not even a casual touch.

Stupid! I chided myself, pretty clear on the fact that Taylor has his own demons to deal with. He has no time for you while fighting his own demons and the police investigation. Before I could sink any deeper, Rafael called out to me in the car park. “Greg!” He was puffing a little for breath. “This no talking to you crap has to stop. If you want to find him, you can find him here.” He handed me a little piece of paper containing an address in an older part of town. When I reached the building, I checked the address again; it matched so I took a deep breath and walked in. I immediately felt all the eyes turn to me, I continued walking up the stairs to where Rafael told me where I would find Taylor.

“Taylor.” I whimper quietly, yet the whole room quieted down as the now sweaty Taylor turned and looked at me wide eyed.


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