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Chapter 16 - Gregory

“Hey love, how are you feeling now?” I groan loudly as dad’s lilting voice softly caress my ears as I felt his hand rub soothing circles on my back. “Taylor brought you here last night after you went to see him at his kickboxing class.” Dad explains as it must have been clearly written across my face that I wondered as to how I got back home in my room. “Please don’t scare us like this ever again.” He kisses my forehead softly before making is way to the door. He mumbles something to someone standing there before I hear his footsteps disappear. Sitting up in bed, I notice that I am wearing a sweater that sure as hell isn’t mine. Sniffing at the collar, the obvious male scent doesn’t belong to dad or mom so who is it?

“Hi, Greg.” I looked up and was met with the sight of Taylor’s concerned face, inches away from mine. I was too absorbed in sniffing the sweater to notice his advance. “Did you sleep well last night?” His eyes were cautiously searching my face for any sign of distress. I smile lightly as I reach out and touch his face; he grabs it lightly and nuzzles gently into my hand before kissing my palm. I blush lightly at the action as Taylor grinned seating himself on my bed. We sit in comfortable silence, being this close to Taylor had me sniffing at him as a fainter version of the one on the sweater. Taylor chuckled with a raised brow before I pulled back lifting the collar to my nose to confirm. The sweater is Taylor’s! My eyes widen at the all implications of me ending up wearing his sweater. “Greg, babe, relax. Nothing happened last night.” Taylor’s voice pulled me out of my frantic thoughts.

“You don’t remember anything that happened last night do you?” Taylor held up his hands in surrender as I shot him a deathly glare. “You came to visit me at my kickboxing class, not wanting to let go of me.” That sparked a memory of my trudging up a set of stairs in an unfamiliar building and seeing Taylor stand in a room all sweaty. “When you saw me, you clung to me like a baby monkey. You refused to let me go and wouldn’t let me finish the lesson.” Taylor chuckles a little, making me blush once more. “I had to carry you down the stairs since you wrapped your legs around me and the only reason you let go off me was that I managed to slip you in my sweater.” He pointed to the faded black sweater with an unclear picture at the front. “I called your parents before I returned you home. You were sound asleep the whole ride home.” Taylor bit his lip, not sure if he should tell me something. Apprehension filled me, making me wonder if I did something horrible in my sleep.

“Will you spit it out already?!” Taylor looked startled at my angry outburst. Hell, even I was surprised by it; I am not one for random bursts of anger. I don’t know what it was but it was seriously getting on my nerves. “Your dad, Zach gave me a global run down on what happened to you up until you ended up with Zach and Tiago.” I couldn’t believe it, my mom told him something private and it was something I wanted to tell him myself when I was ready. “The only reason your dad told me was because according to him you were having another dark relapse. He also so said you might want to talk to me after last night.” Relapse or not, that wasn’t for mom to decide who and when to tell anybody about my past! I was stewing in my anger that I didn’t notice Taylor up from the bed until he spoke from the doorway. “I can see you don’t want to talk to me right now and that’s okay. Just return the sweater whenever you feel like it okay?” He gave me one last wave and was out the door, calling out to Syl that he will pick him up later.

I was still sitting in my bed, trying to wrap my mind around what just transpired. A knock had me looking at mom’s face, making my anger surface once more. “You shouldn’t have told him!” I yelled at him before he could open his mouth. “You had no right telling him all about my past! That is my right and mine alone!” Mom flinched, clearly surprised by my outburst. Even Nance poked her head out of her room, probably because of all the commotion. In a flurry of limbs, I was standing in front of mom, who now just looked tired and sad as I continue to blow up on him. “I. HATE. YOU! I. HATE. YOU!” I slammed my door in his face for good measure, in case he didn’t get the message that he overstepped a line. There was no sound form the other side, I didn’t know if mom was still standing there or not. At the moment I couldn’t care or less, I was angry, fuming even. And that was a first ever since I was adopted by Zach and Tiago.

Dinner time came and went; I was still in my room fuming. A sound had me look past my curtain, overlooking the back yard and saw mom dribbling a basketball around the private court. Mom was sweating heavily and dad was standing on the side lines, they seemed to be talking about something as mom made the ball swish cleanly through the hoop. Even though mom stopped playing professionally, his form was still incredible to watch. “Mom’s been at that ever since you slammed the door in his face.” I was startled out of my staring by Nance’s voice coming from my bed. She was dressed for bed as she was seated against my headboard, looking at me with accusing eyes. “Before you start” She cut me off, holding up her hand “You should know that mom only told him because you refused to!” My mouth dropped, is she accusing me of procrastinating? “Still it wasn’t mom’s place to tell him that!” I refused to back down from this, it wasn’t mom’s choice and yet he made it for me.

“Then when were you going to tell him huh?” Nance countered, coming over and poked me in the chest with her finger. “And don’t give me that shit of when the time is right.” She sassed “You and I both know there will never be a right time to tell anyone about what we went through.” Another poke to my chest “You and I know no matter when you tell someone it’s gonna be bad and it’s gonna hurt.” She was close to crying now. “But the thing is; mom and dad will be there through it all. Through the bad and through the good, mom and dad will be there for us. No matter what happens between you and Taylor when you tell him.” She sighed, looking tiredly in my face “You should know that by now Greg. You should know mom and dad will never leave you. We will never leave you. We are your family Greg.” Having said her piece, she left me standing there dumb fumbled. A rumble alerted me to incoming rain and when I peeked out my window, dad managed to get mom of the court and our eyes met for a brief second before mom broke it by looking away.

This behaviour continues into the next day and the next. It left me feeling a little awkward; this is the first time in my life that Zach ignored me and it doesn’t feel great. My anger at mom for telling Taylor about my past has disappeared a long time ago, and now I just want to be able to talk to mom again. “Here, take this.” Dad handed me a tray with a steaming mug and a place covered in mom’s favourite food; spaghetti with meatballs. “Go on. Go.” Dad made a shooing motion to mom’s study. Clearly this was to be my peace offering to mom, a change to talk things out. The whole family had noticed that mom was ignoring me and just not talking to me. Grandma got even upset with mom, demanding what had happened between us. Yet, mom refused to talk to grandma about it. He did speak to dad one night before they went to bed, telling dad he felt bad but also pained by my harsh words. Most of it was shock at me blowing up, and his anger directed at me for my unjustified behaviour.

I knocked hesitantly on the partly open study door, I could clearly hear mom speak to someone. Easing the door further open with my foot, mom paused as he saw me stand there with his dinner. He pointed at a clutter free spot on his desk before he resumed his conversation, occasionally scribbling things down on a piece of paper. After placing the tray on his desk, I take a seat in one of the leather chairs in front of the desk. Mom raises a brow but says nothing, so I take my time to glance around the room. On one side there is mom’s massive bookcase with books containing research material for his job to the latest bestseller to yoga. I remember loving this room and sitting in mom’s chair just reading anything I could get my hands on. The clang of cutlery woke me up out of my memories; mom was busy stuffing his face, not looking at me. I cleared my throat, no reaction from my mom. “We need to talk.” Although it wasn’t much louder than a whisper, mom heard it and paused.

I bit my lip to hide my discomfort at mom’s piercing eyes. “I-I...well I wanted to apologise for yelling at you the other day.” I mumbled looking at my wiggling fingers in my lap. “I was just so angry that you made the decision for me to tell Taylor all about my past. It was just that I wanted to be the one to tell him all that, I had already told him about some of my scars.” My throat clogged up as tears welled up in my eyes. I was so sure I wouldn’t cry; I was so sure I was over this. “Honey, it’s okay.” I blinked in surprise as I felt mom’s warm hands cup my cheeks, lifting my face up to his. “I didn’t tell him everything; just about your biological dad threatening your life twice and that you were locked in the cellar most days.” Mom kissed my forehead “The rest and how you tell it is up to you.” He picked up the tray, smiling once more in my direction before leaving.

That night I fell asleep feeling a lot lighter, I was glad mom and I were talking again. I promised myself to never yell at mom again, I don’t want to go through this again. It made me feel bad and my skin was uncomfortably tight and to be honest, I couldn’t handle the stress very well. There was a lot of stress in the room whenever mom and I were both present, it was affecting everybody. Even Lo who has never been cranky or angry at anyone for whatever reason was snappy. Now I just need to talk to Taylor and everything will go back to the way it was. Well... at least I hope it will be. With those last conscious thoughts I fell asleep, promising myself I would talk to Taylor tomorrow at school, first thing in the morning.

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