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Chapter 21 - Taylor

I felt very frustrated as I am buried deep under the covers with a fever on the day when Greg had told me I was to have dinner at his house. Meredith had called Zach and cancelled my dinner date. “Don’t worry Ragazzo” she pushes back some hair that stubbornly flops back as soon she pushes it back. “I called Zach and told him you were in bed with a high fever. He said that it wasn’t a big problem; your dinner can be rescheduled.”

Lifting the quilt up to my stuffed nose, I groan and turn on my side. “I was looking forward to it.” I mumble weakly. And it was true, since Greg told me when his dads expected me; I have been a bundle of nerves. So much so I think that it made me sick, at least I think so. I hear Meredith sigh before I feel my bed bounce back as she leaves me to my devices.

To me it was only moments later when a soothing cold hand was pressed against my overheated skin. I let out a sigh of relief; it felt so good to have that cold hand on my skin. “You are really burning up.” The distorted voice sounded vaguely familiar but my clouded mind couldn’t place it. Peeking through my lashes, my eyes pop open as Greg and Zach fill my vision.

I cough once, loud and nasty. Like my lung is trying to escape through my throat out my mouth. “Greg” I croak before I am plagued by another bout of hellish coughing. “What are you doing here?” He smiles a little before he holds out a glass of orange juice. He waits patiently until I finish the glass before answering, blushing slightly.

“I asked mom to drop me off here since my car is at the garage, Nance and Rafa are still at home.” I blink slowly as he places a bundle of paper on my lap. “I came to drop off your homework.”

“Thank you.” I still winch as my voice sounds like a grater dearly in need for a good oiling.

Greg smiles as he leans forward and kisses my forehead lightly. “Please get well soon Taylor. I miss you.” I find myself nodding eagerly at his words. I miss him too. Zach grins at me from the doorway and waves before he and Greg leave my room. I hear mumbling on the landing before a door opens and closes.

The next Monday I was cleared from the fever, I had the flu. Which was a first, I almost never got sick. “Taylor!” I grunt a little as Greg throws himself at me, making me slam a little into my side of the car. “You are all better!” My arms tighten a little around his waist as he burrowed himself against me. “This means you’ll take me to school right?” I chuckled at his all too happy voice. He surprised me with a kiss on the lips.

“Greg!” Nance’s voice made Greg pull back and cut the kiss short.

With a snort Greg turned and faced her, “There is no need to sound so scandalised Nance. I have every right you have to kiss my boyfriend.” He huffed turning back to face me. “Come on Tay, let’s go. Or else we will be late.” As in a daze I let go of Greg as he walks to the passenger side, got in and waited on me to go to school.

We are boyfriends!!!

I cheered on the inside once I got in into the building. Turning towards my locker, “Are you sure we’re boyfriends?” I ask, still a little unsure at what just happened. Greg nodded as I looked disbelieving at him first before it turned into a bright smile. Greg blushed as he leaned forward initiating another kiss.

“We really need to go right now if we want to make the tardy bell.” I am pretty sure I was going to get a late slip as I still stand in the hall after the tardy bell rings. The whole day was like a dream, colours were brighter, and sounds were louder. My eyes always found Greg whenever we were in the same room. Whenever our eyes meet, Greg would blush prettily before returning my smile.

“You really got it bad huh?” My daydream was cut short by Rafa’s crud voice. And of course he interrupted at the best part, making me more pissed off. He just grinned as I turned to face him, ready to chew him out because he interrupted me in my happy place. He ducked as I swatted at him chuckling before hiding behind Nance, pleading for her to safe him. Nance just rolled her eyes, ignoring his pleading as she sat down at our lunch table.

“I just hope for you that you won’t hurt Greg. Cause if you do, you’ll be in for a world of pain.” She stated before tucking in her chicken sandwich, “According to my parents that is, I personally would cut off your balls and force them down your throat.” I paled a little as she said all that very seriously. I even felt a little fear for Rafa, should he ever break up with her. My mood picked up when Greg walked into my line of sight, smiling.

He cuddled into my side as he sat beside me, kissed my cheek “Hi”. He sounded a little breathless as he blushed before ducking his head.

I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, pressing a kiss to his temple “Hi, love.” He let out a teeny sigh before pushing his lunch around his tray. “What’s wrong Greg? Are you feeling okay?” Greg silently just nodded his head, still picking at his food. I leaned down so I could look him in the eye. “Are you sure Greg? You know you can tell me right?”

He leaned into me mumbling something under his breath about his parents and dinner. “I will be there.” I promised him “Even if I get sick again I will be there.” That seemed to pacify him as he tugged into his sandwich with some more gusto.

When Greg had his volleyball practice I went home to shower and change. Greg was surprised when he saw me neatly dressed in a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt and neatly combed hair. “Don’t you look absolutely stunning?” He looked a little unsure if he should hug me or not.

I just grin in his direction; "You can hug me you know.” I chuckle a little as he still hesitantly wraps his arms around me for a quick hug. I pouted; I had expected a little more enthusiastic response. Never the less, Greg dropped his bags in the back as he climbed onto the passenger seat. He himself was smartly dressed too. Like me he was wearing a button up shirt and dress pants only he was wearing all-star sneakers instead of dress shoes.

Zach and Santiago were very welcoming; they were all smiles and laughter. Though I wasn’t really fooled by their smiles, I knew for sure that they were planning something. My first obstacle was calming Logan down once it dawned on him that Sylvester wasn’t with me. Once that was handled, he screamed and shouted a lot, I managed to calm him down the way I usually do Sylvester when he throws a tantrum. I don’t know if they were impressed but they smiled at each other as I carried Logan around for a while.

Around dessert I had obviously overestimated my stomach and was so full I fell nearly asleep if I didn’t move after a few minutes. The loud sound of a clock striking 11:30 pm did I jerk wide awake. Stretching and yawning I got up from my seat, excusing myself after helping cleaning up the dessert cutlery that somehow was still left on the table. “It was nice having you over Taylor.” Zach’s words were warm and he looked like he was being genuine. “Yes, do come over again and next time bring Syl with you.” I nodded and very shyly kissed Greg on the cheek before I stepped on the porch.

“Do text or call when you get home okay?” I nod once more, knowing they would keep worrying if I didn’t and call instead. The drive home was uneventful and texted Greg that I had made it home safely and would speak to him tomorrow.

I was surprised that a few days later, Greg and I were alone in his house. Although Zach and Tiago were home when we arrived, they had left to do some much needed shopping (according to Tiago anyway), Logan was at my house and Nance was with Rafa. We did most of our homework in the hours and we were having a little lunch break when we heard some weird noises. First we thought it was somewhere outside the house until it became clear to us that it was Zach’s voice. So very slowly we made our way down the stairs, clear that Zach’s voice came from downstairs. We placed our dishes in the kitchen and Zach’s voice was a lot louder, obviously coming from the study near the kitchen.

Creeping closer we saw that the door was only open a crack but it was more than enough to show us what was going on in the room on the other side. What we saw blew our mind; we saw Zach being bend over his desk on the other side of the room with Tiago pounding into him.

Tiago was hushing him, telling him to be quiet unless he wanted us to find them like this. Somehow, I had assumed that Tiago was the bottom, not Zach. Eventually I managed to find the strength to pull myself away from the porno worthy scene. Greg was staring wide eyed at the scene through the small crack. I managed to pull him with me upstairs, stressing that we shouldn’t be there when they were done.

I was pacing the wide space of his room when I came to a stop as I noticed that Greg was trying discreetly rubbing his tented pants. I could have smacked myself on the head for not noticing, I myself had a boner too. Licking my lips, I contemplate if I should do what I want to do so badly.

My decision was made when Greg whimpered softly as he squeezed his groin. I gently took a hold of his shoulders so he would look at me. “Baby, will you let me help you?” My mouth dried and my throat swallowed loudly at the needy look in his eyes as he looked up to me. Greg nodded as he dropped onto his back; I brushed away his hands when he started to fumble with his button and zipper. Within minutes I had his pants off and boxers down, showing me his eager erection. From his terrified expression I could tell he was about to change his mind on letting me help. “It’s okay Greg;” I kissed the scar on his left hip “You are beautiful to me.” I kissed a scar on his right thigh. “These show me you endured and survived.” My eyes softened as I looked back up to him “I have my fair share of them too.”

That seemed to relax him as he once more laid back. I lean on my left forearm as I watch his face as I slowly close my hand around his erection. Like a hawk I watch his face for any signs of distress or pain. Seeing none, I give him a slow tight pull from root to tip. My reward was a little mewling sound, prompting me to do it again and again. I continue to pump him even after he shot his load all over my hand and his shirt, helping him ride out the lasts of his orgasm. Greg’s arms around my neck bring my face down to his and I can’t resist kissing him. “Let me get a warm rag to get you cleaned up before it becomes uncomfortable.” He whines as I untangle myself from him but doesn’t resists too much as I pull away. The hallway is empty as I slip into the family bathroom and grab a warm rag. Greg didn’t move in the time I was gone, he is still draped over his bed. He hisses as I clean him up and pull his boxers up and a pair of sweat pants. Not caring for my own raging hard on.

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