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Chapter 22 - Gregory

I can’t believe I let him jerk me off!

I hid my blushing face under my arm as Taylor chuckles and lies down on the bed beside me. I glare at him, making him lean over and kiss the tip of my nose. Growling I smack his chest, rolling on top of him as he falls back, trying to escape my slapping hands. I stop as I feel something poke at my ass. Looking down at Taylor, I see that he is the one now blushing. A beautiful pink colour is dusted over his gorgeous tan skin.

Hah! See how you like it mister!

Smiling mischievously, I slowly circle my ass over his straining erection. As I expected, Taylor’s hands snap out and grip my hips. “Please don’t do that.” I can tell he is straining to keep himself in line. He groans deep in his throat as I keep grinding my ass against him. “Please Greg,” The sound is low and husky. “spare me.” I stop as I hear him beg. “If you don’t stop, I will not be accountable for my reaction.” Still, even though I thought about stopping, I can’t. I want to see how far I can push him before he loses that steel composure of his.

It doesn’t take much as I only manage to circle my hips twice before I find myself on my back with Taylor hovering over me. “You are in for it now.” His eyes are filled with a heat that has my body trembling in desire. His mouth seals mine and his hands push underneath my shirt, his hips provocatively grinding against mine. Making me gasp at the pleasurable feeling, giving him access to my mouth and his tongue eagerly explores my mouth. I whine a little when he pulls back, yet he gives me a heart breaking grin. I watch in awe as he lowers his lips to my collarbone, nipping and teasing the skin until it is bright red.

My body curls around Taylor as his mouth finds a nipple and his teeth tug on it and his tongue sooths the teeth’s sting. Everything was surreal as Taylor’s mouth continued to explore my chest, abdomen and bellybutton. I never knew having my bellybutton licked and nipped at would turn me on so badly. “Shh, relax Greg, everything will be fine.” Taylor said as he came back up and claimed my lips. “We don’t want your parents to barge in, now do we?” He grinned very charmingly before he ducked his head back to the edge of my pants, which miraculously stayed on during the whole ordeal.

Taylor tugs down my sweats and boxers and I sigh in relief as my erection is free of its confinement. I pull on the hem of his shirt in annoyance, huffing as he smirks and quickly discards the cloth. And true to his word, I see several small lighter lines across his biceps and collarbone. My fingers trace the ones on his biceps in silent wonder. “They are from when the house exploded that killed my father and grandfather. I have a bigger one on my back.” Most would find that saying that right now kills the mood, but strangely it didn’t. I found it endearing.

He shrugs out of his own pants, looking a little unsure as his fingers hover over his boxers. He takes it off at my nod and I nearly swallow my tongue at the sight of his own pretty impressive erection. “Don’t worry about it.” He kisses me lightly “We can just jerk off together.” He says soothingly, my anxiousness must have shown on my face. His naked hip pressed against mine as his right hand is wrapped around his shaft as he leans on his left arm. A blush spreads across my face as I watch his hand work. My hand reaches out, touching his heated skin. Taylor moans, throwing his head back, arching into my touch. I startle as his hands clamp on my hips as he pulls me close, our shafts touching. I groan lolly at the odd but pleasurable feeling.

As if on instinct, my hips grind into Taylor’s prolonging the pleasurable tingles in my groin. Somehow we rolled so I was on top of Taylor. Rolling and grinding my hips like crazy. We are humping like rabbits when I felt the liquid heat boiling over and I let out a sound, stiffening my spine. Taylor’s hands dug in my hips as he moaned low and loud as he shuddered, emptying against our already soiled chests. I slump against Taylor as we both try and regain our lost breath. “God.” Taylor huffs “That was awesome. I never came that hard in my life.” My chest puffs out in pride at his words as he gently pushes me to the side as he reaches for the wet cold rag he dropped earlier. I grimace when he cleans my chest, abdomen and groin.

My mouth drops as we walk into the kitchen and was met with mom, dad, Nance, Rafa and Lo. Lo looks a little confused while the others are a little flustered. Even Taylor’s usual calming touch didn’t work as my face explodes with heat as I take a seat at the kitchen table. I felt a little concerned maybe a little scared as dad, mom and Taylor disappeared into mom’s study without a word. He came out looking deathly pale, big eyed and dazed as he left.

“What did you tell him?” I inquired later when mom and dad were both in the study. Dad snorted, mom blushed a little. “Well?” I sat down on the reading chair. “Are you going to tell me?”

Mom sighed as he leaned back, groaning slightly. “I just told him what I or your dad would do to him should he hurt you. The same spiel I gave Rafael about Nance.” I looked at dad for further information and he rubbed at his arm with the disfigured gang tattoos and I got the gist of what they might have told him. So that’s why it took him a few days to find the courage to return.

I shake my head slightly “You better not have scared him off.” I muttered making them both snicker.

“If he really loves you then he would come back and take you out on a date.” Dad manages to say when he called down enough to talk. “Just like Rafael did.”

Still, when Taylor showed up unannounced when mom was out, I was perplexed. “What brings you here?” I wasn’t anticipating having to entertain him. I was dressed in my home sweats and huge sweater.

“I am here to take you on our date.” He grins widely, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Come on get dressed.” He urges, “We get to spend the whole day together. Your parents agreed, as long as you are back before ten.” I look back at dad who appeared in the hall, looking a little haggard but he nodded at me.

“Go on Greg. Let him in and get dressed.”

As Taylor stepped past me he fleetingly pressed his lips against my cheek before holding put his hand for dad to shake. “Good morning mister Chambers.” I snorted as I made my way up the stairs and got dressed in record time. As I came down I was greeted by dad and Taylor having a civil conversation about Taylor’s dad.

“I am ready Tay.” Both males look at me, one in question the other startled. Taylor recovered and smiled as he pushed himself out of the kitchen chair. “Bye dad. We will be back on time!” I shout as I pull on Tay’s arm to get him out of the house.

“So, you gave me a nickname huh?” He chuckles as he turns the key, making the car purr to life. I blush as I try to shrug nonchalantly. “Not that I mind, I love you gave me a nickname. This means you are serious about being with me.”

“Where are we going?” I look around as we keep driving after thirty minutes and we left the centre of town behind us. This getting me a little nervous. I open my mouth to ask again when the sound of a fair reaches my ears. Turning back to Taylor wide eyed, I notice a light blush on his cheeks. “We are going to the fair.” I state a little uselessly as Tay parks the car. “We are going to a fair!” I squeal, hugging Tay close.

“I thought you might like it.” He mumbles a little as he scratches the back of his neck. He holds my hand as we reach the booth that sells the tickets and Tay insisted that he’d pay. I grumbled under my breath since it was expected of me. On the inside I was hooting and doing a happy dance, I always wanted to go to a fair. My biological parents never took me or let go to one. They said it was useless when I asked to go, or that only fools would pay the ridiculous prices.

I had a great time as I let the sparkly lights, the sounds of people laughing and the scent of popcorn and hotdogs wash over me. Tay indulged me every time I wanted to go on a ride, no matter that we had just done that one. We had a romantic dinner of a hotdog with mustard and as dessert pink candy floss. I had a great time, which only got better when we went to one of those shooting booths and Tay won the biggest, fluffiest stuffed animal in the shape of Eeyore.

When we arrived home, around 8 Pm mom drove up behind us. “Did you guys have a good time?” His eyes scanned all the different prices Tay was holding as I carried Eeyore. Lo squealed as he sighted the huge stuffed animal, wanting to hug it too. Before he could be depressed over it Tay offered him a smaller giraffe, saying we won it especially for him. Mom was still pretty sceptical, but he couldn’t complain; I was brought home on time. Wayyyy on time to be precisely. Tay was offered a drink which he sadly declined, he had to give Syl his stuffed animal too and Gordo had something to say to him regarding his father and grandfather’s deaths. So another kiss to my cheek and he was gone.

Shoot me a text once you arrive home so I know you made it in one piece. Please?

Tay’s reaction came twenty minutes later, twenty antagonizing minutes later. Hey Il mio cuore (it means my heart, since that’s what you are), I am sorry it took me so long! Syl was a little enthusiastic and knocked over stuff which I had to clean up. Since I was the reason the stuff got knocked over in the first place, according to them.

I think I read the text at least nine times over, blushing to the roots of my hair. Flopping down I press my face into my pillow, groaning under my breath about idiotic, overly romantic Italians. “He got to you didn’t he?” Looking up, I see Nance read the text on my phone which I had dropped on the bed before hiding my face in my pillow. Nance raised a brow, “He seems to take being a romantic to a whole new level. Calling you his heart after a first date? Che, the cheek of him!”

I smile as she flops down next to me in her pyjamas, looking at me expectantly. “So are you going to tell me where the famous Taylor Thompson took you on your first ever date?” Looking at Eeyore, who is sitting on my desk so I can see it every day when I wake up, I start my recount of our famous first date.

Later when I was about to fall asleep that night, I wondered why nobody asked about or mentioned hearing us jerk off together. A chill runs down my spine and I turn on my other side, this better not be a bad omen!

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