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Chapter 26 - Gregory

I knew that Lo would know something had happened yesterday with the pretty lady. He doesn’t know for sure what went wrong, but since Syl was still upset about it the next day he made it his mission to cheer him up. It is very funny to see him walk after Syl with everything that would make him smile; like his Star Wars storm trooper collection, or his favourite cuddly toy. Yet, Syl wanted none of that, he only wanted to sit on Tay’s lap or being cuddled up to him. Lo took it personal and started crying, saying that Syl didn’t want to be his friend anymore. He raced up the stairs, slammed the door to his room, yelling he didn’t want to go to school anymore.

That’s when Tay had enough of Syl’s evasiveness towards Lo and made him go after him and apologise. Now Syl started to cry, he didn’t understand why Tay was so angry with him. Then Tay explained that he wasn’t really angry with him, but it’s not good to ignore your best friend when he tries to cheer you up. Syl was still sniffing a little as he slowly trudged up the stairs to Lo’s room.

“They will be a pain in the ass to get to school now.” Tay sighed as he ranked a hand through his hair. “Syl, Se non ti sbrighi in questo momento, si andrà a scuola in autobus!” He yelled that earned him a squeak from upstairs and not much later Syl and a disgruntled Lo were downstairs with backpacks on their backs.

“What did you threaten him with?” I ask him later at lunchtime. Tay just grins bashfully at me. I pout at him until he finally gives in with a kiss to my cheek.

“I told him if he didn’t hurry up he would have to ride the bus to school.” He laughs as I raise a questioning brow at him. “He went on it once but he was to sit beside the kid that kept farting and burping all the way to school. It made him nauseous for the whole ride to school. Works like a charm every time.”

School was quite boring, classes dragged on and on. Even though Joel was bouncing in his seat, and the teacher had warned him several times, he was still in class. The reason he was bouncing was because we made it through to the semi-finals of a tournament we never qualified for before. Like most of our players, I too, was a little concerned that we might not be able to handle the differences in level of play. Despite all of that there was an unmistakable churning in my gut that was pure excitement. I wonder who we will be facing.

That excitement turned into full blown dread when the coach told us who we will be facing; Weston High, the undefeated champions for the last ten years. Even Joel stopped his bouncing after the announcement. We all knew that it would be hard to play at their level, let alone beat them or put up a good fight. Never the less, we kept up with our training, we would put up the fight of our lives during that game.

As expected they all jeered at us as we assembled in a line by the net. Some people even booed at us. Weston High had a reputation of being a rich school and as long as you had money you would get what you wanted. It definitely showed in the quality of their over the top bright uniforms and the sneers on the players faces. Some players looked quite familiar, I must have seen them somewhere some place. The coin was tossed and they had the first serve. Although they played hard and heavy, we returned every single ball they gave us. It wasn’t until we had our first serve that we managed to make a point. If they were shocked they didn’t let it show, I am pretty sure they thought it was a fluke.

They were a little more guarded now we managed to snag a point, but it wasn’t good enough. For some reason they became sloppier and sloppier the longer the match dragged on. We had finally reached the same amount of points, it was 22 – 22. This is going to be interesting. I wave at my family, Tay, Syl and Rafa in the stands, Tay give me a smile and a thumbs up as I drink some more from my water bottle. We all startle as we hear a shout and a grunt. Turning we see the number seven sitting on his ass on the floor with a red hand print on his cheek. If looks could kill, I am pretty sure the coach would have been six foot under.

“Don’t let that little display fool you.” I turn back to the coach and see him glare in Weston High’s direction. “It’s all for show, the whole game has been a show, a hoax. We all know that they are more powerful than this, if they weren’t they wouldn’t be the unbeaten champions for ten years in a row. The slap was to trick you into thinking they were giving up but they’re not. You see all those other players sitting on the bench?” We all nodded our heads, our sole focus on the coach. “They are their extra players, they will probably come into play after the break, meaning they will be full of stamina and energy while you guys are close to dropping to the floor with exhaustion. Bear this in mind when you get back on that court.”

And true to the coach’s word; Weston High’s reserve players made an appearance after the break. They played until the last set where we lost with a five point difference. All of us were exhausted but we put up a good fight the coach’s eyes were glowing and I am pretty sure our part of the stands had raw throats from the screaming and cheering. Everybody clapped as we hoisted up the smaller third place trophy after watching Weston High win this tournament once again.

“You played well Il mio cuore.” I smile as I flop against Tay’s hard chest and sigh as he starts to gently massage my scalp. “Want to come home with me?” I nod my head and I squeal a little as he suddenly picks me up and carries me off to his car. My eyes open slightly as he chuckles after putting my bag in the booth. “You are too cute for your own good Il mio cuore, especially when you’re tired.” I grumble something under my breath as he places me on his leather passenger seat, kisses my forehead before going over to the driver’s side.

“When are we going to have actual sex?” I bluntly ask Tay as he turns into his driveway, nearly crashing into the low brick wall that surrounds their front yard. Tay is blushing and panting hard as he slams on the breaks, making the car skid and spin a little. He holds a hand over his heart as the car finally stops and he looks at me a little frightened. “I mean we have kissed, given each other hand jobs and even blowjobs. Sex is the only logical next step. I want it.” I state in the end, undoing my seatbelt and leaning forward. “I really want to have sex with you soon Tay.”

I don’t give him much time to respond as I climb on his lap, kissing him until I feel dizzy. Pressing myself closer I groan in want as Tay’s hands roam all over my body. Arching my back as his hands squeeze my ass, I grind into his already formed hard on. “Baby, baby, please stop.” His voice is low and husky, I love it when his voice becomes like that. It means he is just as affected as me. “You better stop now unless you want our first time to be on the backseat of my car instead of on my bed.” He growls out as he managed to barely stop my grinding hips from reaching his.

He fumbles with his seatbelt and clumsy opens his door and hoist us both out. Kicking the car door shut with his foot, he fumbles with his keys to lock it and unlocks the front door after stumbling up the porch. We are in luck; neither Meredith nor Gordo are home. This could be our only chance. I whine lightly as he takes off his jacket and shoes, setting me down on the floor in the process. My shoes are off in a flash and I am being carried up the stairs to his bedroom. Our lips and teeth don’t separate during the whole process of walking up the stairs and him draping me on his bed. When he finally separates our lips his eyes are filled with lust and longing. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I nod my head once, not really trusting my voice.

Tay reaches for the drawer in his nightstand and pulls out a condom and a bottle of lube. The bottle of lube I bought him for our first time. I giggle a little as he fumbles with the sealing plastic, once that is off he places it within reaching distance and gets to work to remove our clothes as quickly as possible. I should feel ashamed as my scarred body is bared to him, but I don’t. Tay still looks at me like I am the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. His powerful, muscled body looms over mine as he dips his face down and gives me a kiss that steals my breath away. “I am going to start now.” He husks in my ear and I hear the pop of a cap and the squirt sound as he squeezes the bottle for lube. The scent of lavender enters my nose and I relax a little, I squirm as I feel Tay’s lube coated finger circling around my entrance. Pushing out, I slowly accept his first finger; we have been practicing this for a while now.

Tay makes soothing noises as he works his finger in and out of my body. I claw at his arm as he rubs his finger against my prostate, making my body rock against it. Soon another finger follows and I grunt in displeasure as they start scissoring me. That feeling fades away as he stabs my prostate with his two fingers, alternating between rubbing it and stabbing it. I whine low at the back of my throat as he pulls back and I feel strangely empty, I see his hand but I don’t really register what the four glistering fingers mean. Sitting on his knees he reaches for the condom and tears it open, with his wet hand he rubs his erection before rolling down the condom. I watch in a trance as he squirts some more lube on his hand and rubs it all over his condom covered cock.

“I’ll go slowly.” He promises in that husky voice of his and I grunt at the sting of having his bulbous head enter me. I look at his face and see it twist and turn into an expression of satisfaction as he pushes deeper into my body. His forehead gently taps mine as I feel his hipbones pushing against the back of my thighs. We pant for a while before he starts moving; he pulls back slightly before rocking forward, jolting me with the action. It feels very uncomfortable and hot the first few times he does it. It isn’t until he manages to reach that wonderful spot inside of me that makes me rock against him in search of more pleasure.

Being this close to Tay has my heart bursting at the seams with happiness, I have longed to be like this with Tay ever since he gave me my first hand job. “Hey, no crying beautiful.” He whispers as he brushes away the tears, “I am not hurting you am I?” I feel treasured as he looks down on my worriedly as he halts all movements.

“You are not hurting me.” I whisper just as softly, cupping his face. His eyes search mine for a while as he starts rocking again and doesn’t stop until I scream his name on the top of my lungs and watch his face as he reaches his peak and releases inside the condom. My body feels boneless as I watch Tay clean us up with sleepy and heavy eyes. Just before I fall asleep I pray that mom and dad won’t make a huge scene about this when they find out I had sex with Tay.

Then there will be hell to pay.

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